Stray Dogs-chapter one

He left the Hokage's office in a hurry not really wanting to think about the kids he would be teaching tomarrow and, wanting to get back to the hero's stone and spend more time with the only conection he had left to his precious people. Minato, Obito, and Rin. His former team mates. He had never told anyone about his daily visits to the stone, or how he would just sit there and talk to the ones who had mattered to him more than his own life. He also would never tell anyone just how often he broke down and cried, the wounds in his heart still gaping open and bleeding from their loss.

He missed their warmth, their smiles, the sound of their laughter. He could'nt remember the last time he had been so happy to be a part of something, to have another person near him. He was Hatake Kakashi, age twenty two; the son of the former white wolf of Kanoha village. And he was a stray dog.

She sat in her bedroom watching the storm clouds move in. She hated her life, and everything in it. Though she had nothing to complain about, she had every little girls life. Adoring parents. A home, clean clothes, food to eat, and other things, but for some odd reason it was'nt enough, she wanted what seemed to be lacking in her life. Someone to share herself, her life with. And she thought that she had found that person in Uchiha Sauske. But he didn't even know that she existed.

It made her sick at heart, to be so invisable. So she made a choice long ago when her feeling for him had turned into something greater, he was a stray that needed her to continue it's survival. So she had decided to become a stray dog too.

Across Kanoha-

The long dead Uchiha distrect was haunted, by the screams of the ones who had been ruthlessly murdered by his older brother. The bastard had left him alive knowing that he could'nt leave the place he had been born in. The sound of thunder and the crack of lightening outside made him jump a little. Causing him to drop the glass of herbal tea he usually drank before he went to bed, the glass shattered into a million pieces at his feet, making him jump again.

It was raining again. He hated the rain, because it always reminded him of the night his clans men were murdered. If he listened to the storm outside long enough he could hear the sounds of their dying screams. And he loathed the people outside, because they could have stopped it.

He had'nt always been a stray, he had been forced into the role. It was just one of the many reasons why he had vowed to kill Itachi.

A small hooded figure stood looking over the edge of a building, at the men who were lying in wait for their next victim. She had found the remains of three men, and two women, and she just knew that if the foolish men below her were'nt watched there would enevitablly be a child that would die by their hands. And she was never wrong about such behavior. She had lived on the streets since she was six. She understood what it was like to scurrenge for food in garbage cans, to freeze in the rain, and snow while others; pampered punks, stayed warm and snug, and oblivious to the pain and suffering to those outside.

She curled her lips back from her teeth and growled low in her throat. She had been what was commonly refered to as a stray, since the day of her birth. People had often promised her friendship, warmth, food, and such, and had always taken something of value from her when she unwittingly stepped into their trap.

Her inoccence had been the worst price she had paid, next to her humanity. Both had been brutally taken from her a bit at a time, leaving nothing but what was left of a once promising child, leaveing her hollow, numb; bereaft. She had seen and done some much shit that she had longed for death, before he had found her.

She had been ten at the time, starving, cold, weary of the world around her, she had snapped, snarled and drew blood from anyone who had tried to approche her. In her mind she was just doing to them what they were planning to do to her. But he had offered her something that noone else had ever offered her.

His affection. He was the Third Hokage, and he had looked for her since the night she had killed her old care taker, for......well she didn't want to think about what he had done to her. It was too cruel.

He had found her huddled under a bridge in the middle of winter, without any protection from the wind, or the cold, she had been staring at the thin layer of ice over the water's and toyed with the idea of throwing herself in the frigid waters. She had been imagining what it might feel like to finally be free of the horriable place that had spawned her, and simply pass on to another plain of existance. And she might have actually done it if he had'nt grabbed her and pulled her against him and tried to warm her numb body up, before she had realised that he was touching her.

She had'nt even realised that he was there until he had grabbed her. And that was strange. She could usually detect someone coming up behind her easily, but she had been so cold, and tired that she had simply let him do what he had wanted. She just didn't care any more.

But she had been suprised by just how kind, and compassionate the man was. He had fed her, bathed her; though he had bled for that privlage, given her new clothes, and let her pick what room she wanted to sleep in. Of course she had'nt slept the first few nights she had been to paranoid to sleep. But had finally passed out cold almost a week after he had brought her to the tower.

He had always affectionatly called it the ivory tower, and named her his princess. And she often punched him in the face for likening her to someone so weak and pitiful as a bloody princess. But it was the first thing anyone had ever said to make her genuinly smile. She would always be grateful to him for that much.

