(School = Plan and girls)

We made a plan and are going to tell the girls at school i can't wait to see my Bella i need to know she is ok.

Sam came and picked me up and we headed to school.

When we got there Jake and Seth were upset.

"Jake what's up?" Sam asked

"The girls have rules and one of them is that they are not aloud to talk to us my girl doesn't want me anymore." and Jake fell to his knees.

I looked over to where the girls where and Leah was getting held back by Kim and Emily so she couldn't come over to Jake.

But when i seen Bella she looked like hell she had no life in her eyes and she was just leaning on her car with tears running down here face.

When she looked up and met my eyes i seen happiness, love, lust and more in her eyes.

I need to talk to her about this and soon we are all falling apart.


When we got to school and got out Sam and Paul where no there the rest of the pack was Kim and Leah were losing it but when Seth and Jake came over everything got worse.

"Hey Babe. We all need to talk about something when Paul and Sam get here."

"Jake I'm sorry but were not aloud to hang or go near any of you until we come back it's the rules I'm sorry." and Leah turned away and grabbed Kim's hand and brought her over to me and Emily.

A few seconds later Emily's face lit up and i knew Paul and Sam were here.

I could feel Paul's eyes on me and when i looked up i wanted to run to him.

I don't know how long i was standing there but Emily noticed i was not walking off with them and she pulled me into a hug and whispered in my ear.

"Bella, You have homeroom with Paul talk to him behind her back let him know that you have a bad feeling about all of this. Please and tell him to tell the pack and the imprints that we love them all and miss them."

I pulled back and nodded and headed to homeroom.

I went to my seat and everyone's eyes were on me.

Paul was walking in when i sat down and i met his eyes again and i wanted to run to him again and just cry in his arms.

When he walked behind me to sit in his seat his hand ran down my back when he sat down i couldn't take it anymore so i grabbed his hand in mine under the desk. But then he let go and i got worried until i felt his hand on my inner thigh and his thumb was rubbing circles into my thigh.

I closed my eyes cause i missed his touch and the way it felt with his skin on mine.

My eyes opened when i heard the teacher enter but that did not stop him and I'm so glad he didn't stop.

5 minutes into class and Paul handed me a piece of paper that said.

Babe What's going on i know you want to talk to us and we have something to tell you. Please let us all meet and talk about this.

I miss you and i know you miss me too. Please i know that i am touching you now but i need more babe please i love you.

Well have a lot to tell you and it's important.

Paul yes i miss you too, But we are not aloud near you at all.

And babe it's killing me not to hold you in my arms and kiss you,

Oh the girls said tell the boys that we love you all and we miss you.

And what do you mean a lot to tell us??

Babe what's going on?........

Bella listen meet me after this class in the woods and i will tell you everything message the girls and tell them to meet us there and we will need you all in wolf form.

Please babe come and lets talk about it all.

Ok i will message them and tell them to meet us.

I trust you so i will come but i have a bad feeling about that Megan chick it doesn't feel right.

Well babe it's about her that's all i will say now message the girls.

I love you Babe


I love you too.


I messaged the girls.

To: Kim, Leah and Emily

Girls meet me after class our favourite place.

B's will be there cause i need to talk to you all

From: Bella.

The Girls would know where to meet me because i got Paul to tell the girls where to go cause i have a feeling that all the girls phones are being watched.

Paul hand stayed on my inner thigh the whole time of homeroom and sometimes he would move his hand back and forth from my knee back up and back down over and over and over again.

When the bell went Paul still didn't move his hand.

We stayed sitting there and then the teacher looked at us and said that he was leaving and can we lock the door when we leave.

I looked at Paul when the teacher left and threw myself at him.

I wrapped my arms around his neck and put my lips on his.

I have missed his lips on mine so much.

He stood up and pulled me up with him so we were both standing up but then he pushed me across the classroom and up against the wall.

His hands found their way down my body and cupping my ass and lifting me up.

When he done this i wrapped me legs around his waist and pulled him closer to me.

I don't know how long we were there for but the door opened and walked in the pack and the girls.


I ended up having Bella up against the wall and kissing her with her legs wrapped around my waist and pulling me closer.

When the door opened i knew it was the pack because i told them to bring the girls to our homeroom instead of the forest.

Then the pack look towards me and Bella i still had her up against the wall my hands cupping her ass, her arms around my neck and her legs around my waist and us looking into each others eyes our lips about to touch again and Quil the dick head had to say something.

"Um Paul i know you love bells and all and you haven't seen her in three days and all and with everything that is happening worrying about her but i really don't want to see you getting it on with our sister. Oh god my young eyes will never be the same."

I didn't get a chance to say anything cause Bella snapped at him saying.

"Shut the fuck up Quil."

"Sorry Bells but we have missed you,"

"We've missed you too. Now Paul can you let me down so we can talk about what's been happening cause I'm confused."

"Sure babe." i gave her on last quick but passionate kiss and put her back on her feet.

We all sat down.

Leah in Jake's lap.

Kim in Seth's.

Emily in Sam's.

And Bella in mine.

The other boys were sitting close to us.

Sam told the girls and when he finished Kim and Emily were crying in Sam's and Seth's laps, Leah was shaking about to phase in Jake's and he was trying to calm her down. Bella on the other hand sat there motionless for a second and the jump out of my lap and started pacing, shaking and crying plus talking to herself about doing something but we couldn't hear what she was saying.

Everyone was watching her then she stopped turned to look at us and then ran to the door and ran off. We all jumped up and ran after her and she ran to the forest and phased shredding her clothes.

We all took us off and phased going after her.

......i have to find them?...But how? And where are they?- Bella

Babe come on talk to us and tell us wants going on- Me

I can't Paul- Bella

Please Bella we need you stop-Everyone


Bella i order you to stop right now- Sam

Fuck you Sam- Bella

Guys and you go human i want to talk to Bella alone- Me

Yeah sure- Everyone

Everyone phased back and left me and Bella alone.

Babe talk to me- Me

It's him i know it is- Bella

How?- Me

I got a letter from him telling me he has friends that will get me soon so i don't need to worry about anything-Bella

He will not get you and no one else will- Me

But i don't want anyone to hurt because of me. I don't want to lose anyone because of me.- Bella

Babe go to the lake I'm at and come talk to me in human form please- Me

Turn around- Bella

I phased back and so did she but i pulled my shorts on and handed her my shirt.


"Babe no one will hurt you i promise. Do you trust me?"

"Of course i trust you Paul but I'm scared. God I'm a were-wolf and I'm scared."

"Babe it's ok to be scared i am here for you no matter what ok."

"Ok then. I love you Paul."

"I love you too Bella."

And then she ran into my arms and started crying into my chest.

I kissed the top of her head over and over again.

Then the pack came out of the trees and looked at us with tears in their eyes.

And Sam and Jake got into action to make a plan to protect Bella and find the elders plus fuck those vampires off.

Then Emily's phone started ringing.


"Bad move girls you broke my rules now you are all going down."