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Kiryuu Zero. That name is quite familiar to almost everybody from all social aspects of life.

"Zero-kun? Why, he is such a gentleman. He helped me carry the stuff that I bought home a few days ago" You can hear the elderly say

"Zero-nii?? He's the best brother in the world. He took care of me ever since our parents died" You can hear his twin brother, Ichiru, say.

"Zero-san? He's smart. He helped me with my science project" You can hear the students say.

"Zero-sensei? He's an awesome teacher. He's kind of strict but he certainly knows what he's doing and always gives us considerations" You can hear his students say.

"Kiryuu Zero. He's one of the Association's top hunters. There's a rumor that he will replace Yagari-san on the position of president" You can hear the hunters say this.

The truth is, I am not who you think I am...

"Kiryuu? That bastard? He broke my car and got away with it!" You can hear a random guy say.

"Zero? Well, he is rather anti-social..." Some of his colleagues will say.

"Zero? That stupid apprentice of mine? Well, he's pretty stupid" His and Ichiru's master, Yagari will say.

"Kiryuu-kun? He's moody and scary at times" Cross Kaien, the headmaster of the Academy he works on, will say.

"Kiryuu Zero... That ex-human? He will soon fall to level E and we will hunt him down" You can hear the nobles and those of higher authority say.

... because this is what I'm made of...


"Zero-kun, will you stop dramatizing in your head? And please don't try to find any reason to deny this request" Chairman Cross said.

"I'm not finding any reason because it's the truth. I-"

"Zero-kun, please? For the children? Ruka-chan will give birth to a child and Kain-kun's going with her and then you want them to come back here right after? That's mean!"

"Ichijou's more fitting for the job. Why don't you ask him?"

"Ichijou-kun's schedule is pretty busy. Please, Zero-kun?"

"Ichiru! How about Ichiru? He'll be very delighted to work around those... those brats"

"Not a chance, Zero. I'll be filling in Kain's classes. The schedule also conflicts with my side job" Ichiru said.

"Please, Zero-kun!! I'll give you a raise! Just do this for our Academy. The parents of those beautiful children did not send them here for nothing. They sent them here to give their children the q-"

"Alright, alright!! I get it! Fine! I'll do it! How long do I have to babysit those leeches?"

"Zero-kun, use a more adorable term: cute and adorable vam-"

"What is a proper term for kids who were born from blood-sucking monsters? They are not cute and adorable because cute and adorable goes for pets! And they are not pets. They are pests!"

"Come now, Zero-kun. It can't be that bad"

"Yeah, Zero, it can't be that bad. All you have to do is teach those kids how to spell words and basic arithmetic" Ichiru said

"Alright, alright. For how do I have to babysit? And when do I start this nonsense?"

"Well, you have to fill for Ruka-chan for 4 months at the most. And you start immediately tonight" Chairman Cross said.

Hi. My name's Kiryuu Zero. And I just got myself another load of trouble. I have to babysit baby leeches for 4 months. And to top it all, I have to start tonight.

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