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The open ocean and the cool waves were splashing on and off the sandy shore. Everything that was perfect for a day at the beach for the Special A. Kei and Yahiro were getting along like two peas in a pod, Tadashi was being beaten senseless by Akira (a healthy relationship), Ryuu was swimming around a coral reef and showing everyone the cool scenes underwater, and Hikari was on an epic challenging spree. Megumi would've considered this the best time of her life that she's had for awhile being with her friends, but except that Yamamoto Megumi had just found out something treacherously embarrassing from Sakura during a bit of break time from the water.

"You thought WHAT?" Sakura was laughing loudly and clenching her sides. Tears were forming at the edge of her eyes and sand was flying up where her legs were kicking violently.

Megumi pouted and made circles in the sand. Her ears were dead red and tears were forming at the edge of her eyes from embarrassment. How was she supposed to know?

"Now, now," Hikari tried to console the crestfallen Megumi, "have some snacks, they're good!" Hikari offered a huge handful of Popsicles and assorted ice creams up to Megumi.

Megumi took one and munched slowly away at a lemon flavored Popsicle. It tasted nice, but it still didn't take away from her dying embarrassment or Sakura's peels of laughter.

"Megumi," Sakura spewed between giggles, "How in the world did you mistaken a really lacy bra, tiny corset, and underwear for a swimsuit? And moreover, you wore it in front of Yahiro!" Sakura began squealing and thrashing once more in the sand.

Megumi looked up teary eyed at Sakura and Hikari. What had she done to herself? Run out naked into a battlefield? Too late for that phrase, she pretty much did right in front of Yahiro. Megumi blushed; she had no idea that it was fancy underwear that she received. Megumi had never moved beyond the simple bra fashion and the underwear style.

It just wasn't really Megumi's thing to go underwear shopping at all. Choosing and browsing through shops and looking through the pile of small size cups made her feel very conscious about how small she was compared to the rest of the world. Then whenever a shop assistant and asked her if she needed help, they would automatically guide her to the pre-teen section.

The pre-teen section! She was there about ten years ago and she didn't need to go back there again. It reminded her too much of the lack of puberty that she went through.

'I've never known about this stuff before,' Megumi wrote on her board with a beat red blush going across her face. 'Plus none of my friends ever talked about it…because you guys never focused on this…stuff! How was I supposed to know!'

Hikari shrugged and replied, "You could always study the dictionary. It gives the definition for everything there!"

'…What other things did you find out in there?' Megumi stared at Hikari blankly. Hikari pondered thoughtfully and began to speak.

"How about scrounging through your Dad's goods?" Sakura cut in loudly.

'Huh? You mean like his trophies and awards?'

"No Megumi! You know like his dirty stuff!"

'I don't think my dad's goods are pieces of broken bottles and plastic….'

"Ack Megumi, I mean dirty magazines, like pornography! The naughty nudity stuff! Porn!" Sakura emphasized while Megumi's eyes literally popped open, "Let me spell it, p-o-r-n-o-g-r—"

"Ano," Hikari butted in, "Just wondering…how old were you Sakura when you found this?"

"Around eight," Sakura replied proudly, "My dad was gone for work one day and I was really bored so I decided to raid his things and I came across this really interesting messy batch hiding right next to his bed, and I curiously—"

'Does my dad really have that?'

"Yeah, I bet he does Megumi! I bet all men on earth have porn hidden somewhere!" Sakura said determinedly and began firing up her combat aura, "And when I find it I swear I will tear their limbs apart for being such sick perverts for doing such low grade reading."

'I wonder if Jun has any hidden too….' Megumi absent-mindedly started writing on the board. Sakura's aura immediately disappeared.

"AH," Hikari said and stared determinedly in the direction of where Kei was lounging around in the sun with Ryuu eating watermelons. "Porn? I wonder what that is exactly now I think about it. I've never encountered this porn before, it can't be that bad. Is Takashima is hiding something from me?"

"Well I don't think that this is something that they all just tell the world about," Sakura replied.

"Nah, I bet Kei will tell me if I asked," Hikari smiled bubbly. She stood and waved her arm wildly out to Kei. Kei looked up from eating his watermelon.


Kei looked confused and shook his head, what in the world was Hikari talking about?

Hikari smiled and thus proceeded to ask loudly, "OH I WAS JUST WONDERING THEN, DO YOU READ PORNOGRAPHY TOO?"

