Seven years later-

Kakashi stood over the stove wearing a blue apron cooking lunch for his three young children, Shi, Kai, and Nalla. His two twin sons who were six and his little princess who was five. He and Uzu had been married for almost seven and a half years and had seen each other through some hard times, the death of the Third Hokage, the rise of the new Kage, Sauske's defection from the village and his death, the akatsuki attack on Sauna, Lord Jiraiya's death, the akatsuki's attack on the leaf village, and the fourth great ninja war.

And now they were expecting a new addition to the family on top of Uzu's new job as the Hokage, leaving him alone with their kids. Not that he minded it very much, if they ever got really rowdy it gave him an excuse to go see his wife at work, and see if he could coax her into playing a little bit.

"Cookie." Kai said as he pointed to the cookie jar on the counter beside Kakashi. The man looked over his shoulder at his son and smiled at the adorable little one that he had helped create. He and his other two siblings were the most breath takingly beautiful children he had ever seen with their silky, slightly curly shoulder length silver, platinum blond and silvery blond hair. Their eyes were a a freaky range of colors, from blue to red, to ebony black.

"Your not getting a cookie before lunch." He said as he picked up the cookie jar and placed it up on top of the fridge. There was no way in hell that he was letting his kids get their hands on the cookie jar again until they were in their late seventies and no longer had teeth to chew with. The last time they had gotten hold of it, he had ended up in some weird variation of the water prison jutsu, covered in honey and feathers while his three little monsters kicked him around the yard like a soccer ball.

He listened ot Kai's tiny feet as he ran out of the room to go get his two other siblings, and steeled himself for the nightmare he knew he was going to be living until his wife got home and saved him. He had always thought it was a bit strange that the kids terrorised him, but acted like little angels when they were around their mother and remembered something that Gai had said once about Uzu's treatment of their children.

A healthy dose of fear goes a long, long way. And your wife has those kids pegged for the trouble makers that they are. He had to agree with Gai there. If anyone could tell that their kids were trouble it was Uzu. Now if only she would tell him how she reigned them in. He turned off the stove and untied his apron as he turned to face his kids whom had been staring a hole in his head for the past three minutes.

"Okay, kids. How are we going to do this today?" He asked as he crossed his arms over his chest and raised an eye brow at them as Shi and Nalla both stepped forward one had his hands on his hips while his sister cracked her knuckles. Ah, the good old fashion way. The hard way or the easy way.

Uzu was on her way home, walking with Haku and Zabuza when they heard a loud bang followed by a panicked scream coming from the house where she and Kakashi lived and stopped dead in her tracks. Haku had just asked if she ever regreted her choice in husbands, and to be totally honest she had'nt regreted a thing. "Nope not once." she finally answered him after another moment or so of watching smoke rise from the house as it burned before turning back to Haku and asking.

"Do you regret letting me go?" Haku snorted and smirked evilly.

"Not after seeing how your kids are, no way."

Kakashi and the kids all stood outside watching the small blaze with black smudges on their faces. Haku's eye twitched in irritation as Zabuza laughed his ass off while Kakashi turned to his three children and placed his hands on two of the three heads and gave a humorless laugh as he leaned down and said. "Your mother is going to kill you for that." As a vein throbbed in his temple. And if Uzu didn't kill them for partually destroying thier home he would. Happily, and then he was going to kill the person who had taught them that damn jutsu. I'll bet it was Zabuza again.