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Here's chapter 4.

"So, tell me..." Naruto stretched his neck as Sasuke fixed the black neck-tie for him. "Why, exactly, are we dressing up for this?" The blonde teen tugged at the neck-tie as Sasuke has tied it a bit too tightly, and grimaced at the dark grey suit he was forced to wear. Sasuke smirked and tied his own neck-tie while observing the youngster from the corner of his eye.

"Demons have class," Sasuke stated simply.

"Class, you say," Naruto muttered and sighed. "We're just going to a human night club. What a lame mission."

"We're going to talk to the owner of it. He owes Tsunade money. And yes, it's a minor mission," he said and turned to Naruto who was still wearing a sullen expression. "But it's a mission, none the less. And it's your first, so you should try and act like you're excited."

"... Woo-hoo," Naruto sighed. "Do all demons dress up before going to missions?"

"No. Not the small ones."

"Small ones?"

"Yes. Didn't they teach you at the temple? Just like there are different species of angels, there are different types of demons. The small ones are usually referred to as 'monsters' by the humans. Poltergeists and such. Their only mission is to freak the humans out. Occasionally tempting them to commit sins. Those kinds of things. And they don't need to dress up, because they're usually invisible."

"Huh," Naruto mused and threw another annoyed glance at the mirror. "I envy them. This is totally uncomfortable."

Sasuke scoffed and walked towards the door. Naruto followed him.

"You shouldn't. They're pathetic. They crawl in the mud, take pleasure in disgust, and they aren't very clever." Sasuke locked the door behind them and descended the stairs. "You'll get used to the suit. And the thing I said before, about demons having class... well, that's true, but that's not all there is to it. There is a reason why we dress this way."

"Please, enlighten me," Naruto muttered and put his hands in his pockets. Sasuke chose to ignore the childish behavior.

"Demons have always dressed the way rich and powerful humans do. To gain respect. If we were to show up in sweatpants and t-shirts, they wouldn't listen to us. And then we'd have to use violence."

"And violence is bad because...?" Naruto frowned confusedly. They got into Sasuke's car and Sasuke gave an amused snort.

"Not that I disapprove of your sudden fondness to violence, but demons rarely use it unless it's necessary." Sasuke started the car and started to drive. The sun had set, and Sasuke was grateful. "Never give the angels a reason to disrespect us," he said sternly and gave Naruto a glance. The blonde stared at him, clearly not understanding. "If we were to kick the humans' asses every time we want something, we'd be no better than the small demons. Petty, disgusting, pathetic. Like animals. We prefer to do it in a more... classy way," he said and gave Naruto a smirk. "You get it?"

"I guess. Humans are intimidated by people who look like they have power." He straightened his neck-tie out and nodded. "So this way, we won't have to use our powers. I get it."

"Oh, we're going to use our powers," Sasuke said and grinned to himself as the sky was rapidly darkening. "But in a much more discreet way."

Naruto didn't ask anything more, and Sasuke maintained the amused expression all the way to the bar.

Dozens of people were hanging outside the bar, smoking, trying to stand up straight, and they didn't pay attention to the dark-haired young man or the blonde teen, who were both dressed as if they belonged to the men in black. Sasuke went inside and Naruto followed while trying to avoid the humans who, in their drunk state, claimed they loved everyone in the whole world and, amazingly enough, had invented a cure for love.

Sasuke wore a bored expression, which didn't really reflect the way he truly felt - which was annoyed and disgusted. As he usually felt whenever he had to interact with humans. Hormones were in the air, and humans who had had a bit too much to drink were trying to confess their love, or call a friend on their cellphones, resulting in shouting and drooling. Naruto looked curious and didn't succeed in looking as cool and collected as Sasuke. A hand descended upon Sasuke's shoulder, and for a second, he was ready to snap every one of those delicate fingers, but then he realized it was Shikamaru.

"Hey," the lazy demon said with a slight smirk. "You look delightfully pissed off."

"How'd you guess?" Sasuke said sarcastically. "Visiting a human night club is usually such a pleasant experience." Just then he was bumped by two young men, one of them looking ready to puke all over Sasuke's suit. They slurred an apology and rushed out of the club, probably scared off by Sasuke's fierce glare. Shikamaru gave a mock-amused smile and turned to Naruto, who looked quite disgusted with the crowd of drunk humans.