All the guys pointed at Kei and laughed really hard as Kei spitted out all the watermelon seeds and proceeded to pretend that he was sleeping. His whole body was beet red and paralyzed.

"Oh," Hikari sat back down with a huff, "I think he got sleepy and decided to take a nap. I'll ask him again later."

"Hikari!" Sakura exclaimed and began laughing.

Megumi sighed and pondered a little. Does Yahiro have anything like that too? And why do all the men in the world have that? Megumi was kind of curious as to what Sakura was talking about. Megumi only had a simple gist of what it was, basically it was kind of like a magazine filled with girls and suited only for men. But why just men?

Maybe Yahiro will explain it to her later exactly what porn was.

"It's alright Megumi," Hikari patted Megumi's back and tried reminding the important fact to her, finally getting back on track, "At least Yahiro didn't do anything bad to you like Sakura suggested that happens in those magazines."

Sakura stopped laughing and immediately wore a displeased look on her face. "He did nothing?" Sakura snarled, "Why that little…he is so damn shy! Even after Megumi goes out and presents herself like that, he still won't make any advances! What, he doesn't think she's appealing enough? At this rate you two will never get anywhere! There are so many other men in this world that wouldn't hesitate on jumping you the first chance they get Megumi! But no, you have Yahiro and he doesn't like touching!" She growled in frustration and yelled to the sky. "YAHIRO SAIGA IS SO GA—MMF!"

Hikari sweat dropped and covered up the rest of Sakura's yowling as fast as she could. Sakura calmed down after a few seconds and breathed slowly.

Megumi held up her board and smiled meekly, 'Thank you Sakura for your concern, I'm happy to know that you really care, but I'm fine where we are right now. Really!'

Sakura sighed and touched Megumi's shoulder gently, "I just want Megumi to get closer to that stupid boy. He was always floating around in the past; he never let anyone get close to him. I mean he doesn't even let his family get close to him. You know I tried setting him up with girls before, but he just blew off all of them or…played practical jokes on them. In any case they were all scared away and Yahiro seemed like he didn't have any interest for girls…or love I mean. Then there were some days where he looked really tired and alone; I kind of worried for his future.

"But!" Sakura patted Megumi and smiled, "You came along and made him fall for you. Now he looks like he enjoys life more than he used to and that's all thanks to you Megumi! I just worry that he'll do something stupid again like he did in the past and start distancing himself, so I wanted you to grab him and made sure that he would never let go."

Megumi blinked in surprise and felt compassion for Sakura's concern. Sakura is such a good friend to Yahiro, Megumi thought warmly, but….

'What does making Yahiro make a move have to do with this?'

Sakura laughed heartedly and shrugged. "You know, I have no idea!" Megumi felt her head fall into her magic board and Hikari sweat dropping. "Maybe I want him to propose to you, I don't know?"

Yes…Megumi thought in a humorously bitter way, having us bed together really brings out the proposal. Shouldn't it actually be the other way around? First the proposal then the honeymoon? Sakura had some weird thoughts.

"Well think about it," Sakura tried explaining quickly realizing that she was losing Hikari and Megumi, "If Yahiro wanted to do any of this with anyone, then it would be with the person that he choose and knew that he wanted to be with for the rest of his life. He wouldn't carelessly do anything special with just anyone."

Oh, Megumi thought, now it is making some sense. But does that mean Yahiro actually doesn't like her? Megumi's heart pounded, it wasn't just her being delusional all the time was it? A year of dating is only a year; it's pretty short compared to the rest of the time that she's been alive or everyone else's relationships.

'Does this mean that Yahiro doesn't like me?' Megumi asked, large orbs and a worried expression, she didn't really believe the question itself, but it still nonetheless worried her a little.

"No!" Sakura exclaimed, "I bet you Megumi he loves you! I just don't think he's man enough to do any of this, tsk," Sakura pointed her nose in the air, "He's such a wuss."

"Who's a wuss?" Yahiro asked and smiled way too brightly while he approached the little group sitting on the sand under a shady umbrella. "I'm kind of interested to know what you all have been talking about after hearing such a fascinating question from Takashima's wife over here."

Sakura flinched and avoided the ultra sparkly gaze of Saiga Yahiro and the combined blinding light from the sun. She noticed Jun approaching behind him and she jumped up excitedly. Taking this moment of escape Sakura tackled Jun, "Jun-kun!" she squealed.

