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"And I fell asleep.
But no one said anything to me.
So I never knew.
That you were lost, wondering this world without a chance of getting through."

Chapter One


The brunette froze at the familiar voice, her head turning automatically towards him. "TK…" she spoke his name faintly, he was taller, his blonde hair longer, but the same friendly smile pulled at his lips.

"Are you in a hurry? I mean, the rest of the team is at the pizza place down the street, I'd love to catch up, if you-" He still stumbled over his words when he got too excited.

"Yeah, I guess so, I'm not going anywhere." TK smiled at her again and ran a hand through his hair. He still did that too.

"Excuse me," the lady behind the counter began irritably "are you going to-" TK stepped forward and cut her off apologetically.

"I'm sorry. Here, Kari, I'll get it," he added quickly as she reached into her pocket for money. "And, sorry, could you give her the next size up of whatever she ordered? Seriously, Kari, you've never eaten enough- Yeah, and the drink too." Kari felt heat rush to her face as the woman gave her an agitated look.

"She didn't order-"

"Could you add one then? I'm sorry," he apologized again, partially to the growing line of people behind them, the woman behind the counter gave Kari a piercing glare, and she shrank back, hiding behind TK's shoulder.

"Here you go," he handed her a plastic cup "Actually, could you get me a Dr. Pepper?"

"Yeah," she took a second cup from him, "You didn't have to-" he spoke over her completely, as though he hadn't heard anything.

"My stuff's over by the window." TK picked up a tray that held the largest bowl of cheese and broccoli soup she had ever seen and started towards a table.

Kari shook her head and filled the two cups with soda, he was just as ridiculous as ever.

"So…" he began as she sat down.

"So?" she set their drinks down and felt a smile form on her lips as he laughed. It must have been two weeks since she had last smiled.

"So what's going on?" The longer they talked the easier it became, like relearning the steps to a dance, the rules to a game. It was just like before, joking and laughing, talking about everything, like he had never left. There were a few awkward moments of course, "How's your family doing?" or a teasing "Really, Kari, don't they feed you at home?" but she shook them off with a vague "Well Tai's off at college, so it's sort of quiet I guess…" or a shallow laugh and roll of her eyes.

"Listen, practice starts at 4:30, so…" TK spoke eventually, and a strange darkness pulled at her heart; he was leaving again.

"Oh, okay," she said quietly, glancing out the window.

"Could I find you at lunch or something tomorrow? I just moved back this summer, but I'm in the same school district as before. What do you have fifth period?"

"Um, sure, I guess…"

"You don't have to, Kari." TK eyed her, she could see him trying to measure her reaction. "If you wanted to sit with your friends, that's alright."

"No- no, I was just trying to remember, I have history then, room 106."

"I've got Spanish down the hall from there," he smiled the cheerful, TK smile again. "See you tomorrow then?"

"Yeah, right, it was good seeing you."

"Yeah… Kari?" he added


"I missed you." He smiled and Kari found her eyes suddenly studying the floor, heat rushing up the back of her neck.

"I missed you too."

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