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I hadn't realized how difficult it would be to say goodbye to Renee. I knew I would see her at least one more time, at the wedding, but it didn't make this any easier. Soon I would never be able to see her again for her own safety. Once the goodbyes were done, Edward, Alice, and I were in the car heading towards the airport. Alice dropped Edward and me at the terminal and left to return the car.

"Are you alright love? There's no rush to return to Forks. We can stay a few more days if you want more time with Renee." More time wouldn't make this any easier.

"We really should get back. I'll see Renee in a few weeks at the wedding." I tried to smile.

"If you're sure." I took his hand and he smiled. After we checked our bags we walked up to the first class lounge. Rosalie was sitting there with her laptop. Edward must have sensed my confusion. "Rosalie and Emmett decided to visit Disney World since they were already in Florida. They're flying back with us." As if on cue, big arms grabbed me from behind and lifted me slightly off the ground.

"Emmett." I was laughing. "Please put me down."

"Sorry little sis." My feet returned to the floor and I turned around to see my future brother laughing. "I don't have many more opportunities to make you blush." We all sat down and after Alice arrived, Emmett told us stories from Disney.

"So the boat is rounding the bend and this elephant starts to spray water at the boat." He seemed to be fascinated with the robotics at the Jungle Cruise. "Now normally the skipper slows the boat down so that no one gets wet, but this guy was so infatuated with Rosalie that he pushed the throttle down instead of pulling it up. As the elephant gets up, the water starts spraying right as we pass." Rosalie seemed annoyed as Emmett was reminding her of the ride. "Rosalie took the majority of the spray because I was too busy laughing to shield her. When we got off the boat, the skipper on the dock gave her tons of towels. He then gave us each a coupon for ice cream to apologize for the water." I was trying not to laugh because I didn't want to aggravate Rosalie, but Emmett was just too animated as he retold the story.

"I'm sure you two loved the ice cream." Alice giggled as she spoke.

"We gave the coupons to a family with little kids." Rosalie smiled as she commented. She loved children and it showed.

"It sounds like you guys had fun. Last time I was in Disney World was when I was six." I smiled at the memory. Renee had taken me on vacation and we spent a few days riding all the rides.

"Maybe we'll take a family trip so you can experience it again." Alice jumped up as if on cue as Edward spoke.

"This will be perfect. We can go next week for Bella's bachelorette party."

"Alice, I don't want to go to Disney next week. With my luck, I wouldn't get sprayed by an elephant." They all looked slightly confused at my comment that getting sprayed was a good thing. "The whole boat would sink."

"Oh Bella. No boat at the Jungle Cruise has ever-" Rosalie elbowed Emmett. "Well, only one. But that was because I liked the native's dance and wanted to watch it again." I just glared at him. "What? It's not like anyone got hurt. That river is only a few feet deep and everyone on our boat had a great story to tell their friends." I just shook my head.

"I'd still prefer not to go next week." I hoped it would end the discussion.

"It'll be fun Bella. We need to get fun pictures with all the characters."

"Alice I really don't want to." She still wouldn't drop the topic.

"We're going to get a private guide so we can cut all the lines and maybe we'll do the backstage tour too."

"Alice I didn't say yes."

"But you will." She took out her laptop and I could clearly see her pulling up Disney's website so she could begin booking everything. I sighed and put my head down on Edward's shoulder.

"Are you hungry Bella? Maybe we should get you some lunch. The plane is going to begin boarding in twenty minutes." Edward took my hand and stood up, leading me towards the bar. I ordered a cheesesteak and coke.

"We can wait on a trip to Disney until after everything has settled down. You don't always have to do everything Alice wants." I heard a grunt come from the other side of the lounge and I knew Alice heard Edward.

"I'm not going to say yes. We have more important things to worry about right now." I kissed Edward. "Besides, we have eternity to go to Disney." He was smiling as I pulled away to finish my lunch. When I finished eating, we all headed out of the lounge to board our flight back to Washington.

When we boarded the plane, the five of us were the only ones in the first class cabin.

"Nice, I'm not going to be stuck sitting next to some annoying human." I glared at Emmett. "You're not annoying Bella. You're entertaining." I stuck my tongue out at Emmett and sat down on the other side of the cabin. Edward joined me seconds later and I placed my head on his shoulder as the plane took off.

"Bella?" Alice called from the back of the cabin. I decided to ignore her and pretend to be sleeping. Suddenly she was standing right above me. "I know you're not sleeping." Busted.

"What do you want Alice? Can't Edward and I just sit in peace?"

"Fine. I'll just order it."

"Order what?" We were on a plane in the air. I wasn't sure how she was ordering anything.

"Well, I thought it would be nice to release a dozen doves when you say I do." She smiled.

"No. I'm putting my foot down on that one Alice. We don't need any animals at the wedding." After Alice gave up and sat back down I decided to try and take a nap.

Edward must have realized I was tired because he had the flight attendant bring me a blanket and he was humming my lullaby. As the plane landed in Seattle, Edward gently woke me up so that we could exit the plane and head back to Forks.

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