---------------------------------------YVAINE POV--------------------------------------------------

"TRISTAN?" I mumbled, feeling for his warm body in the cold sheets. I wrenched my eyes open. He was gone, for a second I was back in the bed at that in where Tristan had left me to go to Victoria to tell her that he loved me. I didn't know that he was going to tell Victoria he loved me, I thought he was leaving me.

But that was history, and memory flooded back. The long ride from Wall to the capital, the endless questions. That too, was history.

Now, Tristan was king and I was queen. Tristan was a missing king.

I sighed and got out of our fluffy bed. The second my feet touched the thick carpeted floor. A maid, Stephanie bustled into the room. She held a yellow gown encrusted with amber. "Good morning milady." She said and began to dress me.

I still wasn't used to that. Up in the sky we dressed ourselves. "Do you know were Tristan is?" I asked her.

She shook her head. "I am very sorry your Majesty but I don't know his Majesty is. Richard might know."

Stephanie blushed delicately at the mention of her fiancé, they were very much in love and would get married as soon as Stephanie's parents; Anthony and Laura came in from Mrinchton, a town about 72 miles from Wall.

Stephanie straitened my dress. "There you go milady." She smiled. I smiled back. I liked her.

A small page boy rushed in looking down. "Lady Yvaine?" he mumbled.

I pulled his chin up gently so he could look my in the eye. "What is it Thomas?" his eyes flashed to mine in surprise that I knew his name.

" Its Lord Tristan, your majesty. He has had a riding accedent. He is very hurt." I fainted in shock.