"Hikari, Megumi!" Akira exclaimed in delight as she held up buckets in her hand, returning from her side journey to get tools. Thankfully she was not there for Kei's comedic display. Otherwise Akira would have both fainted and die from laughter over Kei's embarrassment. "Look! I have a delightful activity for us all to do!" Akira said.

Hikari immediately ran over to Akira and gazed excitedly at the shovels and buckets. "Is this what I think it is?" Hikari drooled with anticipation.

Akira nodded her head eagerly and handed a bucket off to Hikari, "We're going crab and seafood hunting!"

"AWESOME!" Hikari yelled and leaped up into the air. Then Hikari held the bucket close and a large glob of drool fell from the tip of her mouth. "I'm going to get the biggest crab…oh it's going to be the juiciest…Kei's going to wish that he allowed me to cook more often," Hikari dreamily mumbled.

Realizing a good deal was at hand, Hikari snapped out of her world and immediately screamed over at Kei, who was steadily walking to Akira to grab a bucket and shovel. He seemed to have recovered quickly and decided to pretend nothing happened.

"Kei if I catch the biggest crab then you will let me cook all the meals for the rest of your life!" Hikari declared and glittered with ferocity.

Everyone around Hikari made shocked faces and peered closely at Kei, they were feeling a tad sorry for that poor sucker. But Kei was smiling and had an evil glint in his eyes. The S.A members gulped and took a step back cautiously, it was a very dirty look he had.

"Alright Mrs. Number two," Kei said as he smiled widely and put a hand to Hikari's shoulder and gripped the tender flesh firmly. "Then if I win then you'll have to feed me," Kei said slyly and leaned forward, "mouth-to-mouth for a whole week every evening."

Akira snapped to a ghastly state and screeched a silent cry of horror.

"Newlyweds," Tadashi murmured into Akira's ears humorously, earning a nice uppercut in return.

"F-f-fine!" Hikari stuttered and pushed away from Kei as far as she could go, "you're on! Just wait Kei, I'll be making all the onigiris and bentos soon and you'll be so jealous when you don't get them!"

"Okay wonderful! Now the regular 'Hikari-challenges-Kei-for-something-ridiculous-and-Kei-challenges-something-ten-times-more-ridiculous' have been put down, I'll start this match!" Tadashi jumped in with his left hand up and a firm right arm and hand around Akira's frantic state. "Everyone ready?"

Hikari took her position and Kei stood aloofly.

"Ready-set-GO!" Tadashi yelled and off sped Kei and Hikari at the speed of light. Then followed the rest of the S.A. and Tadashi lugging Akira with him.

Well everyone sped off except for Yahiro and Megumi. Yahiro stood under the hot sun with a bucket in hand and he began walking the opposite direction of everyone's.

'Wait Yahiro! Where are you going? The crabs are that way.' Megumi pointed to the other side.

Amazingly without needing to turn around and read what Megumi wrote, Yahiro replied solemnly, "This competition is ridiculous, I'm going to go see what's over there." Yahiro waited a few seconds and didn't hear Megumi moving from her spot. She's probably waiting for me to ask her to come too, silly girl, Yahiro thought and snorted. "Come on Megumi," Yahiro smiled and held a hand out, "Let's go get some exercise."

Megumi gripped her bucket and pouted. "Mou! You jerk I am not fat!" Megumi trotted over and poorly chucked her red bucket at Yahiro, only to have it land short in front of Yahiro's feet.

Yahiro picked up Megumi's bucket and chuckled as he walked over to her puffy squinting face. "Man, look at these arms too!" Yahiro grinned and poked at Megumi's muscles, "They are so flabby like an old lady's! All right that's it Megumi, when we get back we're getting rid of all your snacks, all of them, GONE!" Yahiro made a gesture and a windy sound effect.

Megumi stood in horror, 'You wouldn't dare!'

Yahiro laughed and began running away. "Flabby, flabby, flabby arms!" Yahiro chanted in a sing-song voice.

Megumi could feel a vein burst and she immediately viciously chased after Yahiro. Megumi pondered over what she was going to do when she captured him, should I knock him out with my ultra-sound voice or with my board? Use the deadly ear shocker or use his own gift against him?

"Come on slowpoke, I told you to not snack on all those cookies before we came here!" Yahiro stuck a tongue out and kept laughing at Megumi's furious puffy face.

