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"WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOU COULDN'T FIND HER?" Sahashi Takami shouts with eyes practically spelling a bloody and painful murder at the cowering troops in front of her. If there is one person other than the Hannya of the North and the Black Sekirei that they do not want to mess with, then it's the person in front of them.

Sahashi Takami, age is unknown under the pain of death, but her hair has turned a surprising shade of silver for someone as young as her. Piercing grey eyes that can freeze hell over should she needs it are currently making a massacre out of the faculties responsible for retrieving the Sekirei, Number 43 Yomi.

But you see, that is where the problem occurs. They couldn't find her…

How do they lose an unconscious, and probably wounded and half naked girl is completely beyond her, but to say Takami is displeased would be an understatement. In fact, how do they lose the girl in the small period of time that it takes for them to drop down form the helicopter to the ground baffles her to no end. She would certainly write it off as them being completely unreliable, and she is just about to tear into them with that as her fuel when the memory of something from years back assaults her.


"Takehito, who is behind you?" Takami asks as she watches the adjuster for the Disciplinary Squad walks down the hall with another person trailing behind him. The man, Asama Takehito just cheerfully waves at her in return and completely ignores her question. That's how he earns himself a clip board to the head and her hissing, "Do not ignore me. Now again, who is that?"

"T-that would be Naruto. Uzumaki Naruto. He's a close friend of mine." Takehito says as he rubs his head with a whine. Seeing that he is getting no sympathy from the woman, he almost calls her a demon until he quickly restrains himself. It wouldn't do to be killed now. "Don't worry about him being here."

"You said that, but how can I be sure?" Takami asks as she crosses her arms, eyes narrowing at the blue eyed, blonde haired individual that is also observing her. Oddly enough, the woman quickly label the guy as someone who she should not mess with, even though she is bullheaded and crazy enough to deck even the head of the company she works for should it be necessary. There is just something about this… man –for she hesitates to call him one from the feeling he seemingly emits- that sets her off and raises red flags in her mind. "For all I know, he may be some spy from a country that tries to infiltrate."

Hearing this, Takehito doubles over in laughter, setting off Takami's temper even though this time she refrains from decking him so she can get an explanation. She is not disappointed, though the source of the explanation isn't what she expects it to be, or rather who it is from.

"Ah, Naruto-san, you're here to visit?" Miya's voice drifts from behind her, and Takami spins around to see the head of the Disciplinary Squad, as emotionless as ever, standing there. "Matsu missed you so."

For the first time since she met him, Takami witness some reaction from the blonde. A shiver that is plenty visible travels up and down his spin in seconds as his face –which is tanned as is any exposed skin upon him Takami notes- turn pale. "Dear god… did she read those books again? Why am I surrounded by pervert?" His voice is… Takami isn't sure what to say. Boyish certain seems to describe it, but not fitting and certainly isn't what should be used. Maybe charming would be the word?

"I'm afraid so. I do believe it was a mistake publishing those books." Number One says with a shake of her head before she turns her attention to Takami and gives a small bow. "Takami-san, I bid a fine afternoon to you. Now if you'll please excuse us, Takehito-san has some business to conduct with Naruto-san." Straightening up, Miya turns around and starts to walk away, tossing a casual "Right this way please" to the duo behind her. Takami can only stares in astonishment, first of all because that is the first time she hear Miya talk without the words 'rule' and 'laws' involved one way or another, and second of all because she is so familiar with the blonde mystery that is now walking away with her fellow researcher.

Which ever the case, Takami's guts tell her that it will not be the last time she lays eyes on Uzumaki Naruto.


And it wasn't, because he was there the day Miya left with Takehito…

The destruction they left behind is so classified that no one but those directly under Minaka and the first generation Disciplinary Squad know. So if he is involved with Yomi's disappearance, then she cannot in good conscience fault the cowering team in front of her.

This changes things… But first, she needs confirmation. "Get out of my sight." When she gives that order, the team couldn't be happier and actually move so fast that the woman wonders if they manage to break some world record. That aside… Picking up her cell phone, the adjuster of many Sekireis molds the thought over in her mind for a few more seconds, weighing the pros and cons of following through her idea. One can say Takami and Miya aren't exactly on the best of terms, but at least it's fortunate that they aren't at each other's throat like Miya and Karasuba are. She can asks for a favor, but fears what the Hannya will ask in return.