"Excited about going to your first mission?" Shikamaru asked and Naruto's frown got deeper and was accompanied by an annoyed pout.

"Yes, as you can see, I'm absolutely thrilled."

Shikamaru snickered and put his hands in his pockets.

"He's got the same sense of humour as you, Sasuke," he said and turned to the raven. "How charming."

"Whatever," Sasuke sighed and also put his hands in his pockets. "Just take me to the manager so that we can get this over and done with."

"Will do," Shikamaru said and gave another one of his lazy smirks. "This way."

The night club was dark and the mood matched it. This was the kind of place the humans went to when they needed to vent their frustration, either by finding someone to mate with, or to drown your troubles with alcohole. The dancefloor was crowded by boys and girls, trying desperately to look sexy with their swaying hips and sensual touching-them-selves. The music was up-beat and clishé. Flashes of pink and green lit up the dancers.

But as they walked further into the club, they entered another room. A small sign that said "v.i.p." was on the door. Shikamaru opened it and they went inside. They entered a dark corridoor, with several doors on both sides.

"Be careful. He's got his gorillas with him. Futile, but still. I'm too tired to fight with a bunch of humans with guns tonight." Shikamaru rubbed his neck and Sasuke nodded.

The music was heavier and deeper in the corridor. The feeling of misery got stronger with each step. Sasuke threw a glance to Naruto who stared ahead, suddenly looking a bit more nervous. The blonde stopped in front of one of the doors and turned his face to the floor. Sasuke and Shikamaru stopped and turned to the blonde. For a second, Sasuke thought Naruto was going to turn back, but then Naruto turned to the door on his right. He glared at it so fiercely, Sasuke frowned and leaned closer to it. Then he heard it, and sighed.

"Don't think too much about it. It happens all the time in this world."

Naruto didn't reply at first, but when he turned to Sasuke, the older demon noticed a hint of redness in the normally blue eyes.

"What are they doing, Sasuke?" He said, voice shaking with disgust.

"They're fucking, obviously." Sasuke watched Naruto coldly and waited for Naruto to come to terms with it, so that they could move on.

"She's been drugged. She's not aware of any of it," Naruto said bitterly. "And... they're carrying dangerous diseases."

"You're able to hear all that?" Shikamaru sounded a bit impressed. "You can read minds?"

"No," Naruto hissed and gave the closed door one last glare before starting to walk again. "I can smell it on their blood."

They continued to walk in silence. Sasuke glanced to Shikamaru who looked back. They both knew what this meant. If Naruto could get that upset from two guys raping a drugged girl, it meant that his conscience was still intact. Turning him into a heartless demon would be difficult. Sasuke sighed.

"We're here," Shikamaru said and gestured to the door painted black in front of them. "As I said, don't tease them too much." He gave the door two quick knocks and opened it. The room was lit up by candles and a few red lamps. A few men were gathered around a round table, playing a game of cards. They gave quick nods to the trio who walked in, but didn't pay them further notice. In the back of the room was a leather couch, in which a bald man with a white suit was getting a blow-job by a half-naked young girl. Shikamaru sighed.

"Oh, this is just awesome..."

He walked up to said bald man who didn't seem to notice that he had gotten company. Shikamaru bent down to the busy girl who froze in her actions when the young demon whispered something in her ear. She gave him a very frightened look and immediately rushed out of the room, effectively catching the attention of the bald man who flinched when he saw Shikamaru's face. He quickly put his organ back into his pants and snapped his fingers. Three of the men by the table got up and placed themselves behind Sasuke and Naruto, crossing their arms over broad chests.

"What the fuck are you doing here?" The bald man hissed hoarsely and tried looking calm.

"Tsunade wants her money," Sasuke said and smirked evilly behind black bangs. "Easy as that."

The bald man swallowed and started to sweat.

"Ts-tsunade... wants her money? I've... completely forgotten all about that," he said and gave a shrill laugh. Shikamaru sniggered.

"That's weird... You see, she told me that she gave you a call about it a few days back."

"Five, to be exact," Sasuke filled in. Naruto still hadn't said anything, but merely stared coldly at the bald man.

"Oh, come on!" The bald man stood up. "Give me a chance... Yeah, I'm a little late, so what!? I... It's difficult to run a business like this!"