You know what? I'll do both! Megumi's inner voice screamed. This insufferable-spoiled-bratty-unsophisticated-son-of-a-"oof!" Megumi choked out and felt she hit a solid body.

"Yahiro!" Megumi squealed as she almost lost her posture and had grabbed onto Yahiro for quick support.

Yahiro whistled as he looked down below where they stood. Megumi peered over Yahiro and looked down too, her eyes open in astonishment.

"That has got to be the ugliest crab I have ever seen," Yahiro mused, putting his hands at his hips. The crab laid three feet long and scrounged through the sand, digging for fruits and anything that it can eat.

Megumi gulped and replied back quietly, "Ryuu would adore this to death…."

What? Yahiro thought in slight shock, so it wasn't just mammals that loved the peculiar green haired animal pheromone releaser? Anyways, Yahiro stared at the crab and shuddered at the extremely freaky patterns it had. He decided though that he wanted to get a closer look at it.

Yahiro began trotting down a rock path to the beach below and Megumi hurriedly followed him.

"What are you doing?" Megumi asked frantically as she watched Yahiro step closely within a feet of the humungous crab.

Yahiro inspected more closely at the arthropod, watching the crab scuffle back and forth in the sand. Whistling once more Yahiro turned to Megumi and smiled, "It's a coconut crab!"

'I know, Ryuu showed a picture of one to me once! What's it doing out in broad daylight and on the sand?' Megumi held her board up cautiously. The coconut crab was large and was practically half her size. She shuddered at the thought of being overtaken by a three feet crab. On top of that, Yahiro's smile held a glint of mischievousness. Well Megumi wasn't sure if that was really what his smile had, but just the look of his face slightly unnerved her.

"Hmm," Yahiro hummed and walked around it and began poking the crab with his finger, "I don't know, but he seems to be pretty harmless to me."

That's because you're like a predator, Megumi screamed inside her head. She couldn't imagine too many people getting in the way of Yahiro Saiga, animals included. Bears probably cower to a corner when Yahiro had a certain air around him.

'Yahiro what are you doing now?' Megumi wearily held up her board. She watched him reaching out to the crab with both hands. Megumi took a step back out of habit; she felt something bad was about to happen.

Yahiro scooped up the crab in one instantaneous motion and held it gloriously in front of him. The crab looked surprised and began to wiggle all its claws at once. Megumi's body froze as she saw a large bright smile emanate from the Saiga heir.

"Megumi!" Yahiro chirped happily and took gallant steps towards Megumi, "Look, Mr. Coconut crab wants to play with you!"

"Y-Y-Yahiro, what are you doing? I don't really want to play with a crab," Megumi alarmingly said, taking quick paces away from him. Her tiny steps didn't match Yahiro's large strides though, soon enough he was right in front of Megumi and the large underside of the coconut crab overshadowed Megumi's view completely.

"Nooo!" Megumi cried and shielded herself desperately with her board.

"Stay still Megumi," Yahiro voiced sternly, with a little bit of laughter coated in his tone, "I'm going to try putting this on your back."

Megumi could feel the antennae and the cold hard feeling of a crab's shell coming closer to her, brushing her skin.

"Relax, I hear it's harmless to do this!" Yahiro reassured her dryly.

Megumi eyed the crab widely and felt her pent up fear bursting into adrenaline. Right before Megumi could feel the rest of the crab on her, she bolted from her spot and ran as fast as she could down along the shore.

Mou! Yahiro you jerk! Megumi cursed over and over again in her head as she ran for dear life, because Yahiro followed right after Megumi, laughing brightly with the crab still in his hands.

At some point of time, Megumi lost her adrenaline rush and found that she was getting really tired from running at top speed for who knows how long. Her body ached and was demanding her to take a breather. She slowed down and bent over. Putting her hands on her knees to give in to her body, she glared the largest dagger eyes she could at Yahiro, who stood a couple feet away from her. Somehow through the chase he lost the coconut crab and Megumi wasn't looking back to see how it happened, and neither did she care much on how it happened. All she cared was that she wanted to kill this pompous bastard right now.

Yahiro returned Megumi's glare and smirked angrily in return. "You made me run a lot again. You have the nerve to make me go this far?" he said between heavy pants.

Megumi wiped her forehead, beads of sweat dripping down the side of her face and body. The air was humid and heavy with moisture making Megumi's body sweat a lot more than she could wipe. She nodded in reply and continued to hone her death glare at the lavender brat, a dark cast of clouds gathering above her making it a nice addition to her killing mood.