Nobody has ever dares to move against Miya; her strength isn't the only reason…

"…Oh what the hell, best get it over with." The adjuster mumbles before quickly dialing the number for the one person she knows that can guarantee a private conversation with Miya. Putting the device to her ear, she listens to the ringing for a while before it connects through. Without waiting for the usual greeting and pleasantry from the Sekirei, she barks out, "Homura, I need to talk to Miya."

"H-heh? What's this all of a sudden Takami?" Homura's voice asks from the other end of the phone, and Takami can only imagine the surprise on his face. It is no secret that she and Miya never really get along with each other.

"Don't ask questions. Just patch me through to her. Tell her it's important." Maybe she laid it down a bit too harsh? But then again, this situation does not call for fineness. It is very important that she confirms her suspicion.

When no response comes through, Takami knows that Homura is carrying out her request. Hopefully her worries can be laid to rest with just this call. Other wise, things will really become very complicated…

"…What do you want?"

Yup, she is as lovable as always. "Miya, I need to know if HE is back, as in here, in the capital."

"What is it to you if he is back or not? It would hardly make a difference so long as he stays in the sideline."

Got you… "Miya, one of the defeated Sekirei disappeared from the site. If HE is in the city, things will get extremely complicated because I know that only HE has the skill to kidnaps an unconscious Sekirei right under the retrieval team's nose. This whole madness is already complex enough as it is, and I really don't want it getting any more complicated if I can help it. We do not need something like that adding to the situation." Takami pauses here to let it sinks in a little before she takes a breath and play the moral high ground. "It may also save lives as far as I'm concerned." The last part isn't a total lie, but isn't even half the truth. The truth is that Naruto can easily wipe out the capital of Japan and still have energy to spare, but he will not do so unless there is a very good reason behind it. Takehito confirmed that little suspicion as well as reassured her when she outright confronted him about some data that puts Naruto at the level of a god (how she got them is not anyone's concern). While she is no fool in believing that Naruto won't move against them should the situation calls for it, she is also very sure at the moment that he won't kill anyone so long as they don't provoke him by harming anyone he keeps an eye on… damn, now she needs to find out who he is keeping an eye on.

"…Very well. He is in town. However, I do not know where he is at the moment. He finds me, I don't find him." The phone immediately cuts off after that, and Takami holds it in front of her as her thoughts race through her head.

The Sekirei Plan has just become that much more complicated.

Now the only question is should she tell Minaka, or let him figure it out himself?

Just then, the phone rings once more, and curious, Takami picks it up, wondering what Homura wants after checking the number. When she puts it to her ear though…

"By the way… aren't you going to visit your son Minato?" A disgustingly sweet voice drifts into her ear, and Takami tenses as she can practically feel the demonic head glaring at her back. If there is one thing that she fears and is not afraid to admit it, it's Miya when she is in her Hannya mode. It is also at times like this that she curses Takehito for ever showing Miya how to do this. "You should at least take the time to see if he is alright in person, ne~~~~?"

After making an excuse about not having the time and quickly hangs up, Takami wonders if it is karma paying her back for all those times she abuse her privilege as mother in regards to her son. It certainly feels like it.


"Huh?" Takami ponders who would call her, and hope that it isn't a particular Hannya. Checking the caller ID to be sure that it's not Homura, she is actually surprised to find it to be the Ashikabi of the Disciplinary Squad. Now this is interesting. Accepting the call, the mother of two children puts it by her ear and says, "Hai? What is it? …What? …Huh? …Eh? Acting weird you say? Alright, I'll take a look… What? Am I available right now? I suppose I could… Alright, I'll see you in a few."


Miya gently hands Homura's cell phone back to him with a smile before quickly heading off to continue with her chores.

Anyone who looks at her at that very moment will think that she is but a happily married woman that is currently doing her daily chores, such as cooking and cleaning.

Those who know her and peer into her eyes will see the thoughts racing through her heads at a ferocious pace and her heart clenching and unclenching for her dead husband whom she loved with all her heart. The person Takami had just inquired about is very important to not just her, but also her husband, may God rest his soul.

However, she knows now things will be different. The Sekirei Plan will be meddled with, and not even someone of Minaka's genius can stop it.

But first, she needs to know how Takami comes to suspect if not already confirmed about his arrival. Takami said something about a missing Sekirei was it? It appears a visit to their resident hacker is needed… That reminds her, she needs to keep a close eye on her. Miya does not permit sexual relationship of any kind between single man and woman, and an Ashikabi like Minato certainly is single and easily manipulated into doing certain deeds.