Hn, the men below were starting to move. She peeked a little farther out and saw what had caught their intrest, she would know that kid's face anywhere. Hinata Hyuga, was one of the richest, well mannered girls at the academy. Her family came from a long line of shinobi, and were so well respected because of their gentle fist fighting style.

However Hinata herself was well, an odd duck really. She was a bit on the meek side, shy. Disliked fighting, but would if she was pushed too far. Too far being the threshhold of death. What the hell was she doing out on a night like this one alone? She shook her head and wondered if she should maybe leave the girl to her fate, but could'nt move. She had always liked the girl, as meek and shy as she was, she never judged others, and had done nothing to ever hurt her. Damn it, she was going to save Hinata, but if the girl swooned at her feet from fear, she would leave her in the street to catch a cold. She mused as she flipped off of the roof and landed in front of the heiress.

Everyone was gone except for the three of them. The loud mouthed bitch in heat, the avenging fool, and her. What had Iruka been thinking when he placed them on a team together? Had he been high? Cause if so he should share his drug of choice, because that was the only way she was going to put up with the two losers on her team. The pink thing had been staring a hole in her since Iruka had called her name. The other one seemed to be amused by that fact and was waiting for them to start mud wrestling of something.

She sighed and glared at the girl, imaging that she had ripped her eyes out and had eaten them right in front of the raven. Man, she was hungry.

Where was the one who had been named their sensei? Had the man fallen off the edge of the earth? She suddenly withed he was there so they could get the introductions over with and she could get some food. Since she had gotten home late last night she had'nt eaten anything before going to bed.

"What's your problem, wash board?" Uzu finally asked, the pink thing's face turned red with what she assumed was anger before the girl sneered.

"I could ask you the same question bitch. Why are you on our team, when your a loser?" Sakura said almost gleefully. Uzu bit the inside of her cheek to keep from smirking, and alerting the pink binbo to what she was about to do to her as the girl ranted about all the things that was'nt right with her.

And Uzu had to concead, the freak had a point on some things. She did have a lot wrong with her upstairs, that didn't mean thats he would go easy on the little pampered tramp. So she snuck up behind the girl while her back was turned, the raven shifted his eyes nervously from her to the other girl, and sat up a little straiter in his seat.

He didn't look so bored now. Uzu thought as she reached around the girls body and hooked her fingers in the collar of her shirt, and tore the fabric strait down to just below her breasts spilling the small pink tipped globes from her torn shirt, and didn't hear the door to the class open, or quickly slam back closed, as Sakura screamed in horror and turned to Sauske who had decided to leave the room and check on the man that had peeked in.

Uzu sat on the farthest side of the other two, by choice. She hated groups. It reminded her too much of her days in theropy before she had been allowed to attend the academy. He former doctor had told her that she had anger issues, among others, so she had thought she should prove that she didn't have any anger issues, and beat him with in an inch of his life. Okay so maybe that had been a bad idea, but she didn't have issues or the pink thing would be bleeding to death instead of wearing their jouinin sensei's vest and crying crocodile tears to get attention.

She tsked. Bitch.

Kakashi had expected to see fighting among the three, but he had'nt expected to see breasts. Which was why he had left the room so suddenly, he had'nt seen breasts of any kind in a while and had....sprung a leak of sorts, and had decided to sit in the hall and wait for the two girls to settle things like mature adults. Obviously one's idea of mature, greatly differed from the crying pink haired girl's idea of the word since she had ended up flashing him her small knockers.

But as soon as Kakashi had remembered his vest, he had stripped it off and handed it to the Uchiha kid and told him to hang it inside the door, for Sakura to put on until she could get another shirt. By this time the blond had opened the door and gave the two males a disgusted look before walking away, and going to the roof of the building and waited for the rest of them to follow.

Now that they were all up on the roof, he was somewhat curious about his students. Two of them functioned normally, but the blond.....

She was a different story. If there was ever a time he wished he could read minds, it was now, as he studied the blond who had seemed to withdraw into herself and forgotten that they were even there. Or maybe she just didn't like people? Still he wished he could read minds, he was curious to know what she was thinking, and feeling now that she was so quiet.

