Chapter 30: Without Interruption

Word Count: 4,401

Author: Yoshi333

Disclaimer: The same as all the other chapters =]

Pairings: 8059, a little D18 in this chapter

Warnings: Swearing (maybe), smut o.O i actually got round to doing this for the people that requested it *sits nervously biting finger nails* XD

Beta: FoxieSwirl

A/N: I've actually managed to do a second update it's a sign that i will finish this fic! but not for a few chapters yet =] anyway this is a very smutty chapter with lots of 8059, not much plot though and Dino makes a re-appearance! Thanks so much to the people who reviewed the last chapter and who faved and alerted this fic, it means a lot =] and thanks to my new beta FoxieSwirl who is editing both my fics for me =]. Yoshi x x

The boss of the Cavallone sat in his families' gardens opposite the most beautiful woman he had ever laid his eyes upon, yet despite her long silky black hair, stormy grey eyes and gorgeously smooth pale skin the blonde's eyes weren't on her.

Dino appreciated Romario's time and effort spent in his attempt at finding a woman that resembled the teen he'd left behind in Japan just a few days ago but he didn't want a replacement for the anti-social male. All he wanted was a temporary distraction and the beauty in front of him was hardly that, her personality was dreary and bland, nothing like his fiery Kyoya. She wore an overbearing perfume that stung his nostrils and made his eyes burn when she leaned forward, playing with the loose strands of her hair attempting to look cute, touching his arm and face. She was being much too forward, leading the Blonde to feel uncomfortable.

He heard the sharp clacking of the woman's skinny heeled shoes on the path leading away from the secluded rose garden they had been occupying for lunch. He felt immense relief, the noise barely drawing his attention from his scenic surroundings; he hadn't even noticed she had gotten up to leave. The woman must have taken the hint after he'd shown no interest in her for the past half an hour. The blonde knew Romario would most likely scold him for not escorting the young lady out but he could deal with it later, heavy eyelids slowly dropping over hazel irises, his body slowly relaxing into the soft cushions of the chair he was lying on.

"Boss" a voice interrupted his drifting off.

Cracking one of his eyes open and turning to face his right hand man, the blonde waited for the scold talking to he'd been expecting.

"The Vongola Tenth is on the phone, Boss" Romario said, holding the phone out in the palm of his hand.

Taking the phone and holding it to his ear, Dino allowed his eyes to close again; slightly curious as to why his younger brother would feel the need to call him only a few days after his departure from Japan.

"H-h-hello Dino-san" the stuttering voice came through the speaker in the phone.

"Yo Tsuna, What's up?" the Cavallone boss asked pushing himself up in the chair as he spoke, Romario taking a seat opposite him where his female visitor had previously been seated.

Listening through the receiver a small frown etched itself onto the blondes face, Tsuna's voice on the other end of the line had a frantic edge to it despite the teen's poor attempts at trying to keep his voice steady whilst talking to his older brother.

"I n-need to ask you if you have heard of any recent mafia activity in Namimori?"

Dino hadn't heard of any recent mafia related activities in the Namimori area but that didn't mean there wasn't any, concern began making its way into the mafia don's mind, his main thought being 'Why would Tsuna be worried about mafia activity in Namimori? Has something happened?'.

"I haven't, but that doesn't mean I can't look into it and find out if there has been. Has something happened Tsuna?" Dino glanced opposite at him signalling for Romario to start researching.

"N-n-no everything is fine, I'm ok" the soft voice stuttered back in reply.

The blonde was sceptical but he could always find out if something had happened without the young brunette telling him directly, not wanting to press the already jumpy teen with too many questions.

"Alright Tsuna, I'll look into it and get back to you as soon as I can"

The teen gave his thanks before saying goodbye and hanging up the phone.

"Boss you have another appointment with a miss…" before his subordinate could answer Dino cut in, holding his hand up to silence the other man.

"Cancel all my appointments for the rest of the day, I've got work to do" the blonde stated before walking past the suited male and into his estate. He really couldn't do with any more plastered on make-up, fake smiles and pointless awkward conversations.

Yamamoto looked down at the silver mop of hair tucked adorably against his chest, a small smile making its way onto his tan features. Gokudera loved him and he loved Gokudera and they both wanted to protect Tsuna with everything they had. Yamamoto supposed could live with sharing the Italian's number one spot, deciding in the end it would all be worth it.

