Okay, so I was writing a few chapters for the other story I'm rushing to post on this site (and Gomen to anyone who is patiently awaiting this story! I know I said I'd try to get it up a while ago, but life has other intentions for me!!) and I felt that it was getting too erie, so I wanted to write a short, sweet, quick, fluffy, cute one-shot. And this is was resulted!! This story is purely fluff, typed up in a few minutes and not edited/revised to the best of my ability, so gomen (again) for any mistakes that may appear.

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Always Have Been, Always Will Be:

His operation was over. It had been a success, a life-size relief for the now sobbing girl, who was clinging to the said boy in a death grip. "Uhh… Akira-kun? I'm better now, but this can't be too good for me…." The brunette boy nervously stated to his overjoyed friend. This caused the black-haired girl to unwillingly release her dearest person.

But not leaving his side.

"Takumi, you should know, I'm never letting you out of my sight again," Akira announced seriously. "I'll die before I'll let any harm attempt to cross you."

Takumi gazed up at his standing friend from his wheel chair, thankfulness in his eyes, but a light frown on his face. "Akira… I want to be able to protect you… to keep you safe."

The brown-eyed girl looked lovingly down to her friend. "Not in that condition," she smirked toward the boy. "Not while your healing."

Takumi smiled up at the angel before him. "As far as I'm concerned, I'm healed," he stated.

Akira shook her head. "No, there's one thing missing," she said.

Takumi stared up at the shorter girl, lost. "What do you mean?" he asked.

Rather then replying with words, Akira bent down and placed a light yet meaningful kiss on Takumi's soft lips. "You're missing," she said, pulling away, "Me, The Healer."

Takumi grinned from ear to ear. "If that's the case," he started, "I'm not missing anything. I already have you."

"In a literal sense, yes, I'm here." Akira replied. "But," she said, "I want to know if I'm… here," she finished, placing her hand over Takumi's heart.

Takumi placed his hand atop of Akira's, gently removing the soft skin from his chest. Drowning himself in Akira's eyes, he answered, "Yes. Always have been, always will be."

Like I said, this is pure fluff and joy. Very short too, as you can see. No flames, please :)

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