There was a rumble in the sky, and then it was when Megumi noticed that the sky was getting unusually gray. Large clouds huddled above their heads and proceeded to start a mild drizzle down to the puny beach below it. The wind started picking up some speed and began pushing the waves back and forth with a stronger force than it was before. A large thunderclap echoed through the sky, causing a stronger rumble than the last one.

Megumi jumped and looked a little startled. She reached for her magic board, that she threw down at the sand minutes before, and began writing. 'Yahiro I think we should head back to Hikari and the others now.' Megumi held up the board to Yahiro.

Yahiro read Megumi's message and just as he read it the rain began to come down harder and in fatter droplets. Megumi covered herself with her board and looked at Yahiro for an answer.

"I don't think we can right now," Yahiro yelled loudly, the wind carrying half his voice away. He quickly ran to Megumi and began shielding her with his body, rain pelting onto his back and less onto Megumi.

Megumi looked up worriedly at Yahiro, she knew that this kind of rain was more like the kind of rain that was painful like a bunch of tiny pebbles being thrown.

"We're going to need to find shelter," Yahiro said while gripping Megumi tighter to his chest.

"I saw a small cave a few feet back," Megumi replied, remembering the hole that she considered hiding in if Yahiro ever came close enough to her with that three feet crab.

"Let's go there then," Yahiro decided and grabbed Megumi's hands into his. He tugged her closely and they both ran through the rain as fast as they could.

Inside the cave, the air was moist and the floor was cool, but Megumi decided that it was better than standing outside where it was really wet and painful each time a raindrop hit her. Yahiro sat on the cave floor, just where the light still illuminated the cave, and made a gesture for Megumi to join him.

They sat for silence a bit, hearing the pouring rain hit the palm leaves. Megumi sighed and tugged her knees close to her chest.

"Do you think Hikari and the others are okay?" Megumi asked quietly, gently setting the side of her cheek against her leg.

Yahiro snorted, "With Kei there I'm pretty sure that he won't let a drop of rain hurt Hikari, and yeah…I bet they have better shelter than we do right now." He laughed.

"If you didn't chase me with that three foot crab I bet we would've returned back to them and get to have nice shelter too," Megumi lightly seethed.

Yahiro lightly snorted in response, "Well if you let me put that crab on your back then I'm pretty sure we would've eventually head back to the group to show them how cool it was."

"Well if you knew how scary it is having a crab half your height on your back then maybe we would've tried to not put the crab on my back and just head back!" Megumi retorted immediately.

"'re kind of right, it would be scary wouldn't it?" Yahiro said after a few short moments of thinking.

Megumi immediately could feel one of her veins pop. This horrible person didn't think about how freaky it would be up until now? Why in the world did she like this person in the first place? Megumi sighed and muttered in her head, I ask myself that everyday.

A small water droplet fell from the ceiling of the cave onto Megumi's shoulder as she continued to furiously grind angry thoughts in her head. The droplet was cold and it made Megumi shiver a bit.

Yahiro noticed Megumi's shiver. He glanced outside at the raging storm and noted that if it weren't for the wind, the temperature would be mildly warm. Chuckling to himself a little, he knew despite Megumi being furious over small little things that he said to her time to time, she wouldn't hold it against him for long. That's why he wasn't afraid to call out to her even though he could feel a strong animosity seeping out.

"I know, the thought of being stuck in a cave with me and no one around to you from doing anything is quite tempting isn't it?" Yahiro whispered impishly while wrapping his arm around Megumi's shoulder, pulling her closer to his body heat.

Megumi gasped at the sudden pull out of her mind and looked up to see the close proximity that the both of them were in.

Yahiro looked down at Megumi and gave her his casual smirk, "It's alright Megumi I know that you can control your inner-animal, just-for-me." He said the last three words teasingly, tapping her nose three times at the same time.

'As if I would do something like that!' Megumi replied, showing her board to Yahiro. Yahiro chuckled and Megumi snorted haughtily in response. Another water droplet fell from the ceiling and splashed onto her shoulder. Megumi shivered once more and adjusted herself closer to the source of heat coming from beside her. Yahiro responded and eventually Megumi was nearly half onto his lap.

