Summary: Sam thinks about Dean as Dean sleeps. Not what you think!
Warning: Kind of none, just the thoughts from Sam about 'the old days', though spoilers for season 5.
Disclaimer: Own them just as much as I own Santa, the Tooth Fairy and the Easter Bunny.
A/N: I did it again, wrote something short, and I actually like it. Anyway, this is just something I came up with, hope you enjoy!

As He Sleeps

Please listen to me when I say I'm not a pervert, and I do not always do this, I just 'accidently' woke up and saw him, like really looked at him.

I've seen him when he's awake of course, seen the worry, seen the exhaustion, the irritation and sadness in his eyes, but now… Right now he just looks so peaceful, so pure and innocent, still with a protective grimace resting on him of course, it will never change though.

I find myself laughing at the thought, he has always been the protector, taken care of me, putting me first, of course he could never let go of that. But right now, in his sleep, he looks like a kid. Like the child I used to tell everything, the brother I used to see just before I would wake him up, sobbing because of a nightmare, the brother who would lift the covers and let me crawl in next to him and we would both be fast asleep.

God I miss those times when we were both innocent, naïve children. Well, as innocent and naïve as we could be. Nowadays we are both worn out, used and trashed, and vessels for the angels, though mine is a really dark one, and my brother's, well his is just a dork.

I get so caught up in my thoughts that I almost fall of my own bed as he stirs in his sleep, moans a bit and turns around. The duvet fell off his shoulder as he turned around, and I can now see the scar formed as Castiel's hand.

The red scar reminds me that he isn't a child, he is here, and he is a young man, my brother and Michael's vessel. Though I will never let anybody take him away, not even Michael or Castiel. Selfish right? I won't give my brother to the angels, but you wouldn't do that either if you knew how they are really like.

He's my brother! And I'm determined to make it alright for him, alright between us. No matter what it takes I'll for once make it alright. But right now, there is only one thing I can really do.

One thing that will make him stay as a child a little longer.

Right now, I'll let him sleep...