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Well, if I started thinkin about how bad things were, and how bad they were gonna get- I wouldn't be able to hold it togther. So I decided I might as well try to stay positive, and remember: At least I'm not dead.

I've been through so many crazy situations in the last year, I mean SOMEBODY must be watching over me.

It seems so distant now, that time before I met any Vampires, when the only problems old Sookie had to worry about was making sure she had a good tan, how to ignore the occaisionaly nasty thoughts concerning her Merlotte's uniform, and making sure Jason didn't get drunk and knock up an underage stripper.

I wish I had not met Bill Compton.

I wish I would have had the sense to avoid Vampires, like everyone else did. Then I would still have my Gran, my house, and a bitchy Vampire Queen would't be kidnapping me, and everyone I cared about wouldn't believe I was dead.

(...But then again... If I hadn't met any Vampires, maybe Marryanne would have ended up killin' the whole entire town anyway, in some brutal psyopathic orgy.)

The Vampire Queen, who later told me to call her Queen Sophie- just wouldn't shut up. The car ride to the airport seemed to take FOREVER, although I think it was only a couple of hours.

She kept goin on about having the best violinist in her menagerie, how many times she has appeared in fashion magazines, and how she believes abolishing slavery was downright wrong and bad for the economy. She also hated men, and had some kind of philosiphy about how in the future only women would be able to hold political power, because men are too fixated on their genitals, and lacked "the joie de vivre".

I tried to tune her out, and just smiled politely and nodded when I thought she was looking for approval. If she was human, she would have been locked up in a padded room.

Also, she creepily kept eyein' my cleavage. I didn't need to know how to read minds to figure out what she was thinking. Gross. I think I'd rather make out with a dead donkey's arse.

We arrived at a small airport, where we boarded a small jet. We were met by another 3 large Vampires wearing suits and sunglasses, who accompanied us onto the flight. Thankfully, at this point she began to ignore me, and focused more of her attention on the blonde pixie haired stewardess that brought her glasses of blood. At one point the stewardess straddled Queen Sophie's lap and they were just makin' out in front of me, and fondling each other. Jeez! They were actin' like horny 14 year old boys, it was definitely not the kind of behaviour I'd imagine for a Queen.

I was so lethargic and overwhelmed, but I was in the kinda state where it's impossible to take a nap. I looked out the window, and watched the stars, and tried not to think or remember, and hear the moaning from the seat across from me. This was only the second time I had been on an airplane, but it was impossible to enjoy the experience.

In about an hour, we reached a private airstrip in New Orleans, and the Queen once again grabbed me by the arm and led me into the backseat of a silver antique car with large wheels that I'd never seen before. This time she sat in the seat beside me, and kept petting my hair and smelling me, while she talked on her cell. Sooooo Creepy.

We pulled into a large compound, with an extravagant type of fountain sculpture of nudes you'd see in Italy, surrounded by a series of shallow pools. One of the suited lackeys opened the door for us, into a parlour that looked more like a museum.

The ceilings were high, and the room was divided by 4 large columns, and it all appeared to be made of a bluish marble. There was a seating area featuring intricately carved furniture made from some kind of deep red wood, with silk cushions and trimmings in golden and reddish patterns. The corners showcased large statues of nude females, and there were various platforms which featured art from different parts of the world. I didn't recognize a lot of it, but some seemed Egyptian, Greek, and the others were vases from which I believed to be Japan. I mean, I'm no art expert, I was only going by what I'd seen in the National Geographic that Gran had always subscribed to every year. If I had arrived there under difference circumstances, I probably would of been mighty impressed.

She led me through a large set of metal doors, which had gold leaf inlays of lions, ivy, and phoenixes, into a hallway; and then into a door that opened into a very strange room that was made to look like a beach-house in the daytime, with a small pool. There was even sounds of waves and seagulls coming from a speaker system.

There were two Vampires (I assumed they were Vampires, based on them being really pale and all), one male and one female, lounging in beach chairs beside the pool, wearing sunglasses and swimming suits, and holding metallic tanning reflectors in their laps. As soon as they heard Queen Sophie enter, they perked up and sat up straight.

"Shia! Felix!" The Queen said shrilly. "I need you! NOW!"

"Yes your majesty?" cooed the Female Vampire, as she rose and walked toward the Queen. She had thin, aquiline facial features, a slim frame, large eyes, and her dark hair was styled in a 20's bob with bangs. She was wearing an alligator skin bikini.

"This is my new Pet! Her name is Sookie. I don't really like her name, so I'll probably end up changing it anyway. Do you think she looks like a Daphne? Anyway, call her whatever you want, for now! She is your responsibility for the time being. She needs to be bathed, clothed, and then given a room." said The Queen. I rolled my eyes, but she didn't notice.

"Where shall I put her?" Shia said, while looking at her nails.

"Oh! Didn't somebody accidentally get a little bit too frisky and kill Cynthia last week? Just put her in her old room. And remember, she isn't for feeding. She must be kept in prime condition. If you must, take a few bites here and there, but just don't leave any marks that could be visible. Make sure to wash her hair thoroughly, I think she may have lice, and who knows what- we practically found her in the swamps!" she said, dramatically.

