Title: See you in hell, and thanks for all the nookie…
Author: kira
Rating: teen
Characters: Jakotsu/Bankotsu
Genre, AU/Canon, etc.: general, precanon timeline
Words: 100
Summary: About to die, Jakotsu tells Bankotsu how grateful he is for making him a part of his life…
Warnings: none


"Thank you, Aniki-chan…" Jakotsu said softly as he pulled Bankotsu close.

"For what?" he asked, tiredly rubbing his forehead. "All I managed to do was get our asses kicked and now we're going to die…" he said bitterly.

"Awe…" Jakotsu kissed his cheek. "I'm not afraid to die, Aniki-chan. I've had a good life since you took me from the bathhouse…"

"Yeah?" Bankotsu smiled for the first time since their capture.

Jakotsu nodded. "And I don't mean all the nookie either," he said impishly. "You gave me love when I had none…"


"Yeah… I'm grateful for it…"

They kissed…