Meredith Grey looked at the MRI results of her patient. He has an anerysm, and it means that it is neurological problem and it means that she has to talk to Derek... or dr. Shepherd to be exact. She looked at the door, and he walked in. Her ex-boyfriend, her ex- McDreamy... her ex...

'' You paged, '' he said and put on a McDreamy smile.

'' Um, yes, my patient has an anerysm, page dr. O'Malley if you want intern to scrub in, '' She said and left the room.

Derek looked after her, her body moved still the same it used to, when they were still together, but in her eyes was something that he didn't know, she seemed to know what she wants. She was sure of some things, and that's the biggest difference. He quickly looked at scans and paged George.


Meredith walked to front desk and started charting. While she was writing, Rose came to front desk.

'' Hey. Have you seen Derek ? '' Rose asked.

'' I paged him before, but it was 30 minutes ago. I left him looking at patient films. He has anerysm. '' Meredith said without looking up.

'' You sure that you haven't seen him. We were on-call room, but then someone paged him or something and he promised to be back, but he's still missing. '' Rose said with a smile.

'' If I see him, then I tell him that you are looking for him, '' Meredith said, closed the chart and left.

Rose looked after her and smiled to herself, she is not a competition anymore, she is history for Derek. But just in case she followed her.


Meredith walked to basement, she needed a bit rest. A minute without Rose and Derek. Now she gets what Addie felt year before. Maybe that's the reason she left...Maybe. Meredith sat on bench that was still there. She had been there so many times with Cristina, Izzie, George and Alex. She pulled her knees close to her body and closed her eyes. She opened them, when someone was coming, She opened her eyes – Derek. There are only 2 people she wants to avoid and they seem to find their way to her.

'' Hey. I thought you were here. '' Derek said softly.

'' I thought you doesn't want me anymore , '' Meredith said, closing her eyes again. '' I wanna be alone,'' she added.

'' We need to talk about some things. '' Derek said and sat next to her.

'' Like what ? '' Meredith said and rose her eyes. ''I don't want to have anything to do with you. ''

'' But I think we have to talk about some things. My clothes are still there, when can I get them ? ''

'' Come tomorrow, Izzie or Alex are home, I pack your things tonight. ''

'' But what if I want to see you ? '' Derek smirked.

'' Then you have to disappoint, you won't see me outside this hospital, ''

'' Meredith, what did I do to make you this upset ? ''

'' Nothing, people who are broken up are not usually in best terms. Have you seen me hanging out with Mark after work ? ''

'' This is not the same thing, '' Derek said getting angry.

'' Maybe it is, now I gotta go, bye, ''

'' Meredith...'' Derek yelled after her, but she didn't look.

Derek looked until she was out of his sight and then hit the wall. His hand started to bleed and he left the basement.


Rose listened as Meredith and Derek spoke. Anger rose inside of her, Derek still wanted Meredith, but at least Meredith is over Derek. She saw Meredith walking away and then Derek hitting the wall and then also leaving. She looked after her boyfriend and then went and sat down on bench. She had to figure something out, when she wants to keep Derek close, 'cause Meredith can't hold back forever. Derek is still the dream of every woman.


Mark Sloan saw Meredith walking away from Derek, then from Rose and now from basement. She seemed to break down any minute, and maybe that's what makes her so attractive. She looked hot to every man whore, but also every guy around. Mark looked her going to front desk again and charting. He saw Derek going on her direction and then decided to move.

'' Hey Meredith. Would you like to have a drink after work today ? '' Mark said.

'' I am not so sure, but I guess I can offer you company. '' Meredith said and winked.

'' That would be great, when are you finishing tonight ? ''

'' At seven. You ? ''

'' Same time. I wait you in lobby, if that's okay ? '' Mark asked.

'' Sure, Mark. ''

Suddenly Derek was standing behind Meredith.

'' You are not going out with him, Mere. '' Derek said angrily and looked Mark.

'' And why, if I may ask, '' Meredith said as she turned to Derek.

'' Because I say so, and you do as I say, '' Derek said to Meredith '' Don't even try to touch her, I am not even telling what happens if you touch or sleep with her. '' he said turning to Mark.

'' And what if he steps over your rules, the same as I ? If I remember correctly, then you have now power over me, but him... '' Meredith said and took one step closer to Mark.

'' You don't wanna know. I don't want 2 women I love make the same mistake with him, I am warning you both. '' Derek said and looked at Mark and Meredith.

Meredith had moved close to Mark now. She stood in front of Mark and looked Derek. He looked Mark once more and then left the desk.

'' So, are you still interested ? '' Mark asked Meredith.

'' Absolutely. '' Meredith said as she watched Derek walking away.


Alex rushed into one on-call room and sat on bed. Without even looking if it is empty, he hit the wall and let go of his tears. He had hurt Izzie again, and that's the last thing he wanted. She is Izzie, his friend, roomie, co-worker and lover. He cried on bed.

'' Do you feel better now ? '' male voice asked him. Alex looked up, and saw George waking up in another bed.

'' I guess not, what are you doing here ? '' Alex answered and sat back on another bed.

'' Sleeping, that's what usually is done here, '' George said and stood up.

'' Not in this hospital, '' Alex told.

'' I guess. Good luck with Izzie, she is not the person she used to be anymore. Fix what you broke. '' George said and left on-call room.


Cristina stepped into Joe's, only Izzie was there. She walked to her and ordered tequila.

'' Bad day ? '' Izzie asked as Cristina drank.

'' Yeah, you ? '' Cristina said after her first shot.

'' Totally. Alex is jerk, you know that ? She is angry with me, because Ava or Rebecca came out to be not pregnant and I told her that. What's wrong with you ? ''

'' Burke won a prize of his work. I did his surgeries while he had shaky-shaky hand and he even didn't mention me. '' Cristina said and ordered her third shot.

'' What's wrong with us ? George failed his intern exam, Alex is fooling around with crazy-lady, Meredith broke up with McBastard, you have troubles with Burke, although he is not here and Alex is pissing me off. Why it can't be easy ? '' Izzie said

'' I don't know, '' Cristina answered and emptied another tequila shot.


Callie sat on couch and thought about Erica Hahn. Sexy heart surgeon and her good friend. When Mark told about her falling in love with another woman, if freaked her out, but also didn't leave her mind. She has never been with another woman, she liked.... likes penis. But Erica's soft lips and warm body were on her mind instead of Mark doing McNasty with her. She is not falling for Erica, is she ?

Callie turned off the lights and closed her eyes, tomorrow will be another day she told herself. But a possibility of Erica Hahn as her girlfriend kept her awake.


George O'Malley walked into his new home, crappy apartment that he shares with Lexie Grey, Meredith's half sister and his new best friend. Lexie had gone out, but she made dinner before. George took of his jacket and sat on couch. Could he and Lexie be something more that just friends ? Can he fall for another Grey ? No it is not possible, it is not happening... he said to himself and grabbed dinner.


What is the first sign of love ?? - Denial.

It is sort of my first story... It will be MerDer, but at the beginning is like introducion of everybody... It is set in somewhere at the end of 4th season... Somewhere there. :) .Hope you like and review please (A) .