"As you wish, my Queen," said the female Vampire.

Queen Sophie then turned to the male Vampire.

"Felix, as you so obviously have a superior fashion sense, you will be responsible for the girls wardrobe. She's a size 8. She needs the standard lingerie, plus a selection of formal ware, because we are presenting her to an international audience. I expect quality for this one. Shia, alligator prints went out in the 80's, you clearly have no proclivity for modern aesthetics. Get rid of that. NOW!" she growled.

Felix had a young face of perhaps 16, with full lips and sensual blue eyes, that stood out in contrast to his almost white shoulder length wispy hair, and pale skin. He was wearing a black spedo.

Shia sighed, and began removing her bikini. Felix snorted, and grinned wily.

"I spend so much time trying to enlighten my subjects, but still they retain the uncouth vision of the imbecile. Why do I even bother?" the Queen huffed, turned, and exited the room.

Shia cursed under her breath, and slinked towards me, taking my hand, and leading me toward the opposite exit. Felix trailed behind us. I wasn't going to bother with any polite formalities. I knew I needed to suck up to the Queen in order to live, but there was no way I was going to suck up to her groupies. I remained silent.

We exited that building, onto a balcony and down a staircase that led to a garden, full of clusters of red roses and trimmed hedges. The night was lit with pillars of blue flame. There was a path, with marble stepping stones, that led to another compound, with bars on all the windows, I noticed. Two guards stood by the entrance-way. It was a simple rectangle, with one floor, constructed with the same bluish marble blocks.

The guards nodded and opened the large, thick, metallic doors. We walked three quarters of the way down before stopping. From one of the doors, I heard a females frantic screaming and moaning. I couldn't tell if someone was being murdered, or receiving the best pleasure of their life.

Felix stepped in front of us, and opened the door, then closed it behind us.

Inside was a large room, with a wrought iron four poster bed draped in deep purple and silver shimmering silks. The walls were light wooden panels with intricately designed mouldings of leaf and ivy patterns. The furniture, a large dresser, wardrobe, and nightstand, were painted white with silver inlays. Again, I would have been impressed, had I not been kidnapped by a Vampire Queen.

Shia led me to an adjoining bathroom suite, and then pressed me close to her, lightly sniffing the skin just below my ear.

The bathroom was a grey marble, and had a toilet, sink, and a larger section with a white claw-foot tub. There was a window above the tub, but like all the rest of them, it had thick metal bars.

"My, My...," she murmured, "You smell...absolutely...delectable.. there's something different about you. Too bad I just ate," Shia purred.

"Don't you DARE talk to me that way, Missy! You will NOT be getting a bite out of me anytime soon, or I swear I will stake you myself!" I replied, flustered.

She merely laughed briefly, and swiftly removed the red dress that I had been wearing, over my head.

I tried to protest to her being in the same room as me when I took my bath, but she insisted on being there, and washing my hair for me. I sat in the tub with my arms crossed over my breasts. At least the shampoo in the room was a pleasant vanilla raspberry. But Shia worked my hair aggressively, and pulled it far too many times when she began to comb it out. I have to admit though, my hair musta been a mess after spendin' time in Eric's dungeon. It was practically a rat's nest. Still. She could have been more gentle. I knew I hated her already. She seemed to gasp with delight every time I responded with a loud "Ouch!Watch it!"

When she was finished, she offered me a towel and a robe, but not before groping me and practically drooling down my neck as she handed it to me.

"Until next time, sweet little honey-bunch," Shia said with a wink, as she opened the door and exited my room. After I heard her walk down the hallway, I immediately tried to open the door, to find that it had been locked- which i can't say was really a surprise.

I curled up in the Queen size bed, not bothering to turn out the light (having the lights out in a Vampire compound just made it more creepy!) and discovered that it was very comfy with silky fluffy pillows. Almost immediately, I surrendered to sleep.

I was curled up in my favourite blanket, with my arms wrapped around Erics neck, leaning on his bare chest. I absent-mindedly stroked his hair.

On the TV was my favourite movie: Gone with The Wind. Eric had not seen it before, and he considered it more of a comedy, than a romance.

"This is a completely ridiculous, inaccurate film Sookie," he said mockingly, "You think this is hardship? But now I see where you get some of your crazy ideas. That annoying pretentious wench is a terrible role model for you. I would have slapped her ages ago."

I laughed, and playfully slapped him on the cheek.

"Just sit back and enjoy it, will yah? It's not supposed to be accurate, it's supposed to be romantic. And I don't act like Scarlett! I just have a mind of my own, which is perfectly fine for a woman in the 21's century!"

"Are you sure? I can see the similarities. You settled for Bill, when you knew you wanted me, the handsome rogue, all along,..." he said, playfully.

"You're such a devil! Of course I wanted you. You are...unbelievably sexy...I couldn't...help it.." I said as I began to kiss and nibble at his neck, just below his Adam's apple.

