Bella is the quite girl of La push. Paul is the so called member of the La push gang.

Bella's father loves to drink and beat up his daughter.

What will happen when Paul thinks out can him and Bella get closer together and can he save her from Charlie.

Chapter One


My name is Bella Swan and i live in La push.

My mother died giving birth to me and i was left with my father who loves his whiskey and then he uses me as a punching bag and he just laughs.

I have never told anyone cause Charlie said he would kill me if i ever said anything to anyone.


I groaned it was my first day back at school for my senior year.

So i got up Charlie didn't come home last night he most likely passed out in the street again somewhere.

I ran to the shower and let the warm water run over my body.

10 minutes later i was dressed and heading out the door.

My whole body hurt from Charlie beating me and i was always wear long sleeve tops and pants in what ever season.

When i walked in to La push High i heard heaps of people whispering about me.

Man she is so ugly, no wounder why she has no friends. One said and the rest laughed with her.

I just kept walking and didn't listen.

I always walk with my head down and today for the first time i ran into someone and fell to the ground when i looked up i was looking into the eyes of the so called La push gang. The one named Paul was standing over me watching me and his eyes melted into mine. Next to him was Jacob Black and his girlfriend Leah Clearwater, her brother Seth with his girlfriend Kim, Quil, Embry, Bradley, Collin, Emily and the leader of the gang and Emily's boyfriend Sam.

Emily was always nice to me so she stepped front and held her hand out to help me out but i stood up really quick turned and walked away without looking back i didn't want her to touch me because i was scared that i would cry out in pain.


I was talking to the group when someone small ran into me and fell to the ground. We all turned around to see who it was and it was the small girl named Bella Swan.

I was looking into her eyes and i couldn't look away our eyes melted together she was looking at us and then Emily stepped forward to help her up and she got up by her self which looked like it hurt her but she still got up and quickly walked away from us.

We looked at each other worried and Emily looked upset.

"Well that was freaky." said Seth

"Shut it Seth." i snapped

Everyone looked at me weirdly but Jacob, Leah, Sam, Emily, Kim and Seth ended up smiling at me.

"What the fuck at you smiling around?"

"Well my dear Paul i think u have just imprinted on little Bella." said Leah

"Bullshit Leah, go tell someone else your fucking lies." and with that the bell rang and i walked away.

Me and the group didn't fit in here because you see we are different we are know as werewolves (shape shifters).

We have been waiting for the next to join us but we don't know who it is no one does so we just have to wait and see.

On my way to class i seen a group of girls pushing MY Bella around......Wait my Bella no it's Bella.

They pushed her into the wall and she hit her head into a locker and fell backwards they laughed and walked off leaving her there.

I ran up to see if she was ok and when i looked down she had blood coming out of the cut in her head and she had be knocked out from the hit.

Then i heard the group coming up behind me and seen who i was looking at.

"Paul? What happened?" Sam asked

"Jessica and her slut of friends were pushing her around and she hit her head on the locker and blacked out. What do we do Sam?"

"Will take her to our place Paul."

Sam and the group are my family and Sam and me are like brothers and we live together.

I bent down to pick Bella up and when i touched her back with my hands she cried out in pain. And a tear fell down her cheek.

We all ran to the van and drove to mine and Sam's place.

I decided to take her to my room so she could sleep in a bed. But the girls said to change her first so we let them.

That when we heard the girls scream.

Emily and Kim we hugging and cry together.

Leah was crying to but standing over Bella looking at her.

We walked over to see why they screamed Bella was still asleep and now laying in her bra and undies with bruises and cuts all over her.

I couldn't believe what i was seeing that beautiful girl was getting the shit kick out of her and i didn't want that to happen to this angel not my angel please no her.

I then realized i was shaking my whole body was i was going to phase i needed to get away from Bella so i ran out hearing everyone calling me back and i ripped my shorts and shirt of when i got into the forest and then i phased and went for a long run.

I needed to think and have some time alone thinking about what to do to help this girl and i hope i would help her soon.