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Just to clear up a few things:

In a review sent by Grossgirl18, she claimed that only Starfire and Blackfire can shoot starbolts, and only Starfire can use eyebeams. I know this is the case for the mainstream DC Comics continuity.

However, the TV show is different from the comics. (Raven's not a telekinetic in the comics. She is in the show)

Notes concerning this issue: In episode 2, (Sisters) Blackfire uses eyebeams to take out the three centauri drones. This proves she can use eyebeams.

In episode 20 (Transformation) Starfire gains the ability to use eyebeams after her transformation, and it's mentioned that Blackfire had already gone through transformation

All of this leads me to believe that all Tamaranians have powers like Starfire (in the TV show, which is what I'm basing this story off). Hope this clears up any confusion!


"I can't thank you enough for your help, Roornar." said Jordan. "Likewise." added Robin.

"No, I must thank you! We would not have won that battle without your help!"

"We wouldn't have been able to help if you hadn't shown up when you did!" commented Cyborg.

"Well…I guess we all need to share the credit. Now, could you help me gather up these piles of scrap as evidence? I'm going to take Blackfire before the Congress, make her testify her involvement, and make those bureaucrats call off the destruction of Tamaran."

Again, everyone cheered.

-----------------------------------------------------------------------------The Next Day (Earth-time)---------------------------------------------------------------

The Teen Titans, Val-yor, and Hal Jordan filed through a special hallway, surrounded by Violet Squadron members. Soon, they were in some kind of massive meeting room. As each second passed in waiting, they all started to become concerned. What if the Galactic Congress didn't believe them and decided to continue attacking Tamaran anyway? What if the Congress was so set in racism that they would never consider being lenient on Tamaranians?

Soon, they heard a loudspeaker say "All rise in respect for the Representatives of the Galactic Congress."

Everyone stood up, as a massive array of aliens filed through every corner of the room. Some were monstrous, some looked like cartoon characters, others were some variation of humanoid. They all sat down in assigned seats, some up on a massive stage with podiums. (Think High-tech US senate floor)

After a few minutes, an alien with a feline look to him pulled up a seat in front of the biggest podium on the stage, and purred into a microphone: "This special session of The Galactic Congress will now begin. As we have some who are unfamiliar with proceedings here, I shall introduce myself: I am Tigrax, Chairman in charge of this meeting. Apparently, we are here to discuss the fate of two high criminals, and some kind of...Conspiracy, that they originated. Will Roornar, commander of the 23rd division of the Violet Squadron, please take the guest's seat?"

Roornar, in some manner of business clothes, stood up and was guided onto the stage. Soon, he was seated at a podium near Tigrax, and pulled another microphone near him, saying: "Thank you, Chairman Tigrax. As you all know, this Congress passed an order through this very hall, demanding that the imminent Tamaranian invasion be stopped, by means of genocide. I am here today, before this assembly, to say that we have been tackling the problem from the wrong angle."

There was murmuring among the Representatives, and one shouted "YOU'RE LYING, TROQ-LOVER!"

Tigrax shook his head in disappointment, and said "Will the Representative of Korugar please remain silent? If there is a possible reason that we made a mistake, we need to hear it out."

"Thanks again, Mr. Chairman. My reason, is that the criminal known as Blackfire, recently arrested, has been conspiring to manipulate the Congress in order to have Tamaran destroyed. She, and another criminal known as Sinestro, developed an army of-"


"Again, I remind the Representative of Korugar that he is required to remain silent while someone is speaking before the Congress."


Immediately, the scene that followed was complete chaos. People were arguing left and right for about two minutes, until Tigrax hissed loudly into his microphone.

"I am disgusted at the amount of disrespect you're showing towards Roornar!"

But then, another Representative stood up, and calmly asked: "Excuse me, Chairman, but I would like to request that someone please explain why Korugar's representative is unable to behave in a rational manner at the mention of Sinestro."

Roornar looked at the Representative and said "A very good question. Hal, would you care to answer that? Is there anything you know about Sinestro that might be useful to know?"

Hal Jordan stood up, and said "I know everything about Sinestro. He used to be my teacher, after all!"

And with that, he was escorted to the stage, where he continued: "As for the thing about Korugar, I'd request permission to use my power ring to provide helpful images."


As Hal's power ring behaved like a projector, projecting a slideshow on the screen, he explained:

"Sinestro was once a citizen of Korugar himself. When an accident happened, and a Green Lantern died on that planet, Sinestro found his body, and acquired his power ring. In short order, he became a Lantern himself, and even later, was assigned to train me when I myself was chosen to be a Lantern."

"However, Sinestro had some 'outside activities' going on: He used his power ring to conquer Korugar, and became it's dictator. He ruled with an Iron fist, crushing all who stood against him. Needless to say, eventually the Guardians found out, and he was jailed on Oa. I'm assuming that the people of Korugar still haven't forgiven him for what he's done to his own people, and that's why it's Representative is screaming for his termination."

Ending the slideshow, he stopped there, and more murmuring began among the Representatives.

"Thank you, Jordan. I'm sure that helped." commented Tigrax.

"Thank you, your honor. If it's not too burdening, can I help Roornar describe Blackfire's dealings with Sinestro?"

"Of course."


As Jordan and Roornar spoke, Violet soldiers dragged all the evidence before the Representatives.