"But you can't blame me," I continued. "You can't just go runnin' straight for the bad boy, I'm not THAT kinda girl. Besides, you liked me playin' hard to get, didn't you Eric?" I whispered.

"Indeed, I did. Very much so. You brought out the hunter in me..." Eric said seductively, as he postioned himself over me and captured me in a heated kiss...

I woke with a gasp, my heart beating deep in my chest. A cool hand was stroking my cheek.

I quickly turned my head to the right, to find Eric lying next to me.

"I don't have much time before dawn, Sookie-" he whispered, his eyes wide and rimmed with red. "I just wanted you to know...wanted you to understand... this isn't what you deserve, this isn't what I wanted for you. I should have...should have hidden you when I had the chance...I'm so sorry Sookie, I should have..." Eric said, his voice wavering.

I felt the deep connection to him as I did for brief moments, before. I knew he was telling the truth.

"I know, I know... you only ever wanted to keep me safe..." I responded, as I placed my hand on his cheek.

He gazed into my eyes and smiled slightly. "You are so very precious. Don't believe for a moment that you are something that can be sold... I will find a way to get you out of this, I-"

I trailed my fingers over the curve of his lips. "I believe you. I should have always believed in you. But right now- I just...need you..." I said in a sleepy state of delirium.

With my other hand I grabbed his hair, and pulled him closer. He recognized my desire and pressed his lips forcefully against mine, manoeuvring to position himself on-top of me.

I ran my hands down his back, and up to grasp his muscular shoulders as our kiss grew more passionate.

I didn't care that a small part of me still thought that it was wrong. I needed him. I was consumed by my need for him. I wanted to pretend that he was the dream-Eric I always took comfort in.

He pressed his erect cock against my midsection and I moaned deeply, shifting my body so that I would feel the friction on my clit as I bucked my hips towards him.

He growled and began to nibble at my neck as he thrust towards my hips. I scratched at his t-shirt, and began to pull it off. I needed to feel his naked skin against my aroused nipples.

He pulled his t-shirt over his head, and wrapped his arms around me, bringing me closer. I arched my back as he nibbled my ear and brushed against my breasts. His tongue sucked on my earlobe, and his hand began stroking and squeezing my sensitive mounds.

I bit his neck, and he gasped as I grabbed his raging hard cock firmly in my hand and began to stroke it through his jeans. I found the zipper, and felt desperate to let it loose.

Eric swiftly had his jeans vanish with his vampire speed, and I felt his thick pulsing dick pressed against my now slick pussy.

"Mmmmm..." Eric groaned, with feral intensity, and I claimed his mouth again.

"Oh God Eric, Need you...inside of me...so deep inside of me..." I sighed, as he swirled his cock around my pussy, leaking streams of musky pre-cum that scented the air, and made me absolutely desperate for him.

I pushed him away from me, and moved beneath him, to take his cock in my mouth. He was so thick he stretched my lips. I needed to taste him. He was salty and earthy, and I felt as though I couldn't get enough of it. I loved the silky texture of his thick uncut shaft, and sucked deeply while working my tongue around his foreskin. He simultaneously reached over, and started penetrating me with his fingers. He thrust his cock lightly downward as I sucked, and he growled deep within his chest.

My pussy trembled with the need to have him inside me. I licked the remaining cum, and positioned myself underneath him again.

"MMM...Ohhh...Fuck me Eric, I need you to fuck me Eric..." I whimpered.

Eric groaned, his eyes directed at mine, as he placed the tip of his cock inside me.

"Oh, Sookie, yes..." he responded, as he slowly lowered himself inside me, inch by inch, while assaulting my mouth with his tongue. I felt myself deliciously widen for him, and bucked my hips upward to take his length completely.

He slid inside me, slowly, till he reached the sweet spot deep inside me that gave me absolute pleasure. I was in a blissful state as he began to thrust deep inside of me again and again. My legs wrapped around his ass, and I matched his rhythm. One hand tweaked my erect nipple, and the other brushed lightly against my clit.

I was coming already, and couldn't help but moan "ooooohhhhhhhhhh YES, MORE! FASTER!Oh yeah, THERE!" loudly.

I grabbed his face and clasped my lips against his, swirling my tongue against his, as he pounded into me with precision. My hands moved down to his ass where I squeezes his ass-cheeks, urging him even deeper. I had never felt anything so good. His hands stroked my entire body, moving in a sensual frenzy.

His fangs extended, puncturing the side of my tongue, and he hungrily sucked as he he growled.

My body was about to explode, in a euphoric rise of please, when-

I heard the swing of the doors opening. Someone had entered the room.

There was a blurry mass, and I felt Eric being shoved off of me. He only fell to the side, however, and his cock still remained inside of me. I whimpered with the loss of contact.

"Eric!" The voice boomed. "She is NOT yours!"

I looked over to see Bill hovering over the bed, his fangs extended, looking quite fierce.

"Compton." Eric said with a smirk. "I beg to differ."