It would be worth it; being able to smell the citrus shampoo in his hair, run his fingers through soft silver locks, to be the only one able to rile him up in that special way, to laugh with him …to see him in his dynamite boxers, well he hadn't quite seen Gokudera in any boxers but the baseball star presumed he'd have some and he couldn't wait to see them.

As hazel and green eyes met, both teens hoped nothing would ever change, the Italian leaning up and tilting his face to the side, encouraging the taller male to connect their lips. Yamamoto's hands slid up the others shirt, smoothing along pale unblemished skin, the built-up frustration of their previous interruption reflected in the way the tanned hands pushed their bodies impossibly closer, gripping tightly onto slender hips.

Desperate for contact the two boys closed the gap between their lips, tongues automatically seeking each other out in a heated kiss.

Unable to get as much contact between their lips as he wanted the silver haired teen looped his arms around Yamamoto's neck attempting to gain leverage so he could press his tongue further into the black haired teen's mouth. Realising his shorter lover's intentions Yamamoto hoisted him up, forcing the slender legs to wrap around his waist as he pressed Gokudera into the wall he'd backed him up against.

Gasping as he became roughly sandwiched between the wall and Yamamoto's hard chest, a blush stained the shorter teens pale features as he looked up into the clearly lustful eyes of the rain guardian. The silver head began to feel frustrated as Yamamoto brought their lips together once more, the shorter male wanting to feel more in control of their situation.

Threading his thin pianist fingers through coarse black hair the Italian melded their lips more firmly together dictating the pace and depth of the kiss, rubbing his tongue against the foreign muscle in his own mouth with more authority than before, drawing a low groan from the back of Takeshi's throat in response.

The kiss becoming more passionate as Takeshi's hands slipped under dark denim, cupping his boyfriend's ass and grinding their hips together roughly. All previous inhibitions left behind as the rough material was inched lower, the dynamite user's boxers soon following suit, the cool air on his newly exposed skin causing a shiver to run up the length of his spine.

The feeling of calloused inexperienced hands roaming over his body forced the silver head to moan, arching into the other boy's touch as he pulled away from the kiss panting lightly as his head made contact with the wall.

"Hayato" Yamamoto spoke huskily in Gokudera's ear, kissing down his lovers jaw, neck and shoulders, nipping lightly on the silky skin, tongue occasionally trailing over the pale expanse. Groaning, Gokudera turned his head to the side out of embarrassment eyes tightly closed taking in every touch the other boy gave him.

Taking the opportunity, Yamamoto bit down on the curve of Gokudera's slender neck, sucking generously on the spot as a small bruise developed marring the white canvas. Green orbs widened as Yamamoto continued to suck on the now sensitive spot on his lover's neck; the silver head pulling the taller teen's body flush against his, wrapping his legs more tightly around his boyfriend's waist. The action causing Yamamoto's tented pants to press against Gokudera's naked ass, the taller boy irritated with his pants obstructing the contact.

The effort of holding the other male up was beginning to take its toll even on the athlete, the two boys sinking to the floor, Yamamoto kneeling in between Gokudera's spread legs his face still buried and panting into the silver head's neck.

Getting yet again frustrated with the way things were progressing slowly the bomber sighed pressing his hand to the black haired teens' chest scooting him away slightly. Leaning back to look at the other boy wondering if he'd done anything wrong, brown eyes widened as the silver head tugged his jeans and boxers off the rest of the way, blushing hard as he did so avoiding the taller male's scrutinizing gaze.

After a few minutes of just staring at the blushing teen Yamamoto still hadn't taken any action and Gokudera's embarrassment just rose further.

"Well is there something wrong with me? Will you just do something? Stop staring at me like that" Gokudera yelled glancing away Takeshi.

Snapping out of his daze the black haired teen grinned.

"Of course there's nothing wrong with Hayato, he's perfect" Takeshi replied, his voice husky.

Struggling to think of anything to retort through his embarrassment the shorter teen grabbed the other boy's shirt and yanked him forwards, crashing their lips together before pulling back a moment later.

"Well, come here then" the storm smirked hoping he came off looking seductive.

The rain guardian didn't need any more encouragement, pulling off his own shirt before removing his boyfriend's and discarding it to the side closing his lips around a pert nipple, nibbling and licking until the other boy threw his back a long drawn out moan slightly echoing in the room.

"Takeshi!" Gokudera almost pleaded with the other boy, begging him to do more than tease him with light touches and wet kisses without actually saying it.