"Apparently it is, since it's absolutely necessary to buy drugs and..." Sasuke said and leaned closer to the man to peer at the suit he was wearing. "... Expensive clothes for the money instead."

The man swallowed again and took a step back, only to fall back into his couch again. He pulled a handkerchief out of his pocket and brought it to his damp forehead.

"What are you going to do? Kill me?" He stuttered with wide eyes. "I've got three armored men here. Don't pull anything stupid on me, here... I don't have the money yet. She'll get them soon!"

Sasuke shook his head and pulled his right hand from his pocket, making the bald man flinch again, and spent the next three seconds on checking his nails.

"Soon, you say?" Sasuke lifted his gaze to the bald club-owner again, and his eyes had bled red. "You're already six weeks late. Tsunade has been kind to you..."

"Why don't you just give us the money, and we'll get out of here?" Shikamaru sighed. "We don't like this arrangement any more than you do."

"I told you I don't have them...!" The bald man got up from the couch but was quickly forced down again by the foot of Naruto Uzuamaki. The three men behind them pulled out the guns.

"Liar," Naruto stated calmly, and Sasuke stared at the blonde teen. Naruto kept his foot firmly placed on the bald man's chest, making it difficult for the human to breathe. "I know you're lying, so give us the money, and we'll get out of your disgusting club, hopefully never to return."

The bald man looked as if he was about to protest, but Naruto's eyes were so filled with hatred that he was left speechless for a few seconds.

"Those money are for another man..."

"Your drug dealer?" Sasuke asked and smirked. "Well, that wasn't very smart, was it?" The bald man swallowed hard.

"He's going to kill me if he doesn't get his money next week..."

"Unfortunately, that's not our problem," Shikamaru leered. "You see, Tsunade sent us here to either get the money back, or kill you."

"Either way," Naruto said and actually managed to muster a smirk. "You die. But if you pay us now, at least you'll have one week to figure out how to handle that drug dealer of yours. Run away, or perhaps rob some old lady?"

"And do believe me," Shikamaru said and turned to the three men behind them. "Shooting us will not accomplish anything."

"So what are you going to do?" Sasuke said and put his hands back into his pocket. "Die now, or die later?"

The air felt cool and refreshing when the trio finally left the building. Naruto took a deep breath and exhaled with delight. Shikamaru held the envelope containing Tsunade's money in a firm grip before giving Naruto and Sasuke a nod.

"I'm off to Tsunade's office now. Sasuke, I'll talk to you later, and kid," he turned to Naruto. "You did well today. I'll be sure to tell your godmother all about your first mission."

"Please do," Naruto said and gave a quick nod.

They watched Shikamaru leave and went back to the car. Sasuke glanced to Naruto again and noticed the blonde teen was slightly trembling. He frowned.


Said blonde jumped and turned to Sasuke with wide eyes.


"Are you okay?" Sasuke asked and unlocked the car and got in. Naruto took a seat, too, and nodded silently. Sasuke quirked an eyebrow at Naruto's behavior. "... You sure?"

"Yes. I'm fine." Naruto didn't look at Sasuke, but opted to look at the youngsters that were walking by on the street, some obviously already drunk, while others were obviously about to become drunk.

"Were you nervous?"

"A little. Isn't that normal?" Naruto muttered.

"I suppose."

They were silent for a few minutes, engulfed in their own thoughts. Naruto stared at the people on the streets they went past, while Sasuke stared calmly ahead.

"Are all humans like that?" Naruto suddenly asked, not taking his gaze off the passing scenery.

"Like what?"

"... Are they all... that primitive?"

"What do you mean?" Sasuke asked, almost feeling a tad worried when he heard the semi-sad tone of Naruto's voice. "They're humans. Of course they're primitive. Their sole purpose in life is producing kids."

"Sex, drugs, more sex... It's all they do. Fucking and getting wasted. Why is it like this?" Naruto's narrowed eyes were as bitter as the tone of his voice. The impossibly blue eyes suddenly looked dull.

"Beats me. It's a bit amusing, though. The angels fight so hard for the humans well being, and the humans just seem to... throw it all away." Sasuke gave a short laugh. "How idiotic. It's like they want to go to hell."

Naruto didn't say anything, and Sasuke glanced to the troubled blonde. The streetlights danced over Naruto's face.

