Why the hell did he do that? She thought, he had to didn't he. Just no common sense.

I should have listened to her, instead of acting stupid. AGAIN!

"Connor! Lock it!" She shouted.

"What?" he couldn't hear her. A creature from behind him breathed over his head. His face dropped he slowly turned around to see a giant dinosaur growling at him.

"CONNOR!" She shouted. She was being pulled into the anomaly.

"ABBY!" He was about to run to her when the dinosaur furiously scratched his back. He fell to the floor with a thud. He was loosing blood. He was blacking out. "Abby.." he whispered. His eyes shut.

BEEP, BEEP beep, beep...

Connor woke up. His eyes met the white ceiling.

"he's waking up" he heard a familiar voice. Sarah was sat watching him. He realized he was in the hospital.

"Sarah?" he asked

"hey" she smiled. "how are you feeling?" she asked

"not all that good, I can barely move"

"is that how bad you feel?" she asked

"no it's because I'm literally wrapped in wires, some more uncomfortable than others"

"oh" she looked disturbed.

"well I'm afraid your going to have to stay here for 2 days and then you can be discharged.

"what about the arc?" he asked

"you can't go back to the arc for at least a week yet" Sarah said. He sighed. "well I'll let you get your rest, I shall inform Lester that you have woken, I shall see you later" she smiled "bye"

"bye" he waved. He slept right until the next day.

"Mr. Temple" a kind nurse tried to wake him up

"oh hey" he woke up

"how are you feeling?" she asked

"better thanks" he smiled.

"good, you are making progress" she smiled "ok, so you are going to have a bath now"

"eh?" he asked. His face changed

"come on, I need to help you into the bath" She rolled her sleeves up. She helped him into the wheel chair. She wheeled him through the corridoors.

"here we are"

He was wheeled into a room where there were about 3 nurses.

"right clothes off" One said

"wh...at?" he asked "you mean like naked?"

They all giggled

"yes" She said. His face reddened. His eye caught a young blonde. Her eyes, they reminded him of someone, who was it? Probably just someone he's seen before. After the worst experience of his life, he was back in his bed. All though the bed was really lumpy, and it smelt like his grandad, strangely enough.

Sarah stepped through the door.

"hello Connor" she greeted.

"hi" he said "so How is everything at the arc?" he asked

"well, were sre still missing Abby" she broke the news to him. He starred at her blankly

"Abby?" he asked

"look, Connor I know how you feel we are all finding it hard" she comforted

"who's Abby?" he asked

"Abby Maitlin, your room mate?" she said gone out. He shook his head.

"but Abby? How can you forget Abby? You fancied her for god sake!"

"I'm sorry, I don't know who your talking about"

"DOCTOR!" Sarah shouted

"what's the matter?" He asked

"he can't remember someone, who his whole live avolved around."

"Sarah I don't know who she is" He said "I've never met her in my life"

"Connor, what's happened to you?" she asked in shock " I have to go" She walked out. He heard her heels echoaing as she walked down the corridoor. The room was silent

"abby?" he asked himself. "No definatly don't know her" he shugged his shoulders and laid back.