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Ichigo's Ordeal

Chapter one - Why I have to be here?

Ichigo was in a hurry. He had just heard from Rukia that they supposed to go to Seireitei for a week. There was some special training week for those who wanted to enter some of the Divisions of Seireitei.

Why Ichigo had to go there? He had asked that from Rukia and the answer had been quite simple: "Because on day you will have to choose witch Division you will enter."

"Thanks for telling me this now!" Ichigo shouted at Rukia: they were both packing up because they've been told they're supposed to be in Seireitei at 6 pm and the clock was already half past five.

"Shut up! Do you have everything now? Have you told you family?"

"Yes, yes, yes, let's go already!"

They had been running the whole way. When they had reached the place where this ceremony were about to start, they both were out of breath and sweaty. There were so many people. Ichigo could not see anyone familiar in the crowd; he knew only those who were standing in a perfect straight line behind captain commander Yamamoto's back. All captains and their lieutenants were there. They were standing on a podium of some kind. In a perfect row.

"Go over there, Ichigo", Rukia pointed with her finger: there were this big crowd of young looking shinigamis. They all looked quite nervous.

"Why I have to do this?" Ichigo murmured as he took his place at near the end of the crowd. Luckily he had to stand behind: he was feeling quite stupid as he was the only one who actually had black clothes: the others had white shirt and blue or red pants.

Like a senior high middle of kinder garden students. That's how Ichigo felt.

There were many long and boring talks. Ichigo yawned many times and was not the only one. Everybody else also seemed quite tired after standing for such a long time. Then the schedule came... Oh, what happiness this week would be, Ichigo sighed.

He still did not know why he had to be here also: no, he actually was not shinigami yet, but yes, if he would be "normal" shinigami he would be on captain level.

First day: training at the 6th Division barracks starting at 5 am.


Second day: training at the 7th Division barrack starting at 5 am.


Third day: lectures at the 4th Division barracks.

Oh, yeah, happiness...

Fourth day: training at the 10th Division barracks

Fifth day: lectures at the 4th Division barracks


Sixth day: training at the 11th Division barracks.

Maybe I should quickly get a broken leg or something before that?

Seventh day: the exams and possibly choice.

"Choice?" Ichigo looked at the paper. "What choice?"

"If you pass the exams you have to choose which Division you will be in."

"Oh?" Ichigo made a decision immediately inside his mind: fail the exam.


Long and boring talks were finally over. Ichigo had been wondering how the captain commander did not notice how he had almost managed to make everybody fall asleep? No. He had kept talking, talking, talking...

Honour, studying, hard work, ambition, responsibility, books, work, future, war, peace, strength, past, mistakes, learning...

"It's still ringing inside my head..." Ichigo whined and pressed hands on his ears.

He had escaped from the ceremony before everyone else had managed to find their way out from there. He was now walking towards 6th Division barrack. Renji and Rukia had promised he could stay there while he was in Seireitei. The streets of Seireitei were almost completely empty.

Ichigo still was not that sure why he had to be here? He did not want to enter any Division yet. He had this strange feeling that Rukia did not tell him everything about this whole thing. Ichigo did not need any training. Okay, yes, he needed - but not something like this! They were learning basics. Basics! Ichigo knew everything about basics. He did not need any - !


"Oh, dear Lord, no -!"

Something hit Ichigo's back and he flied. Almost ten feet before hitting the ground face first. The only thing he could think was the taste of dirt in his mouth and those small feet on his back.

"Wow, Ichi, sorry."

"Yachiru..." Ichigo wanted to die: he did not want to meet that girl now! Mainly because she knew exactly how to make Ichigo angry and also because when Yachiru was there then -


Yes, Kenpachi should also be near...

"Look, Ken-chan! I caught Ichi!"

"Good girl."

"It happened just like how we had trained with that wooden doll!"

"Good job, Yachiru."

"Wait", Ichigo peeled his face off the ground. "You... you two had been... training this? You've been training for knocking me over like that?"

"It's the Super Surprise Ichigo Is Down Kick!" Yachiru smiled happily.

"I... You... I... You..."

"Sorry, Ichigo, but you tend to run away every time I see you", Kenpachi grinned and pulled Ichigo up to his feet.

"Well, maybe because I want to avoid you?" Ichigo smiled, blood dripping from his forehead.

"Fuck off."


"I didn't mean it", Kenpachi pulled Ichigo back. "Fancy some sake at my place?"

"No thanks, I really don't care that much about alcohol", Ichigo sighed. "Plus I'm underage."

"What's that?"

"Nothing you would understand, retarded..."

"Well, how about coffee then?"

"No thank you, Zaraki. It's late and I want to go to sleep."

"You're always going to sleep when I see you", Kenpachi murmured. "What the hell is wrong with you?"

"Well, you tend to catch me always when it's freaking late! Whose fault is that?"

"You're one fucking idiot..."

"Whatever, let go of me!"

"Not before you give me a very good explanation about why you don't want to come to my place?"

"Oh, geez..." Ichigo had almost forgotten how much he actually hated Kenpachi: he was so stubborn and stupid.

For a moment Ichigo thought he would be saved when he saw Rukia. She walked to them, looking at them very suspiciously. She seemed uncertain about the fact if she should not interfere...

"Good evening, captain Zaraki", she bowed politely. "Is there a problem?"

"He wants to kidnap me", Ichigo sighed.


"I'm still waiting that explanation, Ichigo. You have five seconds."

"Okay", Ichigo sighed again. "I'm tired and I have to be up tomorrow at 5 am for the training and if I come to your place now I know you will keep me awake up till 2 or 3 am so it's merely impossible for me to sleep only 2 hours and be ready for the hard training today and it's - "

"Times up", Kenpachi cut. "That's not a good explanation."

"Oh, come on, Kenpachi!"

"Come on, Ichigo", Rukia said suddenly. "Why you are so angry? Captain Zaraki is just trying to be friendly. Can't you see it?"

"Rukia, you traitor..."

So Ichigo actually ended up going to Kenpachi's place along with Rukia. He looked the time from his cell phone when they sat down. It was already 10 pm. Knowing Kenpachi he would not let them go before 2 am.

He had let them go at 12 o'clock. Ichigo was surprised but also so horrible tired... He wanted to cry when he realized he had to wake up at 5 am... Damned Kenpachi!