He had always been told to be wary of two types of people. Preachers sons. And the ones who were so quiet that you could easily forget that they were there. The first one didn't apply ot her, but the second one did. "Let's intoduce ourselves, name your likes, dislikes, hobbies, dreams ect. Okay, You there Pinky, you go first." Kakashi said nervously, he wanted out of here as fast as he could. These kids were going to drive him nuts, he just knew it.

Sakura preened at the attention, "My name is Sakura, and I like.....Sauske-kun. I dislike, that whore over there." Sakura said pointing, and glaring at Uzu. Uzu gave her a sunny smile and thought of dropping a ton of bricks on her head as she walked home today. It could look like an accident, and she would finally get a way with murder, Yipee!

"My hobbies are....My dream is to marry Sauske-kun, and have lots of kids." Sakura said with a grin.

Sauske blanched and moved as far away from the girl as he could before she noticed. Kakashi's eye twitched a little. Uh-huh, why was he always stuck with the love struck ditz's on his team? He looked at the blond with a narrow eye, please dont let her be in love with the Uchiha too! He already knew he had his work cut out for him but this was some serious bullshit.

Clearing his throat, he indicated for Sauske to speak, "I have no likes, a lot of dislikes, my dream is to kill a man. I will not marry until I'm ninety seven." Sauske said bluntly and watched as Sakura drooped a little a sad look on her face. HA! He was'nt marying anyone with pink hair, and a weak personality. He liked strong women. The blond girl seemed to be a strong woman. He could easily go for her, if she was intrested.

Kakashi watched the way the boy snuck a peek at the blond, who was off in her own little world and didn't see the Uchiha making goo-goo eyes at her. His eye twitched a bit more. If this continued his eye would pop out of it's socket, and then he would have to beat the kids with in an inch of their lives.

"Alrighty then, Blondy, your up. Wow us." Kakashi said as Uzu looked at him.

She sighed, "My name is Uzu. I want to become Hokage, I hate idiots, and boys. Their just too weird for me, and ask for more than their willing to give. I like to kill people, because it's fun when they beg. Everything else is none of your damn busness."

Kakashi, Sauske, and Sakura all gaped at her. Kakashi studied the blond more closely. There was no way a kid her age would be allowed, to have had her first kill yet. She must have thrown that little tid bit out there to shake them up. And damn if it didn't work. She now had his undivided attention. And probably would for a while.

She was bored. So bored that she didn't care to listen to the rest of what was said. She vaugely heard the words 'training ground 7' and 'seven o'clock' before Kakashi told them that they could go, and watched Sakura go after Sauske as Sauske ignored her and waked up to Uzu and asked her out. Uzu politly turned him down and left. Leaving a grinning Uchiha, and a heart broken Sakura behind her.

Intresting. Maybe she had'nt been joking when she said she didn't like boys. He wondered briefly what her ideal man was like, and shook his head. The last thing he needed was to let his dick do his thinking for him, and right now it was thinking hard about the little blond, and how much it wanted a piece of her.

He would have to take care of his problem before he saw the kids in the morning.

Training ground 7

Sauske stood in the middle of the field waiting for Uzu to make an appearance. Unfortunatly for him all he got was Sakura to talk too, and he didn't really have anything to say to the girl except, "Leave me alone." He wanted her to stop clinging to him, it gave Uzu the wrong impression; that he was unavalible and he hated it.

Sakura sat down on the ground and wondered why Sauske seemed so irritable this morning. She had been happy that the blond bitch was'nt there and she could spend some time with her Sauske-kun, but he didn't want to talk to her. No he wanted the other. She was so pissed at the blond right now that she could cheerfully comitt murder. What was so good about her anyways? None had ever really seen her face, all they knew was that she had blond hair! She was probable the ugliest thing on two legs, why else would she hide her face and act like a freak? Sakura mused as she looked up at Sauske, and started day dreaming about their wedding day.

It would be perfect once he saw that Uzu was nothing but a little trmp after his clan name and riches, then he would turn to her, and she would never let him go. Even now she was thinking about how she could trap him into marrying her.

Uzu finished burying the latest trap and used a jutsu to hide the distubed earth from view, she had been at the training ground half the night setting traps and such. She would pass the survival test, but she needed to make sure that Sauske, and it stayed out of the mine field she had created. Kakashi could fend for himself. He was a jounin after all, but that didn't mean that she would'nt watch him just to make sure he didn't get hurt or anything.