"Naruto... Why do you care so much?" Sasuke sighed. "Is this about that girl who just got raped?" Naruto flinched at this and quickly shook his head.

"N-no!" Naruto said a bit too quickly. "Why would it be? I don't care about that stupid incident. She was stupid to let them drug her in the first place," Naruto sighed. "But..."

"But?" Sasuke lit a cigarette. Naruto's expression turned dull, as if his thoughts were too heavy for him to handle.

"She's going to die. The diseases they were carrying are in her blood now. Eventually, she will die. It's insane... How easily their lives can crumble from just one single mistake."

Sasuke sighed and felt his forehead tense into a frown. Damnit.

"Naruto, I'm stepping outside for a second, okay?"

"Sure," Naruto mumbled and continued eating his noodles while watching the show on tv. Sasuke put on his coat and ran down the stairs. When he got out, he picked his cell phone up and dialed Tsunade, almost trembling with anger. It was not fair. Totally unfair.

"Brat, I was asleep," Tsunade muttered and yawned audibly. Sasuke was so angry that he couldn't say anything at first. "What do you want? Is everything going alright with Naruto?" That was the trigger that made Sasuke snap.

"You know full fucking well it's not going alright!" Sasuke spat and growled with frustration. "You KNEW, didn't you? You knew about it, and you didn't tell me!"

"... Whatever are you talking about?" The semi-amused tone of her voice made Sasuke even more angry - she definitely knew what he was talking about.

"Don't fuck with me!" Sasuke sneered. "That Naruto... Shit, Tsunade, why? Why didn't you tell me it was impossible?"

"Sasuke, calm down. Now tell me what you seem to think I knew about."

Sasuke took a deep breath and leaned against the brick wall. The cold seeped through the fabric and he shuddered.

"Naruto... damnit. I knew he was fifty percent angel, and I knew he was capable of loving... But Tsunade, this is too much. It's not just the fact that he's capable of loving someone... Naruto cares for them! He cares about the humans way too much! He got totally upset tonight when he heard a human girl getting raped at the club. He's totally down because of it."


Sasuke's eyes widened and he gave a hollow laugh.

"SO? It's basically impossible to turn him into a demon! No one who loves humans can become a demon!"

"Are you sure he loves them?" Tsunade sounded somewhat mysterious and Sasuke stilled. What was that supposed to mean?

"... Why else would he get that upset?"

Tsunade gave an audible sigh, and Sasuke felt the vein on his forehead thump. Why did she always have to act like he was a stupid brat who wasn't really worth her attention?

"Sasuke, do you know why it's more common that angels fall and turn into demons, than the other way around?"


"Because the humans are so damn hard to love. They're ungrateful, they make mistake after mistake, they commit suicide, they give up, they're cruel towards each other... Humans are weak. The source of the angels' powers is love. The source of the demons' power is hatred. And it's much easier to hate the humans instead loving them." Tsunade suddenly sounded sad. "God gave them life, a free will, possibilities. Look what they're doing with those gifts. They shitting on them and throwing them out the window. They're ruining their planet, and start unnecessary wars."

"... What are you saying? Are you saying Naruto hates the humans?"

"I didn't say he hates them. It's all about the capability of hating them.. Shikamaru told me what happened tonight. Naruto might've gotten upset from hearing an innocent girl getting raped, but at the same time, it seems he actually displayed some rather hateful actions towards the club owner. If Naruto loved the humans as unconditionally as the angels do, he would never had done something like that." Tsunade paused. "Did Naruto say anything about it afterwards?"

Sasuke had calmed down and was now watching the stars twinkle on the dark blue sky.

"Now that you mention it... He was talking about how humans are primitive and that all they seem to care about is sex and drugs."

"... I think he's just disappointed in how badly the humans are behaving. He IS partly an angel, after all."

"That doesn't change the fact that Naruto is capable of loving. Love isn't an emotion that demons possess," Sasuke drawled. Tsunade snorted softly.

"Stop fooling yourself, Sasuke. You, of all people, should know full well that there are demons who are capable of loving."

Sasuke's face turned into a sneer and his eyes narrowed. Tsunade was crossing the line. She knew that he couldn't stand hearing about that. He had already moved on and left that part behind.

"I don't wanna hear it," he stated, clenching his jaw.

