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I felt Edward's lips slowly start moving up and down my neck. I loved when he acted as an alarm clock, but I wish I could sleep a little longer. He continued up my neck until his lips reached me ear.

"It's time to wake up love. You don't want to miss your flight." I turned around and lifted myself up on my elbows to look at his face.

"I can always take a later flight. Besides, I'm very comfortable right here with you. Are you sure you don't want to come with me to Jacksonville?" He pulled me into his arms and we just sat there for a few minutes before he responded.

"You need to spend some alone time with your mother. Besides, I need to be in New York to make sure Alice doesn't go overboard with the wedding plans. Unless you want her-" I didn't let him finish that statement. I knew he was right. Last week I had to stop Alice from buying four white horses to pull a solid gold carriage.

"Just because I understand the importance of you going with Alice doesn't mean I'll miss you any less." I would have stayed in his arms all day if it wasn't for Charlie interrupting us. He yelled from downstairs.

"Bella, are you up yet? We need to leave soon if I'm going to get you to the airport on time." His voice was getting louder as he spoke. Edward disappeared so I knew before it happened that Charlie was about to open my door.

"Bella you're still in bed?" He said it like a question even though he could clearly see me. "Your flight is in three hours and we still need to get to the airport." I knew that getting to the airport wasn't going to be a problem with Edward driving. Although I guess I never told Charlie that he didn't need to drive.

"Dad I thought I told you that Alice was going to drive me. She's heading to New York for the weekend anyway." Better to mention Alice than Edward to Charlie. Alice was by far Charlie's favorite Cullen.

"Well I can drive you both. That way Alice doesn't have to pay for parking." I just stared at Charlie. By now he knew better than to think saving money would stop Alice from doing something. "If you're sure that you don't want me to drive you. You still need to get ready so you don't miss your flight." I got out of bed and picked up my bag of toiletries. Charlie stepped out of the doorframe and allowed me to walk towards the bathroom. When I returned to my bedroom I jumped back for a second. Alice was pulling all of my clothing out of my packed suitcase.

"What are you doing Alice? I just finished packing everything." She smiled but didn't stop.

"Like I would let you go to Florida with clothes like that." She pointed to the pile on my floor that use to be folded neatly in my suitcase. "Bella, how many times are we going to have this discussion? I am going to be your sister soon and as your sister I am going to make sure that you have only fashionable clothing to wear." She zipped up my suitcase. Obviously satisfied with the new clothing she packed instead.

"Alice, I like my clothes. You're going to be my sister soon and you need to realize that my taste in fashion is never going to change." Her eyes glazed over and I knew she was looking for something in the future.

"You might be right, but that doesn't mean I won't keep trying to help you. Now go downstairs and have breakfast so we can leave. Edward will be back soon to leave. I forced him to go home and change while you were in the shower." I couldn't argue with Alice. Well, I could but there would be no point because she always wins anyway. I went downstairs and fried up some eggs. I was washing the dishes when two cold arms wrapped around my waste.

"Sorry about Alice. I couldn't stop her with the clothing." He spun me around and was now staring into my eyes with his beautiful golden eyes. I could tell he recently hunted so that he would be alright for the trip. "Are you ready to leave?" I smiled.

"I'm excited to see Renee, but I still don't like being away from you for a whole week." He smiled back and I knew that he agreed.

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