"Jeez Megumi, these small water droplets effect you easily. You're making me feel like a tool, using me practically as a blanket," Yahiro complained jokingly. "You know, your skin feels so cold! Kind of like a cold fish! In fact, your face looks like a fish right now. Yes that look right there." Megumi glared at Yahiro and mouthed the word 'jerk', then proceeded to pull a very sour face across her features.

Bobbing his head left to right, Yahiro tried to get a better glance at the small brunette's face but Megumi kept turning her head in a direction so Yahiro would have to move again. She's so easy to tease, Yahiro snickered. Each and every time Yahiro made any teasing comments, Megumi would immediately make some kind of face that represented the look of an old middle aged lady. It was pretty ugly if you plainly looked at it, but because it was Megumi...

"It's alright, I think the fish face looks very funny," Yahiro reassured his sour girlfriend.

'I think it's the other way around. I'm more in danger than you.' Megumi finally responded after a few minutes of steaming.

"Oh?" Yahiro responded, feeling a tad bit nervous. She did have a small point there actually.

This whole entire time while they just sat in the cave watching the winds toss the tree leaves around on the outside and listening to the sounds of heavy raindrops hitting ground. Eventually the sounds and view became natural to look at and Yahiro started noticing more details in the environment around him.

He began realizing the slow breathing patterns that Megumi took. A slow quiet inhale, and then a calm soothing release of air, then breathing in again. Then as Megumi shifted slightly every few minutes, his body began to become aware of the soft skin feeling that grazed him each time she moved. Yahiro's hands began to absentmindedly play with strands of her hair and when he noticed what he was doing he could feel the silky hair slip through his fingers. All of this was causing a quiet sensation to stir within him.

"What makes you think that?" Yahiro tried to distract his mind by re-asking a question. He glanced down to see if she wrote anything on her board again, only to find that she was fiddling with her pen, absentmindedly poking herself with it while thinking. His eyes shifted immediately towards the ceiling to watch water droplets slowly form and fall.

Who knew that he, Saiga Yahiro, an ex-menace to the S.A., would be ten years later in a small cave desperately trying to avoid looking more than he already had at one of the most physically smallest member of the S.A.

'Well I think I'm in more danger than you since first off we're in a place where no one has any idea of. If anything were to happen right now, no one would see or hear it. I'm helplessly stuck here and I'm sitting next to one of the world's greatest villain.' Megumi wrote on her board. Yahiro read it and ruefully chuckled.

"Ah, so it's because I'm a terrifying person isn't it, that's why you feel like you'd be the one in danger." Yahiro replied and glanced to the side in guilt because Megumi had another point too. It's true, he was the man that did not make things easy for the S.A. For Megumi to still come to like him by the end of all that was still a surprise to him.

"But it's okay," Megumi chuckled and leaned into Yahiro's warm chest, "I'm not afraid of you because no matter how you make yourself look like, you're a nice villain and I like you the way you are. You'd never do anything to hurt me."

Warmth flooded throughout Yahiro's body. As hard as he tried to think of a retort to tease Megumi back into her pouty state, he couldn't do it. He stared into Megumi's brown orbs and he felt his heart race faster. This was the reason why he loved Megumi back, she always saw through his facade and opened him up with her warm hearted gestures and words.

Megumi looked up at Yahiro's alluring gaze, her mouth parting slightly and her head tilted in a slight angle that made her eyes glisten. Yahiro squeezed Megumi's shoulder lightly; he was captured in the moment. He could feel himself being drawn into her entire being.

"Hey Yahiro..." Megumi muttered wearily, only a few inches away from his face.

"Yes?" Yahiro responded breathily, his eyes half-lidded.

"Do you..." Megumi hesitated, "Do you own any porn?"

Yahiro frozed, his eyes wide and astonished at what he thought he just heard. "W-what?" He stuttered.

Megumi looked down shifted uncomfortably in her spot, then looked up again with wonder in her eyes. "Y-Yahiro, what's porn?" Megumi asked nervously.

Yahiro mentally fell apart.

"I heard earlier from Sakura that all men have porn," Megumi said, words tumbling into Yahiro's ears one after another., "So I was wondering if you could tell me the answer! Oh! I was wondering also why is it only for men? What is it?"

Megumi waited for a reply and stared at Yahiro with anticipation in her eyes. She was determined to find out what it was.

Yahiro glanced at the weather outside and noticed that the rain was slightly letting up, but only slightly. Why can't the rain be gone faster! Yahiro mentally cursed in his head. Yahiro wept on the inside, this was one thing that money couldn't fix, the weather.

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