Hey this is my first fanfic. So sorry, if it isn't as amazing as other stories by other authors. Also, I'm not the best writer ever.

Anyway this is a Dean/Jo and Sam /OC story. Dont like this, then don't read.

It is kinda AU. Like it's after season 2, takes place two years later, but not season . Think of it as, Sam not dieing, and the brothers just kept hunting.

My OC: Name: Krissy Allyson Parker

Occupation; Hunter, of course

Looks: Tall maybe 5'10'', dark blue eyes, medium-dark brown wavyish curly hair a couple inches past her shoulders, lighly tan skin.

If you don't like, the way she looks, then imagine someone else...

Family History: mom died when she was young (you: oh yeah very creative), her dad died about a year and a half ago.

Jo: just watch the show...lol

Disclaimer: You are crazy if you think I own anything other than my OC. Everything SPN in this story belongs to Eric Kripke.

Their dark blue car pulled into the parking lot of McDonald's.

"What do you want, Krissy?" Jo asked while she was stepping out the vehicle. She peered into the car's still open door.

"Umm. Cheeseburger, medium fires, and a coke. Oh yeah, don't take long. I'm like starving." Krissy said as she pulled her seat back into a more comfortable position to sleep.

Jo left, closing the door and heading on into the fast food restaurant. As she headed towards the door, in a brisk walk, she took out her phone. Two missed calls, from whom else but her overprotective mother. "Thanks," she said as someone opened the door for here. Her attention still on her phone.

"Jo?" Surprised and shocked to hear her name, she looked up. Sam Winchester. Out of all the places.

"Sa…Sam'" she stuttered. Taking a breath, she continued into the restaurant, with Sam following her. "Long time no see. Huh…" His hair's a little longer, and his bangs were different. She noticed that right away.

Been what, almost two years now? " He asked, smiling. Good to see you. How's your mom doing these days?"

"Alright I guess."

"Don't mind me asking, but what are you doing here?" Sam asked in a polite manner.

"I don't know maybe getting lunch." She joked. "So how's Dean doing?" Not having thought of him for a while, but suddenly memories flood back.

"He's good. Hey, what about you get something to eat, and I'll get him. He's just in the car."

"Why, this some kind of reunion?" Jo joked the second time in a minute. She asked with a hinting smile.

"Guess you could say that? What's the chance of us bumping into each other here?"

"Pretty slim," She said having to look up to him.

"Besides, I assume that you hunt now." Jo nodded her head to let his correct assumption. "Could kinda sense it." He finished. Jo gave him a puzzled look. So Sam went on," The hunt in town, that's why you're here right?"

"Yeah, your right. Krissy and me came to Danforde a couple of days ago." She said. "And she probably is starving by now. I.." Jo noticed that she was in the way of people trying to get by. She moved to the other side of Sam, to get out of the way of mother and her three children following her.

"Who?" Sam asked with a confused face.

That would make since he obviously wouldn't know her. Her thoughts raced through her head." Krissy, she's a really good friend of mine, well more like a sister. We sorta hunt together. We make a good team too, think of two Nancy Drew working together," She joked at the end.

"She in the car?" Sam asked slightly curious about whoever Jo was talking about. After she nodded, he went on, "Dean's in the car too. Probably wondering what happened. And his burger's getting cold. You know him, and how he is with food." He hinted letting her know he could go now.

Getting his hint, she came up with, "Yeah sure go ahead. What about we meet at the coffee shop down the street, to the left of here, in about an hour?"

"Why not, Four heads are better than two" Sam joked. Jo faked a laugh at his not so funny joke, which he thought was funny. It was one of the stupid things Krissy would laugh about. "Well, Jo, see you later. " The tall Winchester turned and walked to the door. She watched out the glass, as he walked to the parking lot, and got into Dean's '67 Chevy Impala that he adored so much. She sighed thinking about the older one of the brothers.

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