"My team did a full investigation of Blackfire and Sinestro after their arrest. Here is what we were able to turn up:

Blackfire was once the Grand Ruler of Tamaran, hoping to rule in a similar manner to that described as how Sinestro ruled Korugar. However, Starfire, of earth's 'Teen Titans,' managed to oust her sister and banish her from the planet forever. Apparently, this got Blackfire angered, with intent to get revenge on her people.

She apparently stole a massive amount of robotics technology from top developers across the Galaxy, bribing officials to stay off her trail as she did. Then, she disguised herself and visited Sinestro on Oa. She smuggled a teleportation device into his cell; one that allowed him to leave his imprisonment briefly, and help her construct a robotic army.

These Robots were also given a holographic covering that made them look exactly like Tamaranians. With this, she attacked Korugar, apparently at the request of her co-conspirator, Sinestro. As soon as this Congress moved to attack Tamaran, Sinestro apparently decided to turn us against the Green Lantern Corps as well.

We found two of those teleporters in his cell, so we've assumed that he used the second one to attack the first blockade of Tamaran. This caused the Violet Squadron's forces to be ordered to blockade Oa as well. I was in charge of that fleet.

With even more help from Blackfire, Sinestro managed to escape from jail entirely, and pick up opponents of the blockades, which included the Teen Titans. This was in order to take them captive, and force them to watch as that new superweapon tore Tamaran to shreds."

Hal Jordan spoke up right here: "Her plan would have worked too, had Roornar not been willing to let me leave Oa and track down Sinestro; under escort, of course. And once again, I thank him for that."

"That one was unnecessary, but I welcome it nonetheless. Anyway, thanks to his help, we were able to free the captives, who in turn helped us destroy the robots and apprehend the two conspirators. I cannot thank everyone who helped my forces that day enough, and I'm sure they feel the same way about me. I would be even more grateful to you, if you can call off the blockades that resulted from our being manipulated by these people."

Then, Blackfire's face appeared on the screen and Roornar looked at it, saying "Blackfire, I've told everyone what we've discovered. Have you anything to say in your defense?"

In response, she said "What's the point of defending myself? I wanted Tamaran destroyed. I knew those racists in charge of the Galaxy would give me what I wanted. I did it, and I would do it again, in a thousand different ways, should I get the chance."

Roornar turned away, and her face disappeared. Again, people started murmuring...

--------------------------------------------------------------------------Much Later----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

"We interrupt this broadcast for a special report: The Galactic Congress has almost unanimously declared that their order to persecute and kill any Tamaranians that were met were based off faulty information, and must be repealed. As we speak, the blockades that surrounded the planet are being withdrawn. Appearantly, a pair of criminals had manipulated the Congress---"

"Man, don't you love happy endings? Everyone's going to be all over it for months!" said Hal, turning off the Galactic TV in the lounge area of Green Lantern HQ.

In the sky above Oa, the Violet Squadron's fleet was leaving orbit. Green Lanterns from almost every world were celebrating. The Guardians were just glad that the current crisis was over.

"Hey, Hal! What're you going to do with Sinestro?" asked Robin, who was present.

"That's up to the Guardians to decide, but I'm gonna bet that they're planning to throw him into the Anti-matter universe. He caused so much discrimination when he pulled that stunt with Blackfire, what better fitting punishment but to send him to a world where the Green Lanterns are discriminated against?"

"....Actually, I think it's letting him off lightly."


Meanwhile, Cyborg was wandering around, talking technical stuff with aliens he met. Eventually, he ran into a Green Lantern that looked suspicously familiar...

"XL Terrestrial?"

The Lantern turned, his antennae twitching in confusion, said "I'm sorry, what did you say?"

"You....you look a lot like a criminal from my planet called 'XL Terrestrial.' He told me his race was extinct!"

The Lantern chuckled to himself, and then said "Extinct? My, this 'XL Terrestrial' is a delusional specimen. My race is alive and well!"

"But...he remembers people coming and destroying his world!"

Hal Jordan, overhearing this, said "I can answer that."

Cyborg turned to Hal, who said "The Violet Squadron found, among Blackfire's possessions, a memory-altering helmet and her diary. The diary had an entry about knocking out a random alien, making him remember a Tamaranian invasion force destroying his home, and sending him to earth. I would assume that would be XL."

Cyborg processed all of this a bit, and then said "So he's been living a lie all this time?"

"Precisely. The only thing that the Tamaranians have done wrong is banish all their criminals from their planet, where they could influence everyone's opinions of Tamaranians."


"So, Val-yor, where are you going, now that my sister is being imprisoned by the Green Lanterns?"

"Hmmm...I'm not sure. I'm thinking of starting a Tamaranian-Rights movement, much like that 'Civil-Rights movement' from your earth's history. I don't know where to start it, though."

"What is this 'Civil-Rights' you speak of? I never read much of earth's history."

"Let's just say...If things go the way I hope they will, you will never hear the word 'Troq' ever again."

Star couldn't believe what she just heard: He was planning to make people stop insulting Tamaranians! "This is a cause for celebration! You must come and participate in the consuming of Traditional Tamaranian Glord-snox!"

Val-yor was dragged away by the over-excited Tamaranian before he could agree or disagree.

Robin watched, and said to himself "I'd better tell her that there aren't any cockroaches on Oa."


Blackfire talked to herself, while Kilowog stood guard over her cell.

"Those fools. No prison, no matter how secure, can hold me forever. I will get out. And I will have my revenge! And next time, it will be Earth that feels my fury! AHH-HAHAHAHAHA-"

"Aww, shaddup!" shouted another inmate.

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