Smirking as he pulled away from the abused nipple, lips travelling down the pale chest and stomach, black hair tickling the sensitive skin before reaching Gokudera's hands that were currently covering what lay between his thighs.

Gently removing the thin hands, Yamamoto leaned down and took a moment to admire the other boy's member, wanting to stain the memory into his mind forever. He was interrupted a moment later as he felt the tip brush against his lips as it was impatiently thrust upwards signalling for him to just get on with it.

Not wanting to keep his partner waiting any longer a tan hand wrapped itself around the base as a tongue slid out of Yamamoto's mouth and slowly gathered up the small amount of pre cum that had developed due to his teasing actions just a few moments ago. The taste wasn't particularly nice he wasn't going to lie, but it wasn't unbearable either and he swallowed it all the same before taking the whole head into his mouth sucking gently just to get used to the feel.

Meanwhile, Gokudera was in ecstasy, his head bowed, back leaning against the wall, lapping up the attention his cock was getting, wanting to demand more and submitting selfishly by forcing his length into Yamamoto's open lips, the other boy taking it in greedily.

It was an odd feeling, of Gokudera's penis pulsing and warm now covered in his saliva slipping in and out of his mouth as he attempted to give the teen pleasure. They were both very inexperienced, only having experimented once earlier that day but Yamamoto tried his best and it seemed to be working for Gokudera as his slender fingers dragged through Yamamoto's dark hair while the shorter boy let out a string of moans.

"Takeshiii" the name drawn out in an almost moan, the Italian unable to resist the urge to thrust continuously into the mouth pleasuring him, almost gagging the teen crouched in between his legs.

Pulling away from pleasuring the other teen Yamamoto pulled on the legs on either side of his waist, Gokudera falling onto his back in the process, thighs wide apart, face flushed.

They both knew what was coming next, Gokudera blushing at the thought as fingers found their way in between his lips, his own tongue lubricating them for what was inevitably going to happen.

Removing the fingers from his lover's mouth, Yamamoto slowly trailed the wet digits along Gokudera's stomach teasingly before he shifted backwards to get his hand in between them. Closing his eyes, Gokudera laid waiting for the other boy to continue what they had started earlier that day.

The silver-head tensed automatically as Yamamoto slowly pushed a finger past the ring of muscles, the feeling wasn't entirely unpleasant to the shorter boy but there was a lingering burn as the single digit began moving in and out even with the added lubrication. A hiss escaped through clenched teeth as a second finger joined the first, his body resisting the intrusion even though he attempted to relax.

"Hayato, I love you." the baseball star whispered softly, kissing the edge of the silver-heads mouth, the momentary distraction enabling him to push a third finger stretching the impossibly tight ring of muscles even further. Screwing his eyes shut, Gokudera bared through the initial pain spreading through his lower body, hoping that the pleasure written about in those fanfics on Haru's community would come soon.

"Ahh…haa there, again" Gokudera practically shouted out, the toe curling pleasure spreading throughout his entire body, tingling every nerve and bringing his now half-hard erection back to life.

Consciously applying pressure to the bundle of nerves causing his boyfriend so much pleasure Yamamoto began undoing his pants, pooling them around his knees along with his boxers. The confident air the black haired teen was giving off helped to calm the Italian as Yamamoto removed his fingers leaving him feeling strangely empty.

Looking around, hazel eyes tried to pin point something they could use for extra lubrication as this was their first time going all the way but soon began to realize their location wasn't exactly forthcoming and he really didn't want to get up and leave the other boy.

The silver-head soon realised the issue keeping them apart, the other boy sighed, a small smile forming on his lips at the awkwardness of their first time. Taking matters into his own hands, Gokudera pushed himself up; using his elbows he bent down so his face was in line with the taller boy's erection before experimentally poking his tongue out and licking the tip, the bitter salty taste hitting him a few moments later.

"Hayato what are yo…ahhh" Takeshi inquired before being cut off sharply.

Gokudera had taken in almost all of Yamamoto's length into his mouth, making sure to pay attention to every inch before pulling himself away and licking one last time from base to tip. Returning to his previous position on his back legs spread on either side of his boyfriend's waist, Gokudera took in the other's appearance, having to hold back a groan at the sight of his boyfriend's now wet cock and then having to hold back a snigger at the intensely pleasured yet shocked expression on the his lover's face.

