Introduction: Strange Bedfellows

The last time Garrett had dealings with Lord Ramirez, the bastard tried to assassinate him. So he knocked the assassins out and tied them onto a tree under Ramirez's window. He then proceeded to rob the mansion clean, knocking everyone out and killing Ramirez's pet burricks. He took the purse off the bastard's belt, knocked him unconscious after showing him what he had done, stripped him naked and tied him to a lamppost in the middle of the city. The City Watch said Ramirez must have been drunk, and playing rowdy with his noblemen friends who got a little too carried away; Ramirez said it was Garrett whom he intended to capture alive; Garrett moved to a different part of the city.

Now Garrett was going in for round two.

It was part of his deal with the Hammers: after they tricked and captured him, they told him that they wanted him to do various missions for them for an indefinite period of time. Basically, they wanted a slave.

Garrett agreed to their deal of servitude only if they would promise to give him a new name, a title, land, and lots of cash to go with that. It didn't matter to him that they were threatening his lifeā€¦

They agreed.

Hey, if he was going to be a slave for the rest of his life, he might as well be a well-kept slave. Seeing how far he could push them, he added another part to their agreement: he got to keep all the valuables he stole from his missions.

Not to be outdone, they added another part to the agreement: he had to go to church every Saturday and Sunday.

Garrett cursed profusely, but there was nothing he could do: it was either go to church or loose his money. He'd go to church.

Now, as to their agreement, the Hammers had been sending Garrett on missions all over the city to find information on and assassinate/capture the known drug dealers, pimps, thieves, and other criminals. They were on a real rampage to clean the city up of its most dangerous and dirty criminals.

It was a shame they hadn't done that years ago instead of going after the poor and starving forced into thievery and prostitution, Garrett thought, but better now than never.

His next target was Lord Ramirez: he was to find incriminating information on Ramirez and deliver it to them. Easy enough.