'lo everyone, I'm GMW, an actor/soon-director, and me and my family are in The Best Christmas Pageant Ever this year, so I decided to write a fanfic based on our characters point of view, they are proofreading, but I am writing. I got this idea from someone else who put their character development on here, I'm just doing the same.

GMW-Elmer Hopkins-Standard Writing

Tom(GMW's 12 year old brother)-Claude Herdman-Bold Print

Nate(GMW's 11 year old brother)-Gregory Jacobs-Italics

Please enjoy, R&R, and don't flame, I'm doing all this on stage and I've gotten a standing ovation for how we play our characters so I know it's not THAT bad

The Good, The Bad, and The Gregory

By Elmer Hopkins

By Greg Jacobs

By Claude Herdman

By All Three


My name is Elmer J. Hopkins, My father is the Reverend Hank Hopkins at the local church, my mother is Dr. Julianne Hopkins and works at the hospital, and I have two little siblings, Zona and Abe. Our family is a nice one, and we're pretty well liked throughout the city, my little sister is best friends with Janice Abrams, and either we're over at their house, or Janice and her family of 5 kids and their father, Fire Chief Monroe Abrams, are at our house for dinner every week. My little brother is great friends with Tommy and Wendy Slocum, the Sunday School Teacher's children. And I'm great friends with Hobie Clark, Quinn Drummond and Ursula Bennett. Yeah, we live a nice little life. I like being the minister's son, though Zona says that there's too much pressure that comes along with it. I think that it's great to have a dad that knows so much about everything. The only thing I don't like about being Reverend Hopkins' son is that EVERY year at the Christmas pageant I play Joseph, without fail. I'm sick of doing it too. I'm 16 years old and I've been playing that part since I was 10, which is younger than Paul Abrams' age, so I keep asking him to play the part every year. I mean, it wouldn't be too bad if we had a good looking girl as Mary, like Quinn, but I'm stuck with Alice Wendleken. Every. Single. Year. I can't stand it anymore. But while I desperately wanted to stop being Joseph, I would've paid to play the part if I could have stopped what happened


My name is Gregory Jacobs. Like Elmer did, I'm going to tell you about my family, we think that you need to know about us before we tell you what happened at this year's Christmas Pageant. My father's name is Bruno Jacobs, and he's a Fireman, so I know the Abrams family pretty well, though I wouldn't say I'm friends with too many of them, Janice and Veronica scare me, Paul's crazy, and Bobby's a double jointed little kid, I stay away from him. But David's a cool kid and I hang out with him a lot. But I'm really good friends with Charlie Bradley. I'm an only child, which I don't mind that much, except that dad expects me to be great, and puts me in the pageant every year, of course I'm just a shepherd, but even that wasn't desirable this year, when They came.


Yo, I'm Claude Herdman and I have 5 brothers and sisters, 2 older, 2 younger, and a twin Brother, Leroy. My older siblings, Imogene and Ralph, are in charge of our outfit, but they're good people, to us at least. The little kids, Gladys and Ollie, are making me proud, they're just as cruel and vicious as we are, and it brings tears to my eyes. Everyone thinks we're some kind of monsters, and they're right. Leroy insists that we steal and wham and attack just to get what's needed for our family, but I like it, and I beat kids up 'cause it's fun. But you know what was even more fun than terrorizing kids? Terrorizing kids and being the stars of a play!