Appearances may not be as they seem...

Harry potter was bored. Really bored. In fact he was so unbelievably incredibly bored that he was reduced to sitting on the pavement and watching the neighbours pet kitten. The kitten was trying and failing to climb a wall, each time it got near the top, it fell back down again, landed with a muffled 'thump' and mewed pathetically. So great was Harry's boredom that he failed to notice the shadowy figure creep up behind him before he had been hit by such a powerful stunning spell that he fell flat onto his face.

Harry awoke to find himself staring a cockroach in the eye or antenna or whatever cockroaches have. He let out a strangled yelp and stood up quickly, keen to put a distance between himself and the personal-bubble invading cockroach. He looked around him and it dawned on him that he was in fact, standing in a rather dirty looking cell.

'Ah, Mr Potter, nice to see you awake...' drawled a horribly familiar voice. Harry looked up to see Lucius Malfoy leaning against the door of the small, dark cell, looking sexy.

'W-w-w...' stammered Harry.

'I see that the boy who lived is also the boy who is incapable of forming a complete sentence.' sneered Lucius, the faint signs of the infamous Malfoy smirk beginning to form on his aristocratic looking face.

'I-I...I can too form complete sentences!' exclaimed Harry indignantly.

'I'm sure you can and I would love to stand around listening to you babble but unfortunately it is my task to take you to the Dark lord and as I'm sure you know, he does not like to be kept waiting.' Lucius straightened up and began to stride towards Harry.

'I'm not going without a fight!' Harry retorted, reaching into his back-pocket for his wand but finding it not there.

'Really Potter, I'm surprised at you, do I really look stupid enough to leave you armed?'

'Err...no I suppose not...' Harry said, looking down at his feet.

Lucius rolled his smoulderingly grey eyes and reached out, grabbed Harry's left arm and hauled him out the door and along the corridor.

Five hallways, three staircases and two living rooms later, they arrived outside a pair of ornately decorated double doors. Letting go of Harry's arm, Lucius reached out and pushed one of the doors open.

'My lord,' Lucius bowed low, 'I have brought the boy.'

A figure standing by a fireplace at the opposite end of the room turned around and faced the two wizards who had just walked in. Harry gasped as the horrifyingly familiar face of Lord Voldemort came into view.

'Ah, thank you Lucius, you may go now..' Voldemort said, his gaze switching from Lucius' face to Harry's, his eyes travelling downwards, looking him up and down. Harry shivered.

Lucius straightened,turned elegantly and exited the room.

'So Potter...we are finally alone...'

Harry shuddered and took a step backward, Voldemort took a step forward.

'Am I making you nervous Potter? Do you want to go and cry to your pathetic little weasley girlfriend?'

'How do you know about Ginny?' Harry half-asked, half-demanded.

'Trust me Harry, I've had my Death eaters watch you for some time now...'

Harry blanched and took several more hasty steps backwards, again Voldemort followed.

'Now, now Potter, don't be a baby stand still and take it like a man.'

'T-t-take what?'

'Oh come now Harry, haven't you noticed the way I was looking at you just now? I want you.'

'W-w-want me?'

'Yes, want you, and trust me, I always get what I want.'

Harry stepped back rapidly until he heard the soft 'bump' of his back hitting against the wall. Voldemort closed the gap, pressing in against Harry's body.

'Gotcha...' he purred, trailing a finger of his right hand down Harry's chest and stopping at the waistband of his jeans.

'N-no! Don't!'

'Don't what Harry?'


'Say it Harry...'


'Say it.'

'D-don't touch me there!'

'Why not Harry?' Voldemort asked, his left hand reaching up to stroke the side of his neck.

'B-because I don't like it! A-and anyway, I'm straight! I have a girlfriend!'

'Now now Harry, don't make me imperius you...'

'Y-you wouldn't...'

'Oh wouldn't I?' Voldemort removed his right hand from Harry's waistband and fished around in the pockets of his robes. Pulling out his wand (magic one!) he trailed it down Harry's body.


A couple of hours later, Lucius happened to walk past the ornate double doors and paused as he heard a rather strange noise coming from behind them. It was a sort of groaning, moaning sort of noise, mixed in with the odd grunt. Raising an eyebrow and continuing his way down the corridor Lucius decided that it must be some new form of torture...surely it couldn't be what it sounded like...

Later on, Lucius was sent for to collect Harry. When he entered the room he noted Harry's dishevelled appearance and also saw the vacant look in his eyes which showed that he was under the influence of the imperius curse. For the second time that day, Lucius raised a perfectly formed eyebrow but said nothing.

'Thank you Lucius, you may take the boy back now.' Voldemort said indifferently.

'Very well Master.' Lucius did a small bow and grabbed Harry's arm, hauling him back to the cell once more.

Once Harry got to the cell, his eyes brightened and he stopped looking so vacant. He looked around him, seeing that he was back in the cell, he had vacated earlier. He tried to remember what had happened but it was as if he'd been obliviated or something, no matter how hard he tried to think about that days events he couldn't remember past being pulled out of the cell door. There was something else as well, something niggling away at his brain, something quite disturbing.

'Lucius? Why does my butt hurt?'