She didn't want Sarutobi to be pissed at her, enough to kick her out of her home. Still if she decided that she had no use for the traps she would simply use the rocks she had picked up earlier to knock the man unconsous, and beat the test. So there. At least she had a plan, something more than she could say for the other two, who were waiting on her and Kakashi to show up.

Kakashi watched Sakura, and Sauske from the trees a few feet away, they were'nt very livly this morning, but at least he would keep them on their toes until the test was over, now if only he could find......Ah there she was! Coming out of the woods, dressed in a black hoodey with the hood pulled up, black capree pants, and black boots with wide three inch heels. He watched her make her way over to the others and bend over slightly when Sauske pointed out that her shoe was untied.

He bit his bottom lip as her cute little ass pushed against the fabric of her pants, making him harded instantly. He was'nt sure why he reacted that way to her, but he assumed it would be like this until he figured out just who she was, why she was there, and where she came from. The third Hokage had'nt given him a file on her at all. Well okay he did, but it had only contained, a small sticky note paper stating her name, gender and age, and a picture that had been so blurry that it made his eye hurt.

He didn't know anything else about her. Aside from the sound of her voice. She had a soft, husky voice. Some might dub it the smokers voice, soft, sultry, oh he was getting to the point where he needed to relieve himself, or he might do something stupid.

As she stood back up, Kakashi noticed that Sauske was trying to peek down the front of Uzu's shirt, and growled. What the fuck did the brat think he was doing? You didn't peek down a womans shirt front until the third date for gods sake! And that was only if she was putting out. Uzu did'nt really seem the type to put out without the benifit of being wooed. Or at least married first.

After several minutes of watching Sauke trying to hit on Uzu, he decided to finally get on with the test. He appeared in front of the three in a poof of smoke, and eye smiled at them. "Yo." he said as Uzu elbowed Sauske in the ribs hard enough to get the boy to let go of her. Kakashi snickered behind his mask at Sakura's appauled expression, and Sauske's pained one. That was the kind of spunk he liked to see in women.

"Your late." Uzu said as she turned to him and cocked her head to the side. The light from the rising sun throwing shadows over her face, hiding it from him.

"Maa, sorry, but I ran into a black cat while on my way and had to go the long way around, just to get here." Kakashi said as Uzu moved in close enough to whisper,

"Liar. I heard your heavey breathing in that tree fifteen feet away." As she waked past him to lean against one of the wooden stumps sticking out of the ground. Kakashi followed her with his eye and could'nt help but feel a little put out by the fact that she had heard him. He worked really hard on his excuses, and she had him figured out already. That just was'nt fair.

"Alright, today we are doing the bell test. There are two bells, and two bento lunches. You have until noon to get the bells away from me using any method you deem nessisary, if you fail to get the bells, you fail the test and will be sent back to the acadamy. If you get the bells then the one of you without one will be tied to this stump here, and the others will get to eat in front of you. And one last thing, attack with the intention to kill or you'll fail. On my mark....go." Kakashi had no sooner said those words when there was a 'ping' sound as something conected with his forhead and everything went black, as he felt a searing pain in his head, right between the eyes, as he fell to the ground and didn't move.

Uzu felt for a pulse while her two teammates stood there gaping at her, like gold fish. Well he had said to attck with the intention to kill. And she had, but the man's headband had gotten partually in the way of her shot, and saved him from a shattered skull. Something that she was emensly happy about. She had no real intention to actually kill him, just stun him a little. Well, at least he was alive. She mused as she cut the cords holding the two bells and tossed the two to Sakura and Sauske as she carefully picked Kakashi up and tossed him over her shoulder.

"Test is done, eat your food and get your selves home." She said as the two continued to gape at her as she vanished in a swirl of leaves and reappeared outside the hospital, as a group of nurses passed, and did a double take.

"Gyaaa! Hatake-san!" One nurse screamed as she ran over to Uzu as she lay Kakashi on the gurney that another nurse had just pushed up.

"What happened to him?" Another nurse asked Uzu, as she took his blood pressure, and checked his pulse.

"A rock to the head." Uzu said as the nurses all paled and started to run down the hallway pushing Kakashi's gurney, saying shit like,

"Get the X-Ray machine ready, and call a brain surgen quick. One of you go get Lord Hokage!" Uzu scratched her cheek nervously, she had'nt done any permenent damage to the man. He was just knocked out, but still at the mention of Sarutobi being brought to the hospital she took that as her cue to leave and hide somewhere. She'd come back in a few hours to see what damage had been done to her sensei.