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Title: Operation 8-0-5-9

Author: Yoshi-chan3

Warnings: One Swear Word (later chaps will be yaoi)

Word count: 1055

A/N: First fic posted online, so reviews are much appreciated, criticism accepted and will take into account. Thank you to anyone that reviews. Originally this was supposed to be a one-shot but as i was writing it, it kind of turned out to be open ended, so i decided to make it multi-chapter. O and i don't own KHR =P as you all know.

HaruNo1Cosplayer logged in [10:30]:

Everybody knew of Haru's obsession with Tsuna, most of all Tsuna himself hence his sudden anxiety every time she approached him. Most people knew of her obsession with cosplaying and most people knew she was a massive fan girl. But quite a few less people knew of her obsession specifically with yaoi fanfiction, not even her best friend Kyoko knew, in fact the only person who did know was a certain pink-haired poison scorpion.

As it turned out Bianchi was also quite a fan girl behind her stoic façade of emotionless expressions, this had been quite a shock at the time for Haru. It was only last month she had made her discovery, a fellow fan girl, living only a few blocks away at Tsuna's house in one of the several spare rooms that somehow managed to squeeze themselves into the tiny building.

She'd just arrived home after hanging out with the group, that day consisting of herself, Kyoko, Tsuna and Gokudera as Yamamoto had had practice that Sunday. The first thing she decided to do was check for some reviews even though it was only 6 o'clock meaning a review was unlikely, but despite this she opened up the inbox page and found one review from someone called RebornsLover. Upon opening the review, it became clear who the identity of the reviewer was, leaving a gaping Haru staring open mouthed at the screen of her laptop. Since then it had become a regular occurrence for her and Bianchi to side away from the others, so they could discuss in rabid fan girl mode, earning them a few suspicious glances from Reborn.

Back to the present though, it was around 10:30 and Haru was checking her inbox for any reviews for her latest posts. Nothing, not one single review had found its way into her inbox. This left the normally over eccentric brunette sighing, she considered how yaoi fandom's had really been slowing down lately and that now she barely got any reviewers. When she'd first signed up and posted her work, she was getting at least an average of 4 reviews per chapter, some of her fictions even getting up to 10 if they were really popular, now she was lucky if she got any reviews at all. Of course she couldn't just blame the fandom's, she was partially to blame as well, she'd posted nothing good for at least a good few weeks, nothing seemed to be inspiring her these days.

HaruNo1Cosplayer logged off [10:45]:

Sighing dramatically (again), she turned the monitor off and shut the laptop with a click before placing it on her bed side table. As her head hit the pillow and she was drifting off to sleep, her last thought was, 'I need some inspiration to put a spark back into my stories'.

It was Monday morning and Haru was casually walking to school down the slightly longer route past Tsuna's house. This morning, she had decided that she could not act depressed, she must be her normal eccentric self in order to achieve her inspiration for her new stories. So that's exactly what she was doing, swinging her school bag behind her back she was rounding the corner to Tsuna's house, when she saw an adorable little kitten on the path. Smiling to herself she walked over to the cute kitten and put out her hand to stroke it. Unfortunately for Haru this was not a friendly feline and as she reached down to pet it, it drew out its claws and scratched her hand before hissing menacingly and running away.

The brunette retracted her hand and held it to her chest, tears welling up mainly from shock rather than pain. As she cradled her injured hand to her chest, she heard running from behind her and sensed someone now standing next to her. She looked up "Yamamoto-kun".

The black haired teen looked down at her with a concerned expression "are you alright, we saw what happened then, your hand can I take a look?" he asked her softly. Haru slowly held out her hand and noticed it was now bleeding slightly, as she felt him gently take her hand in his, she began wondering he said we but none else was there. Haru's thoughts were suddenly cut off by a loud and obnoxious voice coming from her left, "Don't help the stupid woman, it was her own fault, you stupid baseball idiot". That could only be one person she concluded, Gokudera, turning round to face him so she could glare at the idiot whilst saying "Was not Haru's Fault, she only wanted to pet the cute kitty", but noticed he wasn't even looking at her. Gokudera was currently glaring daggers at Yamamoto instead.

Whilst she had been watching Gokudera, Haru hadn't noticed that Yamamoto had finished inspecting her hand and had let go of it, she did become aware of the fact though when Gokudera rudely announced "What do you want him to do hold your hand and walk you home, stupid woman". Quickly retrieving her hand and moving it to her side, she turned back to face the taller boy, who was now attempting to calm the now fuming Gokudera down before he retrieved his dynamites.

Haru watched them, as they made their display in the middle of the street, hearing Yamamoto say "maa maa Gokudera calm down" wearing his usual carefree grin. This resulted in the feisty Italian trying to punch him in the face, Yamamoto just dodging the blow, as was the norm. Suddenly she heard Gokudera yell "Shit we're late picking up the tenth" before he ran off in the direction of Tsuna's house, still yelling about how Yamamoto was an idiot for making them late. The silver haired teen was followed soon after by Yamamoto who shouted back at her "sorry Haru gotta go, your hand looks fine", whilst trying to catch up with his "friend" Gokudera.

Haru looked at her watch and noticed that she too was late for school and ran to catch up, turning the corner she saw the familiar trio, but decided to follow close behind today. As she watched from a distance, she saw Yamamoto and Gokudera bickering again, well more like Gokudera yelling and Yamamoto grinning, almost looking like he enjoyed his and Gokudera's pointless arguments.

Suddenly a thought came to her; stopping in the middle of the street she turned round to follow the quicker route to her school. Haru grinned as she jogged the rest of her route, only one thing on her mind 'I think I just found my inspiration'.