"After all, my words are law here …" Miya cheerfully says to herself, disgustingly sweet and down right scary as the light around her dims and a giant demonic visage appears behind her, glaring at a particular dark corner of the corridor.


That is her only warning. Everything after that requires physical intervention…



She isn't sure what to expect really, because in truth, no one knows what to expect after having their crest removed. Nobody, not even their adjusters know what will befall the Sekireis that are eliminated from the game. All they know is that they will be retrieved by MBI, and that is all.

So if this is what she should expect, then it isn't all that bad…


"HUUEEEEEEHHH?" Number Forty Three Yomi exclaims in surprise as she quickly shots up into a sitting position. Feeling a draft, she peers down only to yelps in alarm to find herself naked. Pulling the bed sheet up to her chest, the Sekirei scans her surrounding for any threat and indication as to where she is. As far as she can tell, this is some sort of mansion, situated somewhere close to the capital, or maybe the island the ship is located at. Whichever the case, she'll hand it to the décor that he or she has very good taste.

Yomi is sitting on a large four-post bed, with high quality sheets and fluffed up pillows that may as well be over-stuffed yet still incredibly comfortable. The room is rather spacious, not in the sense that it's gigantic –thought it certainly isn't small-, bur rather in the placement of the furniture to present enough open area to navigate around. A large wooden desk and an elegant chair are situated under the only window of the room, but that alone is enough to light up the room since it's at least four feet wide and six feet high coupled with deep red curtains tied to the side at the moment. The carpet is also a rich crimson color that goes well with the wooden walls that surround the room. There, on the door by the little hook is a copy of her outfit with a piece of paper attached to it. There is also a full length mirror next to the door, put just right so that the owner of this room may check him or herself out to be sure that they are presentable.

Very sure that there are no threats around and no hidden cameras –Sekirei has extremely good eye sight after all-, Yomi carefully walks to the door and rips off the piece of paper to read it. All it says is this:


There are some good news and bad news. The good news is that you're completely healthy with no permanent damage done to your body.

The bad news is that you can no longer participate in the Sekirei game, seeing that your crest was removed during your last fight…

Pausing as she reads that, she reads it again, then a third time before doing so for the fourth time. Eyes widening, she dashes to the mirror and tries to get a view of the crest that brands at the back of her neck. After a few tries and finding that her body is simply not built for her neck to move any further, she quickly ransack the room for some other mirror like surface, finally finding a small hand-held mirror in the attached bathroom she missed somehow. Bringing it to the full length mirror once more, she pulls her hair to the side and angles the smaller mirror just right to get… no crest.

No crest means she failed her master…

Slumping against the door with her back to it and sliding to the floor in shock, the Sekirei wonders what she should do now. She's practically useless now…

Feeling the slightly crumbled paper in her hand, Yomi decides that she might as well finish reading it. There are still quite a bit of things to read through after all.

The bad news is that you can no longer participate in the Sekirei game, seeing that your crest was removed during your last fight…though depending on how you look at it, it can be seen as good news. At least now, you do not have to participate in unnecessary fight should you not wish to.

What a load of bull. She WANTS to fight… it's what she was made for isn't it?

Whichever the case, know that you are currently not on MBI soil. You are in fact in an uncharted island just off the coast of Japan, which coast however is for you to find out later. Should you not believe me, check outside your window.

Finding that it is a little hard to believe, Yomi stomps up to the window and peers outside, only to gasps in wonder at the vast oceanic view that greets her. Now this is catching her interest; Yomi returns to reading the letter.

Well, either way, I welcome you to my humble home. "Humble, right, this mansion?" Yomi lets out an unlady like snort at this before she continues reading. I have taken the liberty of removing you from MBI's hand, but should you wish to return, you simply need to ask, and it shall be done. Other wise, I would ask that you enjoy your stay here, but unless given expressive permission, do not leave the island for your own good. Your safety at the moment is top priority for me seeing that I have no idea what MBI would do to Sekireis that were eliminated from the game.

Please don't treat this like an imprisonment or house arrest, but rather take it as a vacation well deserved after all those times within the lab.

Sincerely yours…

Well, I suppose you can just call me Naruto.

PS: As you should already notice (unless you're a complete klutz) there is cloth prepared for you. It is made as a perfect copy of what you once wore, and there are also undergarments provided.

