April twenty first, the family had gone for a hunting trip, the triplets laughed and clapped as Emmett took down a grizzly bear. Later, still on the trip Carlisle took his eyes of the boys for just a few seconds, but it was enough. The entire family herd the tremendous growl that shook the trees as the bear fell hard to the ground, one triplet at its neck and the others at its front paws, the family was astounded, the triplets had taken down a grizzly on their own.


Several years later, the triplets were five years old now, and really growing into themselves. They were only five but looked eleven and their skin had darkened from a transparent grey to a pale, reddish-brown. Alice was worried because their futures, which had always been hazy, were now almost undetectable. The entire family, and the pack, were worried that this might mean a big change in the young boys' lives. They were right, and it was exactly as they had expected.