It had been a year since they had started to officially go out. Seika Academy's council president Kitazawa Daichi and Fujita Diner's Kazami Najika?

The school had laughed off what they saw were preposterous claims. Until they saw it for themselves.



The ever-busy orange-hair-coloured girl was bustling around the kitchen. She turned around, and smiled at the boy.

"Daichi! Did you manage to get out of your school council meeting?"

Daichi strode towards her and put his arms around her waist.

"What delicious dessert is it this time?"

She blushes, and he laughs.


Moments before, Najika was busying herself in the kitchen.

"What do I make for Daichi today..."

She took a moment to step outside, and was shocked at the cold. She then had a great idea.

"Hot chocolate!"

She ran back inside, remembering her favourite hot chocolate recipe that Hagio-sensei used to do for her.

She smiled, remembering all the times Hagio-sensei did it for her on those cold lonely winter nights, and shared stories with her.

I hope Hagio-sensei is still alright in Hokkaido.

She heard the bell ring, notifying that someone had come in, but she didn't turn around yet.


Soon enough he has let her go, and is waiting patiently at the main table he sits at for another one of Najika's desserts.

"Here's some hot chocolate for you!"

He blinks, and looks up at Najika's smiling face.

"Isn't hot chocolate... easy to make?"

Her eyes twinkle at him.

"Not this one."

They sit down together with their two mugs of hot chocolate, just looking at the other, silently contemplating.

Eventually, he breaks the silence, smiling at her.

"I can't believe it's been a year already."

She nods solemnly.

A year since Sora, since I recalled everything about the past... a year since I knew the truth of my mother's accident.

He coughs.

"You know I've never forgotten about Sora..."

She nods quickly.

"But... I think he'd be happy right now. If he saw the two of us."

He smiles, and she pauses for a moment, before smiling back at him. He takes the time once more to think back at how much his life had changed with the event of his brother's death, and how much he had managed to find out because of it.

He looks to Najika.

She saved me with her food in the end when I wanted to give up on life because I had accidentally killed my mother in Hokkaido.

She looks expectantly at him, and he hears her voice.

"That's why this is to celebrate everything that has happened!"

He somehow gets back to reality to once again see her smile, and smile back. They clink their mugs, and begin to drink.



Hot Chocolate Recipe

"In order to create good hot chocolate like Hagio-sensei does for me, you need the following ingredients!"


1 litre (4 cups) milk

100g good-quality dark chocolate, finely chopped

Marshmallows (optional)

"What you do is place the milk in a medium saucepan over medium-high heat and bring to a simmer. Remove from heat and set aside for 1 minute. Then, place 20g of the chocolate in each of four heatproof serving glasses. Pour the hot milk over the chocolate and stir until the chocolate melts and is smooth. Now, if you wish to, top with marshmallows and sprinkle with the remaining chocolate. Now, of course, you should always drink this with your friends!"