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"So… what exactly is so important that it must be kept a complete secret?" A man asks as he lets himself be dragged down a particular hall by a woman. Said woman has pale purple hair that reaches her waist, cut in ways that it ascends her angelic face, which houses a pair of stunning wine colored eyes. However, if one is to take a closer look at her, one will finds it odd how the beauty that she is shows little to no emotion at all… "Miya? Just what is the matter?"

"…It is in our best interest that what I'm about to show you remain a secret between us two." The woman identified as Miya says as she finally lefts go of the man's hand in front of a door. The man tilts his head at the door, wondering just how they missed something like this on a spaceship of this caliber. Maybe that's why they miss it? "I want your promise, no, your oath that you will NOT reveal this to anyone."

That causes the man to blink, never before seeing this intensity within the woman in front of him. It's refreshing, yet slightly unnerving that such intensity is now directed at him. But just to be sure… "Anyone?"

"ANYONE! Swear it."

"Alright, alright… I promise and swear on my life that this will be buried with me in my grave. Now what exactly is it that you're so… anxious about?" The man says before he asks, slightly exasperated and outrageously curious of what is to be shown to him. For Miya to react like this is rather unusual…

As for Miya, she just continues to glare at the man before her, searching him with her eyes for any sign of lie or deception. After almost a full minute, she nods, satisfied with what she finds, or lack there of, and turns around. "Remember, should you break your promise, I'll end you myself." That gets a shiver down his spine. As she places her right hand on the door, Miya starts speaking, "As you are aware, there are 108 of us…"

"Of course I do… 108 live specimens, with 1 as a full grown adult in stasis and 5 as fetuses, and 102 other fertilized embryo. I'm partially responsible for them you know?"

Nodding as the door hisses and open, Miya continues, "Yes. One of us as the adult, 5 as fetuses and the other 102 as nothing but embryos, vulnerable to being tempered and molded… However, have you ever wonder, why I'm the only one as the adult…?"

Now that latches onto the man's attention immediately, making thoughts and questions fly through his head at the speed of light. Just why is there only ONE adult in the entirety of the 108 specimens? In fact, why not include a male specimen if whoever built this has the intention of saving their race, as it appears to be? Why instead of several adults, there is only ONE? …Why haven't they thought of question such strange method of preservation?

"…We, meaning the 107 others and me, we all share one thing despite the major difference between us. We may be different, and granted with different powers as well as abilities, but down to the genetic level, we all share one factor that makes us who we are." Miya starts again as she leads the intrigued and slightly disturbed man into the room, showing that it's a small corridor that leads to yet another door, one which is heavily reinforced and heavily defended by multiple sentry guns and many weapons of different types that the man actually takes a step back in alarm. Miya however just continues to walk forward, ignoring how the weapons train themselves on her as she reaches the door. "We share the gene of someone who is… beyond words."

"What…?" The man manages to stutter out in response just as Miya easily unlocks the blast door with her left hand. Looking back over her shoulder, she smiles gently for what appears to be the second time the man known her.

In an uncharacteristic soft voice, she says, "I would like you to meet someone very dear to me…"

Stepping to the side, the woman beckons for the man to enter. Blinking his eyes covered by his hair, the man slowly and unsteadily makes his way into the room. What he sees before him is entirely incomprehensible… yet at the same time makes so much sense…

"…Is this…"

The man never gets to finish his sentence, because in the next moment, an almost unbearable pressure exerts itself onto him, and if it isn't because of Miya who reacted quickly by placing her hand on his shoulder, he would have collapsed into an undignified pile of flesh on the group. When he regains some composure, he looks up only to gasps.

A pair of blue eyes stares back at him with nothing but the intention to harm… Until they land on the person that's keeping him from ending up as a heap of gasping limbs. Then, THEN they shift to hold such warmth that the man finds it so amazing, he gasps once more despite lacking the required amount of air to do so.

Miya speaks then, "Welcome back to the land of the conscious… chichioya…"


Many years later…

Asama Miya hums happily to herself as she gently swirls the soup as to get the perfect mixture. Having achieve the rich color of a wondrous miso soup, the woman nods before reaching behind her to grab the plate of tofu and then dump it into the boiling goodness. In just a short few minutes, the soup will be complete, and lunch will be served.

With that out of the way, the landlady lets her mind wonders to the newest addition of the Inn: a little girl that is no older than 8, Kusano. Long messy locks that is a sandy blonde with big, expressive green eyes, the girl is an instant hit for the landlady, even though she'll never out right admits it. She always wanted children with Takehito, but they never got the chance to really give it a try. They have, however, done 'experiments' as Matsu is so fond of saying… Good time, good time.

That aside, she can't help it, but she views all the Sekireis in some twisted form as her children. She had after all watched them grow. She was there when the single digits from 6 to 9 were developed, and she was there when 108 was finally given the green light to be grown even though she was hidden at the time. Some may remember her as the lady that always stands there, silently encourage them to stand through the adjustments, and other may remember her as but a fading image, smiling down at them to calm their nerves. Hell, she even remembers little Musubi, being nothing more than a tiny little infant that can crush a truck. She still remembers accidentally having her finger caught in her chubby little hands… and how it takes the combined might of Kazehana, Karasuba, and Mutsu to pry her free. Though it did little to save her bones form being crushed. It was painful, but still rather enduring, as she can still remembers little Musubi's giggles as she whine in pain.

"How time flies…"

"Indeed… in a blink of an eye, and nineteen years have passed…"

Yelping in alarm, Miya quickly picks up the knife on the cutting board, spins around, and holds it at the person who just spoke. Blinking as she finally registers just who it is that she is pointing a knife at, a blush makes its way up her face and she stutters, "Ah, s-sorry!"

The new arrival just chuckles before his eyes gain a mischievous look. "So… how's little Miya? Or should I call you okaa-chan?"

That seems to be the wrong thing to say, because a purple demonic face appears behind Miya as the light around her dims, and in an extraordinary sweet voice, she says, "Iyan~! It's onee-chan, not okaa-chan!" Normally, this display would have scare ANYONE, and it's even debatable that Karasuba will flinch at it, but the figure just chuckles good heartedly at it. In light of this, Miya just does the next best thing available to her: she pouts. "Mou~! Don't tease me like that!"

"Hai, hai." The person says before all trace of playfulness left his face, and he asks, "How are you doing?"

Hearing that, Miya's face too lost all trace of playfulness, replaced only by a sorrow that twists her face to what it shouldn't be. After a few seconds, she sighs, smiles softly, and says, "I'm alright… thank you."

"Alright… you know where to find me should you require anything… even if it's just someone to vent on or an ear to chat off." With that said, the person vanishes with out a trace, leaving no indication that he was ever there.

To all of this, Miya just smiles once more, her face brighten slightly at the offer before she says, "Well… there is a problem. I can never seem to find you." Having no response and expecting none, Miya returns to the lunch she was preparing and once more starts to hum to herself.

There is one lingering thought in her mind though. She wonders if he'll interfere in this crazy scheme called the Sekirei Plan.


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