Alice slid the box under the bed her mind picking through the events of the past few days. An hour. Her mother said she'd only been gone an hour. There is no way that she could have dreamed all of that. There's no way she could have dreamed him.

He had to be real. He had to be. A fleeting smile crossed her features as she thought of him. His smile, his gentility, the way he protected her. His hand held hers so snugly as he let her along those rooftop ledges , soothing her fears, calming her.

His eyes were sincere when he asked her if she trusted him, and before long she knew she did. Right now, she would give almost anything to see him again. He was her best friend. He was…she didn't know what.

The buzzer sounded and her mother fluttered out of the room saying something about a construction worker and sweet. She couldn't care less though. She missed him. But he didn't feel the same. Otherwise he would have asked her to stay or even came with her through the looking glass.

"Alice, come meet David!." Called her mother, interrupting her thoughts. Heaving a sigh, Alice walked through the hallway and stopped at what she saw, or rather, WHO she saw. It couldn't be.

She couldn't believe it.


It was him. She ran to him, throwing herself into his arms, and held on tightly. He came for her. He really came for her. He was really here.

"Finally." He breathed, relief and awe in his voice.

"You have no idea how happy I am to see you." She looked at him, taking in the sight of him, the changes, the similarities, the warmth of his skin. And then he kissed her, showing her just how much she meant to him.

"I missed you." He said when they broke away briefly and when he kissed her again she realized just what he was.

He was everything.

And that was more than enough for her.