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Note: I'm going to depict attempted genocide in this fanfic (I am completely opposed to racism, but still, stop reading if you don't like racist elements.) Based heavily off 'Troq'.

In another note, this and a few other stories (Bad Hair Day included) are going to be in my version of the Teen Titans Season 6, a popular category. This version has Starfire as the key player (she never had a season devoted to her, but Robin, Terra, Cyborg, Raven, and Beast Boy have.)

This is the first episode. I'm going to post an 'order of events' on my profile at some point.


Many things apply to it: It is infinite, it is a void, it is empty, and it is big. We simply refer to it as Outer Space.

Many creatures live on other planets, separated from us by vast tracks of space. Only a few have bridged this gap. Except for some superheroes, no human has ever traversed this distance. However, several kinds of aliens have bridged the gap, and come to our planet. Each had their own means, and purposes, which were not always peaceful.

Such is a case with this one particular alien, known by his enemies as simply 'XL Terrestrial.' People only know how he got here: His spaceship crash-landed on our planet, and his adjustment to living on earth took place under the supervision of Brother Blood, at the HIVE academy. Why he came has always been a mystery. Even when he worked for the Brotherhood of Evil, his motives were never revealed.

Some time after the Brotherhood was unfrozen and put in jail, he suddenly, on a whim, decided to escape. He went on a theft spree, stealing the latest advances in solar power and space-rocket technology from Wayne Enterprises research facilities, then disappearing, almost without a trace. Naturally, this did not go unnoticed.

A group of teenaged superheroes, The Teen Titans, had gone on his trail, and found him performing experiments in an abandoned NASA facility. They weren't here to sate their scientific curiosity, however; they were here to bring XL Terrestrial to justice.

Within minutes of locating him, the doors to the research facility were busted open by a blast of sonic force. When the smoke cleared, XL Terrestrial turned around, finding Cyborg, Robin, Raven, and Beast Boy across the room.

Like an evil mastermind, XL said "Greetings, Titans. I was beginning to worry you wouldn't be coming."

Robin, pulling out his bo-staff, replied by saying "If we didn't come, someone else would."

XL laughed, and said "Oh, right. I could have been attacked by Batman, instead of his sidekick and his band of misfits."

Robin's head steamed, melting his freshly-applied hair gel.

XL continued: "I shall assume your earthly customs dictate we must fight at this point. Hold on while I prepare myself for combat."

Before the Titans could rush him, the villain pressed the arrow on his chest. Instantly, his body enlarged, crashing through the ceiling, and knocking everything within a ten-foot radius to the ground.

Now one hundred feet tall, XL Terrestrial stepped aside into the nearby clearing. With a booming voice, he called down: "I am ready now, Titans. Unless you puny humans are frightened, we shall begin our fight."

He just barely made out Robin shouting: "TITANS, GO!"

"So be it." And with that, he stomped the ground, causing a small earthquake that knocked his foes off their feet. Luckily, Raven was able to levitate above the shock, and with a quick exclamation of "Azarath Metrion ZINTHOS!" she lifted her friends away with her soul-energy. They flew up on the black platform, making a beeline for their foe's upper body.

"Since when did this guy get so tall? He didn't go past house-size when we fought him at the Brotherhood's stronghold! Now he's bigger than Trigon was!" complained Beast Boy.

"The answer, green microbe, is this: I have more energy to power my growth suit, thanks to the solar energy converters I took from the research facility. Once I have defeated you, I shall grow as big as this planet!" the giant alien proclaimed.

It was then the Titans realized what was at stake. Robin, unnecessarily, said "If he gets that big, he'll rip the Earth apart by just being so close to us!"

"Not to worry, Robin. That's as big as he's getting!" Cyborg shouted, priming his built-in sonic cannon as he did. Aiming straight for XL's face, a beam of solid force shot out of his arm. However, XL Terrestrial was so big, he hardly noticed it!

