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The Good, The Bad, and The Gregory

Chapter 2-Reflections

After my encounter with Gladys, the Herdmans seemed to love "spending time" with me. Most of that was spent with me face first on the floor, and though I defended myself occasionally from Ralph, unsuccessfully I might add, Claude, Leroy, and Ollie were little kids, and Gladys and Imogene were girls, I wasn't going to fight any of them. And because of that resolve, the ground resolved to be my best friend. Being at church suddenly became my favorite thing in the world, because the Herdmans would never come. I think it's because as Christians we make it a habit to cast demons out of the congregation, and they are the most real demons I know. And even worse than the fact that the Herdmans loved attacking me was the fact that Quinn and I were so embarrassed by being knocked down together that we couldn't even look at each other straight in the eye for months, it was early November by the time we talked again, almost 2 months after that fateful incident. But by the time that people started thinking about the Pageant for this year we were very close friends again. But then all fell apart in the week and a half before dad's announcement.

Claude didn't bring his cat back to school and we were all relieved to know that. But that didn't stop him from coming up with new ways to torture us. And the teachers, principals, and POLICE trying to stop them did no good. But considering all the things they've done, who was really surprised that they didn't care about the rules. After getting scared half to death it took a little bit of time to get fully back into the school swing. But I managed it without too much difficulty. And it was a good thing too, because it was coming close to the time where our focus would all have to be on the Christmas Pageant. None of us knew how true that statement was.

I got a talking to from Ralph about taking the cat to school to terrorize everyone. He said next time ask first. I knew he was proud of me though. But we all seemed to get bolder as time went by, not even the church kid Elroy wasn't safe, him or his girlfriend Quilt. Not since Gladys got first swing on him, marking him as Herdman Prey. Our system of order was simple; Imogene was in charge, whatever she said, goes. Ralph was the big thief, he stole money, and food, from stores to provide for us. Ollie simply beat up everyone, he was our grunt, so to speak. Gladys was the huntress, we couldn't attack a kid individually until she did, and then that kid was open territory, except for little girls. We also picked one child that only we could attack, except for Gladys since she got all little girls that were too young for Ollie's class. Ralph picked a kid name Joseph Golan, he was some rich kid, good choice by Ralph. Imogene picked Alice Wendleken, a pompous brat, another good choice. Ollie targeted his classmate Pamela Kramer. Leroy had Charley Bradley, an overall nice kid, great choices everyone. I picked a girl in my class that I found pretty, I had a need to hit her, and I think it was to touch her, but I'm not sure. Her name was Harriet McCarthy.

As I mentioned before, my mom works at the hospital, so she knows whenever someone gets hurt, and tells us at dinner. The day after Thanksgiving, Mrs. Helen Armstrong, the lady who runs our Christmas Pageant every year, broke her leg and was in the hospital until New Year. That was bad news for the pageant. So people spent a lot of time asking who would run the pageant, they tried my mom, dad, and even ME. And they had asked me that just when I was resigned to playing Joseph, especially since I had gotten Quinn to agree to try out for Mary, of course Ursala was trying out too, but I just had to pray that Quinn would be picked. Mrs. Bradley agreed to run the pageant for this year, so that gave us a good chance of Alice not being picked, because while Alice Wendleken played Mary every year, she wasn't the only person who tried out, Mrs. Armstrong just liked her more. But not many people knew what Dad's announcement would be, or who would be there to hear it.

All during October and the beginning of November we rehearsed a song in Sunday School to sing for the Adults, Mrs. Slocum chose This Little Light of Mine. It was nice enough song, but not my favorite. We also had to write down our favorite thing about church. I had to think about that, I was going to say that my favorite things was that no Herdmans ever came, but I decided against it and put that my favorite was the snacks. But Charlie said aloud what we were all thinking, in front of the adults, "My favorite thing about church is that there are no Herdmans" and every child nodded, but Mrs. Slocum wasn't happy, but she doesn't like them either, I could tell. Thankfully that news never leaked out to the Herdmans, they never found out about Charlie's statement, which was good, since it would mean death for all of us that hung out with him.

Oh! I never mentioned what mine and Leroy's job was. Well, like Ollie, we just beat kids up. But our main job was to steal their lunches. Not only did we get good food, we also got good information about the people from their cries of protest. It was also fun to hear them cry period. Harriet proved to be the perfect choice, she always had a great lunch, and she also tried fighting back occasionally, this was some girl! Of course, Leroy's target, Charlie Bradley, gave us the best information yet. While beating on him one day, Leroy was told by Charlie that they had refreshments at a place called Sunday School. That thought alone made me interested and repulsed at the same time. Learning, on SUNDAY? But school was my favorite place, besides the learning, it was the most fun place with all the screaming children. So if we got free food and fun, what better place could there be?!