Snapping out of his daze, Yamamoto realized what the bomber had been up to, he had solved the lube issue by himself and now it was the baseball star's turn to take over. Scooting himself closer, Yamamoto lined himself up with his boyfriend's entrance trying not to appear nervous and startle the other male off, slowly he pushed the head of his penis inside, feeling the incredibly tight heat squeeze him he pushed all the way in unable to resist the teasing pleasure.

Gokudera covered his mouth so the neighbours couldn't hear the scream that threatened to erupt at any second, it had been too fast, 'Stupid Takeshi' the silver-head cursed in his mind, he needed to calm down, at least the idiot had stopped to give him some time to relax his now tensed muscles.

"Sorry Hayato, I guess I got carried away" Yamamoto said grinning sheepishly down at the other boy.

The Italian felt like yelling 'you fucking bastard', 'Get that stick out of my ass' or 'Don't fucking grin like an idiot' but he didn't want to hurt the others feelings and he truly wanted this to be great for both of them. If he did it again however, well that would be another story; Yamamoto might just have a stick up his ass that being the case.

"Move baseball-baka" Gokudera gritted out between clenched teeth, his jaw tight in anticipation.

Still grinning, Yamamoto began to move his hips, slowly and shallowly at first not wanting to hurt Gokudera more than he already had. Not that Yamamoto thought the other boy wouldn't be able to take it, because he knew he could and the silver-head would probably testify to that fact as well.

Slowly adjusting to the feeling of being completely stretched, Gokudera began to gently thrust back, lifting his hips in the air to get a better angle, his back curving into an arch, moaning loudly as Yamamoto found the bundle of nerves that made his mind swim and body spasm.

Green eyes hesitantly opened and looked up at the boy leaning over him, tanned face flushed red with exertion, bangs stuck to his sweaty forehead and concentration etched deeply onto his features, Gokudera would have laughed at the other boy's state if he wasn't so overwhelmed by the new and unfamiliar sensations coursing through him.

It hadn't been that long but already the pairs' thrusts were becoming erratic and fast paced, Gokudera's ass clenching more tightly around Yamamoto's cock as the two rapidly began reaching their peaks. With one final thrust the black haired teen slammed into the storm's prostate, emptying himself into the tight heat before gripping his partner's cock tightly, squeezing until the white streams splattering over Gokudera's stomach ceased.

Utterly exhausted the rain guardian collapsed on top of the smaller male, almost winding him in the process.

"Oi, Takeshi get off, you're too heavy idiot" Gokudera grit out, also tired but still attempting to shove the heavy body on top of him off.

"Hmmm…" was all he got in response before Yamamoto slid off and out of him, both of them now laying on their backs panting heavily, Yamamoto turned his head, smiling at Gokudera, the bomber blushing slightly in reply before cuddling tiredly against his lover.

A few hours later…

Sipping on his coffee, Gokudera sat at his computer desk logging into his laptop, waiting for the desktop to load. It had been several hours since Gokudera and Yamamoto's 'intimate' moment and the silver-head was feeling happy about it, he'd almost forgotten about the incident with that Yuki guy from earlier, but it was still in the back of his mind. His anger towards the unusual looking teen had dissipated since he'd arrived back at his studio-apartment, and especially since Yamamoto and he had sorted everything out between them.

However, that didn't mean the storm guardian wouldn't be sure to mention it to someone later, after all the tenth had been attacked and anything unusual should be reported in case of a connection.

Finally the desktop had loaded up and his familiar icons and background appeared on the bright screen.

Taking another sip from his mug of coffee, the bomber glanced behind him, smiling slightly as he saw Yamamoto's head lolling over the arm of his couch, the black haired teen clearly asleep, one arm hanging off the edge of the sofa.

Turning back to the glow of his laptop screen, Gokudera browsed idly over his usual websites, wondering what he could do to waste some time until the boy lounging on his couch woke up. Almost accidentally the silver haired teen clicked on Haru's community as it appeared in his recent history.

A new entry had been posted around 20 minutes ago, looking at the author of the post he glared at the computer screen.


That BITCH from the other day, threatening to find out his identity and ban him from the site. Pfft as if she could have out-smarted him, he probably had an IQ three times what her stupid fangirl mind contained. Clicking on the entry purely out of curiosity, or that's what he told himself, the silver haired teen rolled his eyes at the predictable story he was currently scanning through. There was less smutty content in this fic he noted, it was much mushier about how they fell in love, which, by the way, was way off the mark but strangely the bomber found himself immersed in the alternative universe the girl had created.