Beast Boy leapt off of the platform, shape-shifting powers turning him into a Giganotosaurus as he did, and bit down on the part of XL's body he landed on.

The alien shrunk slightly, as his growth suit was damaged. However, the damage was so minimal; he only shrunk five feet, out of one hundred. "Puny insect!" the alien shouted. "I'll swat you like the fly you are!"

Beast Boy, in response, changed into a fly. He was so tiny, he could not be seen or heard by XL Terrestrial at the size he was at.

While he searched for his target, Raven threw Cyborg and Robin onto his shoulder. They proceeded to try ripping his suit apart; Robin with Birdarangs, Cyborg with a cyber-saw.

"Oh please." said XL as he shrunk another ten feet. Still massive, he vibrated his shoulder ever so slightly, but it threw the two heroes off his shoulder. Luckily, Beast Boy's Quetzalcoatlus form caught them both before they fell to their death.

While the boys recovered, Raven started her chant again: "Azarath Metri-AAH!" Unforutunately, she was cut off by a sudden gust of wind, one that originated from XL Terrestrial blowing at her.

Just then, the arrow on his suit glowed orange, indicating that it has reached full power. "It's been fun, Titans. Unfortunately, I need to go into orbit now, so I can have enough room to grow as big as the Earth." And with that, rocket boots appeared on his feet (self-made, from stolen Wayne tech) and he launched his massive self into space.

"Nooo! We're gonna be crushed!" wailed Cyborg.

"Not yet."

As Cyborg wondered what his leader was talking about, Robin pulled up his communicator and said "Robin to Starfire; commence disabling operation."

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------In the stratosphere-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------

XL Terrestrial, confident that he can now get away with his plan, inched his hand towards his growth suit's activation button…..

….Only to suddenly feel his rocket-boots stop working! He looked down at his feet, and found that the circuits controlling the boots were somehow severed! In shock, he relaxed control of his suit, and reverted back to human-size!

He started to fall, but while his eyes were closed (as he awaited the ground); he was caught by Starfire, who proceeded to carry him down.

"Starfire to Robin; Disabling operation successful."

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Back on the ground------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Robin was explaining what had just happened:

"I didn't know if XL Terrestrial had listening technology, so I told you guys she was on another mission. In reality, she was setting up a trap up in the atmosphere. Her job was to shoot him down if he decided to use the rockets he stole from Wayne enterprises. Turns out to have been needed after all."

Just then, Starfire appeared in the sky, a seemingly unconscious XL Terrestrial in her arms.

"Nice going, Star! You just practically saved the earth by yourself! Tamaran rocks!"

"Friends, I thank you for you appreciations! Let us share our triumph over Traditional Tamaranian Glord-snox! I am sure we shall find the thirty dead cockroaches necessary for the feast!"


".......Maybe some other time?"

Just then, XL Terrestrial woke up, finding himself being held, by the arms, by a floating Starfire. Suddenly, the calm expressions he had displayed up until now were replaced by ones of hatred.

He kicked her leg, shouting "GET YOUR FILTHY HANDS OFF ME, YOU SLIMY TROQ!"

That served to destroy the mood instantly. Robin pulled him out of Starfire's grasp, looked at him straight on, and said "Don't call her that!"

"Now I know why you're so pathetic, Robin! You allow a troq in your home! I'd be doing you all a favor if I just killed her right-"

Robin, angrier, threw XL Terrestrial to the ground and said "You're already in deep enough trouble. Adding a Hate crime to your rep would be enough to get you the death penalty!"

XL paused for a few seconds on the ground then laughed.

"Bird Boy, Bird Boy. It wouldn't be a crime. I'd be doing my civic duty! Last week, The Galactic Congress ordered that the Tamaranian Race be wiped out!"

Everyone gasped.

Man this is going to be an emotional story!

Stay tuned, as Robin discusses how he and the Titans are going to prevent the Tamaranian Holocaust!

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