PPS: No, I'm not a pervert. I have a close friend fetch those undergarments for you.

PPPS: Should you be hungry, just turn left from your door and keep walking until you reach a set of stairs. Walk down it and turn left once more to reach the dining room. A chief should be there to take your order.

That, now that is really interesting… So she is basically kidnapped from right under MBI's nose. The prospect of it makes her wary, yet at the same time somewhat thankful. She really has no idea what MBI does to beaten Sekirei. For all she knows she can be locked within another lab and once more become a lab rat. That idea does not sit well with her at all. Though there is always the chance that she is toss into a stasis tank, but to be put to sleep and not be allowed to wake up until the game is over or maybe forever is a scary thought that Yomi does not know how to react to it.

After mulling over her thoughts for a while, Yomi decides to just see what happens as she crumbles the letter and toss it into a small waste basket next to the table. Walking over to her newly provided outfit, she quickly get dress, doing so with practiced ease of the many times she puts on an outfit of identical designs. There is even a pair of shoes that fits her. Let's not delve into the issue of undergarments at the moment. She really hopes that whoever this Naruto is, that it really was some close friend of his that fetched them. Said friend also better be a female, or a guy who has no interest in the female sex of the specie Homo sapiens.

Checking and deeming herself presentable, Yomi bemoans the lack of a ribbon to holds her hair in, but beggar can't be chooser. Sighing once more, she quietly opens the door of the room and sets foot into a massive hallway that has, to her amazement, several more doors down both ends. She couldn't help but snorts once more, "Humble my ass…" The hall is lighted by large chandeliers hanging from the ceiling, and Yomi feels her interest growing even more. Not even Mikogami Hayato, her Ashikabi –ex-Ashikabi she reminds herself sourly and with a hint of sorrow- has something like this…

Putting that out of her head, Yomi quickly turns left and starts down the hallway, mentally keeping count of how many doors she passes on her way so she can remember the room she was given should the need to return arises. After a few minutes of walking, she comes to a set of stairs that can either go up or down. Remembering the letter's instruction, the Sekirei heads down, and when she reaches the bottom, turns left to face a set of double door. This should be the dinning room.

Pushing the double door open, she is greeted by a magnificent dining hall that is simply HUGE. Tilted floor of an intriguing marble, the floor is occupied by many large round tables; each giving six seats, with a grand total of eighteen tables if Yomi's counting isn't off. Currently, one of the tables is occupied by two people, and the table is piled with various foods of various types. Walking over, she opens her mouth to demands some explanation when one of the person already there strikes at her memory, immediately freezing her on the spot, leaving her gawking with ever increasing horror.

"Ah, I see you're awake." The apparent owner of the place, a man with blonde hair and a strikingly handsome face says in a charming voice as he dabs his mouth with a napkin says, "I do believe you two are acquainted, so I'll just introduce myself if that isn't too inconsiderate. I am Uzumaki Naruto, but you can just call me Naruto." The man says with a smile, revealing his cerulean blue eyes as he makes eye contact with Yomi. The Sekirei is well aware of the fact that he is ignoring the way his… companion is glaring a hole into the side of his head. If it was her being glared at, she'll run out of the room faster than you can say the word 'hide.'

Seemingly reading her thoughts, the man's smile turns decisively fox like and mischievous, only being enhanced by the six whisker marks on his cheeks, three on each side. Strangely enough, Yomi cannot find herself being wary of the man in front of her. "Now that formality is over and done with, sit down. I'm sure you're hungry. Help yourself. Oh, and don't worry about her. She won't bite, at least not here she won't." Naruto's words are rewarded with the intensity of the glare multiplying by multiple factors, and the owner of the glare baring her teeth in barely contained anger. Fortunately or unfortunately depending on how you look at it, Yomi is relieved in that it isn't directed at her.

Still, seeing this situation, Yomi has to remind herself that this is not MBI territory, and that she can only assumes that whoever this Naruto is, he must either very powerful, or very important.

Other wise, he better hopes he has a very good reason for having who he has over at this very moment. Or damn the consequences, she is jumping the island and swim as far away as she can. Although on the plus side, she does note that his other guest is not pleased with being here either, so there is a chance that she'll… shorten his life spam and somehow in a show of kindness takes Yomi with her when she leaves the island.

However unlikely that is, Yomi can only hope really, REALLY desperately that she didn't just get dragged out of the fire pit, only to be dump into hell.


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