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A lean brown haired girl walked down the long corridor quickly skimming her patient's file, while sipping on a cut of coffee.

Name: Uchiha, Sasuke

Age: 17

Treatments: Medication and solitary confinement.

Comments: The patient has trouble responding to direct confrontation, and often grows violent. Low social skills and will not cooperate with others. Has outstanding cognitive skills. So far I conclude he had a superiority and inferiority complex's.

Kakashi Hatake.

She stared at the name. Hatake had unwillingly retired two years ago because of some unknown circumstances. No one else was willing to take this case.

He only had a page in his folder.

Quite the file. She thought wryly. She stopped in front of the door.

I wonder why it doesn't state the reason why he was admitted in to the institute. She scanned the paper once more, finding nothing.

Well here go's.

She opened the door and smiled

"So, you must be the infamous Sasuke Uchiha." The girl said brightly and jokingly and continued to walked into the white room.

"Hn." The girl had had glasses and eyes the same shade of brown as her hair.

"I'm Tenten." She offered her hand from across the table. Sasuke looked as if she'd offered him a poisonous snake.

"Hn." Her hand fell limp.

"Not much of a talker, are you? Is that why you have such a short file? "

He looked at her blankly, he turned and looked at the white wall, there were not windows in the room, just metal table bolted to the floor, and chairs. The brunette sat down. The boy didn't move a muscle.

"So why are you here?" Without moving he said: "You don't know? What kind of a Psychologist are you?" Tenten pause.

"No. It didn't say any thing on your file?" She paused. "And I'm a psychiatrist, thank you very much."

"I wasn't trying to give you a compliment."

Tenten huffed and glared. "Was it your mouth that got you in here, then?"

The boy scowled. "Your not very good at this. Didn't you learn not to tease patients?"

"Tch. Your testing my patients." The woman took a deep breath. "So care to share why your here?"

The raven haired boy looked at the walls for another minute before turning to her.

"Why not?" The boy looked like he was as close as he'd ever come to smiling.