Disclaimer: I do not own any of these characters, places, or ideas. That is all owned and was created by J.K. Rowling, the creator of the Harry Potter series.

Until You Love Me

Prologue: Ronald Weasley!

Part I: Barefoot


"Crookshanks!" I called out through the open window, "Crookshanks come back this instant!" I paused to let out and annoyed huff, "Ronald! Why would you do that!?"

"Do what? I only opened the window, it was your dumb cat's idea to go out it. Not like I said 'Hey Crookshanks, I think it'd be a bloody good idea to go out in the freezing cold.'"

"Ronald Weasley! You can be so stupid sometimes!" I yelled, "He is going to freeze out there, it's under twenty degrees!"

"Oh, come on now, he has a thick coat of fur, he'll be fine! Now get off it, let's go find Harry and..."

"No! No Ronald! No, I can't go with you to find Harry. Because of YOU I have to go save my cat from a said peril!" I said as I slid my legs through the open window.

"Hermione, don't be stupid! It's freezing out there!" He yelled as he grabbed tightly onto my arm.

"Let GO Ron! I am going to go find my cat, that YOU let out!"

"Hermione!" He called as I slid my body through the window, "Hermione, come on, get back inside!"

I ignored him as I quickly walked through the icy grounds, calling out Crookshanks' name every other step, "Crookshanks!" I yelled as the ice covered grass beneath my bare feet began to take its effect, "Crookshanks! Come back here, it's not funny, you'll freeze!! Crookshanks!"

"Damn it!" I whispered after ten minutes had gone by, "Crookshanks... where are you?"

I started hopping back towards the school in attempt to avoid as much frozen ground as possible; which would serve to be one of my dumber ideas...

Icy, cold, slippery, hills... if only I thought sooner...

"Ahh!" I yelped as I slipped down a small hill and landed into a bowl that the hills had created, "Perfect..." I mumbled, "perfect, perfect, perfect!" I repeated sarcastically as I held my right ankle in my hand with the thought's running through my mind: It's broken... I am going to die out here... The cold is going to turn me into a icicle... When I come back as a ghost I am going to haunt Ron for all eternity... Oh Merlin it's broken!

As I laid there awaiting my icy death I began to loose the feeling throughout my entire body, when I thought occurred to me: I can crawl back...

And that's when it happened...

Part II: Fallen Angel


As I continued walking through the cold, dark grounds of the school, I came across an orange Himalayan cat that had burrowed itself against my leg, "Hello there." I said as friendly as possible and I leaned down to pick it up.

It's fur was soft and long as my fingers wrapped themselves around its belly, "You could freeze out here you know, where is your owner?" I asked the non-verbal animal while wrapping it securely in my jacket.

"Let's get you back inside and see if we can't find them." I told the little fuzz ball as I continued on my way through the icy grass.

Meooow! Meooow! The cat hissed as it clawed its way free of my grasp; giving me little cuts on its way.

"Hey!" I called as I chased after it, "Come back here!"

Meow... Meow... Meow...

I heard the escapee begin to purr as it made its way into a small bowl that the hills had formed, "Here kitty kitty!" I called as I stumbled my way into the bowl.

As I was leaning over to pick up the cat I stopped in my tracks; What is that? I asked myself as I pulled out my want and whispered the spell Lumos.

I shined the tip of my wand to the figure in front of me and there I beheld the most unspeakably and breathtaking beauty I had ever seen in my entire life.

I was almost too lost in the trance of her beauty to move, or even think, and that's when it hit me: Where are her shoes!? Her jacket, her scarf, her hat!? SHE IS FREEZING!

I bent down to get a closer look at her, "Hey..." I whispered, "can you hear me?"


"Can you hear me?" I repeated, only this time a bit louder.

"Ughhh," The angel moaned, "mmm, ughhh..."

I quickly pulled my scarf and jacket away from my body and bundled her up in them; her skin was pale as snow and lips like violets, "I've gotta get you to the hospital wing." I said allowed as I pulled her up and held her tightly against my chest, "I've got you now... I've got you..."

After Madam Pomfrey had my mysterious angel tightly wrapped and warmed in one of the hospital beds I slowly headed towards the hallway; hoping against hope I would hear her name.

"You're going to be just fine Ms. Granger."

Granger... where had I heard that name before? Veronica... no, Mary? No that's not it either... Stephanie, no, Jasmine... no, definitely not... what is it!? Uh... Hermione! That's it! Hermione...

Hermione Granger...

There wasn't much I knew about her, but there was one thing I did know...

And that was that I was in love with her.