Alter: The last chapter of an ill-fated boy-meets-girl


Alter is walking through the cave. Her feelings are numb, so are her limbs. As she hasn't mastered her new legs yet, she is walking slowly.

She can't feel the energy of her master, not her enemy's. But since her master hasn't called her, she can infer that she is holding her ground. Not that Alter particularly cares.

As for Alter's enemy. His useless corpse must be lingering on the cave floor. Since he wasn't a threat anymore she refrained from finishing him off. Just as he couldn't finish her before.

However her heart ached. She thought of him and her heart ached. Not much, just enough to be felt. But it ached.

-"Sorry to keep you waiting, Saber."

And now she thought that she heard his voice. And her chest ached, a lot this time. How can it be so painful with her body so numb?

Then she realized. The pain was real. So was his voice.

As Alter looked back. His hand grabbed her head and pushed her in the floor. A magical sword was thrusted in her heart the moment she fell. Black blood began to pour. And with every passing second she became less Alter and more Saber.

As the pain became the dominant feeling, her members began to lift away. Her newly constructed legs, her weak arms, her internal organs. Soon only her eyes were left. She could see him, crying in front of her.

-"I'm sorry. I'm sorry it had to be like this."

He clung to her armor, trying to reach her. She smiled a bit.

-"I will forget you, Saber. I swear that I will forget you and the pain that I've caused you."

Finally her eyes began to give up, too. Only her mind was still working.

-"It's ok. Because even if I died, even if I lost myself, I remembered that I loved Shirou. So, forget about me. I will remember for both of us."

Of course, she couldn't tell that to him. But she made that promise to herself before disappearing into the great darkness.

Still sobbing, Shirou gets back on his feet. He felt a warm touch on his hand and looked down.

A small hand, looking for his. He gave a tight shake and asked his companion.

-"Which way is Sakura, Illya?"

And the little Einzbergh pointed straight ahead.

-"Good. Let's rescue her and go home. This war has had so many casualties already."

And leaving the servant to turn into dust behind them, they both went forward to the final liberation of Sakura. As they couldn't liberate Alter, at least they would owe her that much.

AN: Of course, I can´t stand the end of Shirou-Alter mano-a-mano ( for those who don´t now #SPOILER# he needs to fight alongside Rider to beat Alter keeping his sanity. If he fights her alone he will end up in a bad end, as seen earlier). So I added a happy ending XD. Sue me lol. But REVIEW.

AN2: Many thanks for my beta: wrecked apocolypse (gotta love the name XD) for all her work with my hideous grammar and spelling. Way to go wrecked.