Secret Smile

The eatin' room smells like crotch again. Not the good River kind, neither. Heh.

The damn package said pumpkin seeds. It looks like regular protein mash all spread out on a pan. The only difference is that it has a mighty stench that might bring pumpkin seeds to mind, but just makes Jayne think of Simon's cookin'.

"Go se needs more salt," Jayne grumbles. Lots and lots of the gorram salt is what it needs.

He looks up as his River-girl walks into the eatin' room - though it is a gorram stretch to just call that walkin'. He could swear every step she takes is one of her genius little calc-u-la-tions that she turns into her own moonbrain dance. She smiles at him all secret-like and he smiles back because he knows what the secret is.

Or so he thought.

Her Jayne worries about pumpkin seeds and protein. She sniffs at the odd imitation food mush and makes a face. He laughs and she smiles.

Jayne takes a drink of his coffee and River tilts her head as she watches him take a long drink. Luke warm.


"The seed we planted has begun to sprout."

His reaction is slow.

With the cup of coffee still at his mouth, he slowly turns his gaze up to hers and begins to gulp down his drink much more quickly. Too quickly. The drink is not quite cool enough.

He understands. He does not yet comprehend. Not yet.

River places her hand on the cup and he sets it down, his eyes are watery from the warmth of the drink.

"The flowers bloom in the Spring."

She smiles at him and gives him a kiss before twirling away and humming the song of Mothers. Or, at least, she believes it sounds very maternal.

"Flowers?" He asks, the faintest sign of excitement is on his face. It shines very clearly through the shock. "As in... more than one!?"