The story was well drawn out and it took him over two hours to finish, of course Yamamoto was still asleep, forgotten on the couch. Despite the many grammar and spelling mistakes littering the piece of fiction, Gokudera actually found himself quite liking the plot of the story. Maybe he was just in a good mood after his earlier activities with the still slumbering black haired teen.

Wanting to distract himself for a few more hours the teen found himself highlighting all the mistakes in the 12,000 word fiction as well as making his own additions to the text, making the appropriate corrections. Glancing over his work the silver-ette debated on whether to send the psycho bitch his version of her story.

Concluding that the crazy fangirl would take it as an insult to her writing skills he decided to send it to her under Mr Anonymous. She'd know who he was; well she'd know he was the guy that had left her a flame the other day. Smirking he attached the document to an email before adding a comment underneath.

Mr Anonymous Sent [20:58]:

Dear YamaGokuNo1Fangirl aka CRAZY PSYCHO BITCH, as you can see, your writing skills are not of a very high standard and this was painful to read I'm afraid. Please humbly use this corrected copy so other readers such as myself don't suffer from your poor grammar and spelling mistakes and flawed plot!

Yours Sincerely,

Mr Anonymous.

Clicking the send button, Gokudera leaned back in his chair crossing his arms over his chest, a smug expression morphing its way onto his face.

The sudden loud bleeping from his lap top took the silver haired teen off guard, not expecting a response so quickly; she really is a psycho bitch he concluded.

YamaGokuNo1Fangirl Sent [21:00]:

Dear Mr Anonymous aka GOKUDERA HAYATO, I have decided to take your advice despite your rudeness and bad attitude. I would also like to request you become my Beta reader as you are clearly skilled in writing though it pains me to say it. If you do not know what this is which you probably don't, the job description basically encompasses what you did for my last chapter.

Yours Sincerely,


WHAT THE HELL. His plan had actually backfired. Not only had she not been insulted, the crazy girl was actually asking him to write for her and paid him his own insult. Gokudera snatched his cigarettes lighting one sharply and debating how to respond to the obviously cracked girl.

Dino was sat in his office, yet again in the company of a beautiful woman, this time her appearance the opposite of Kyoya, blonde long curly hair, bright blue eyes and a curvaceous figure showing off far too much cleavage in his opinion. The mafia don didn't even catch the girls name in between her incessant talking.

Even though he'd asked for all of his future appointments to be cancelled, the woman had snuck in and wouldn't take no for an answer, not that he could actually decline as he couldn't seem to get a word in edgewise. On top of her annoying personality, the blonde male hadn't been able to do any research for his younger brother due to the woman's presence in his office. He was beginning to feel like tearing his hair out in frustration.

He really needed an excuse to leave or perhaps even an excuse to make her leave.

A few moments later his excuse arrived in the form of three knocks on the door.

"Boss, do you have a second?" Romario spoke through the door.

"I'll be there right away, can you excuse me miss …" Dino paused a little too long indicating he'd forgotten her name, the girl looking slightly offended before getting up and strutting haughtily out of the room and past the right hand man.

Romario's gaze followed her back for a few seconds before a frown marred his features, briefly showing his disappointment in his boss's rude behaviour towards his potential suitors.

"Sorry Romario, I don't think I'm cut out for marriage" the blonde said grinning cheekily.

Sighing, the suited man made no comment, knowing already that his boss would be required to marry despite what he may want.

"We found some activity in the Namimori area but nothing related to the Vongola or any families with ill intentions towards them." He continued to his boss.

"I see. Well, I'll inform Tsuna immediately." Dino said, slight disappointment showing in his tone.

"Well there was one notable presence in Namimori. The youngest son of the Capirossi family was sent to live in Japan to attend school in Namimori"

Dino paused, stopped in mid-motion to pick up the phone to inform his younger brother of the news.

"Do you know what school he attends and what his name is?" Dino turned back to his right-hand man, excitement clear in his question.

"Yuki Capirossi and he attends Midori Middle School" Romario responded efficiently.

Instantly something clicked in Dino's mind. Yuki, he knew that name and even though he couldn't fully remember why he had a connection with this unknown teenager, he suspected Tuna might. Dino dialled quickly, eager to hear what Tsuna's reaction to his findings would be. He hoped nothing serious was going to come as a result of this, always uneasy that his younger brother would find trouble, although it would give him an excuse to visit Japan to get away from these suitors and see a certain dark-haired boy.