"Of course you don't," Tsunade sighed tiredly. "Anyhow, love can bring you strength, but love can also be turned into your biggest weakness. It's up to you, my dear Uchiha, to figure out how to turn Naruto's love into weakness. If you figure out how to use it against him, you might be able to make him choose hell, despite being capable of loving."


"I'm going to bed now. Good night, Sasuke."

She hung up and Sasuke stared at the buzzing cell phone in disbelief. Why did she always have to be so damn cryptic? Sasuke didn't know anything about love, so how the hell was he supposed to know how to turn it into Naruto's weakness? Sasuke flipped the cell phone closed and grit his teeth.

"Damn neutral," he muttered before going back inside.

"Who were you talking to? You're angry," Naruto stated, not asked, as Sasuke walked back into the apartment. Sasuke sighed and headed for the kitchen to grab a beer. Naruto followed him.

"Who said I was angry?" He muttered, even though Naruto had hit it straight on. Naruto gave an amused snort and leaned against the counter.

"No one. I can tell. Your eyes are still a little red, your normally perfect hair is ruffled, and your blood is pumping faster than usual. The scent changes when the pulse speeds up, so I can tell," Naruto stated calmly and reached for the juice box before Sasuke had the chance to close the fridge. Sasuke gave an annoyed frown and opened the can.

"You're too observant."

Naruto smiled and opened his juice box. The silence that followed was comfortable, only interrupted by occasional 'aah's after taking an extra large gulp of beer or juice.

"I want a smoke," Sasuke sighed and scratched the back of his head as he headed for the balcone. "You want one?"

Naruto shrugged but followed suit.

"I can keep you company, but honestly... smoking is your thing."

"Hmm?" Sasuke snorted and gave Naruto a smirk. "And here I thought we were making progress?" He lit the cigarette and was just about to inhale some of the poisonous smoke when someone suddenly napped the stick from his grasp. Naruto smirked delightfully and put the cigarette in his mouth. He took a breath and let out a big cloud of smoke before giving the cigarette back to Sasuke with a grin.

"There... Now I've stolen from you. Still disappointed, sensei?"

"Stealing is petty. I'm going to have to call your parents, young student," Sasuke snickered and Naruto joined him, chuckling a little. They were silent for a while. Sasuke glanced at Naruto, who was watching the people down at the street.

"Hey," Sasuke broke the silence and Naruto turned to Sasuke. "Why exactly were you so upset about that girl? Don't deny it, I know you were."

Naruto's eyes widened and he opened his mouth, as if he was going to defend himself, but stopped before uttering a word. Sasuke looked sternly at him and finally, Naruto sighed and turned back to the street.

"It's not... It wasn't the girl, really. I pitied her, sure, but that's not why I was annoyed."

"You wanna fill me in?"

Naruto frowned and leaned against the rail. Sighing heavily he turned halfway to Sasuke.

"I'm not sure I understand it myself." Giving a sound of frustration, Naruto leaned back and turned his gaze to the sky. "Why do we always have our deep conversations out here?" He pondered, sounding amused, despite the tense situation. Sasuke gave a crooked smile.

"Beats me. Being out in the open helps me think."

"Good for you, cuz being out in the open apparently does nothing to improve my ability to think," Naruto chuckled but the smile that adorned his features didn't stay for long. "I wish I could just... switch one side off. Like, seal one part of me away, so that I wouldn't have to feel like this." The blonde gave Sasuke a confused, suffering look. As if he was asking Sasuke for a solution. But Sasuke didn't have one, and all he could offer for the moment was a shrug and a small amount of nicotine. He shoved the cigarette into Naruto's mouth and the teen closed his eyes for a second, inhaling deeply.

"I'm going to get addicted to this shit," Naruto muttered, but didn't return the cigarette. Sasuke frowned a little.

"Might be good for you to focus on something," he said and Naruto gave a laugh.

"Focus on smoking? That's awfully considerate of you."

"Smoking helps me relax," Sasuke said. "I'm just trying to help you. It's not like you'll get sick and die from it. You're not human."

"That's very true," Naruto sighed and put the cigarette in his mouth again. "... I'm not human."

Sasuke observed the blonde demangel discreetly from the corner of his eye. Naruto seemed to be in deep thought.

"The reason I was a bit pissed off was because I'd been talking to your godmother, Tsunade-sama," Sasuke said, effectively interrupting Naruto's deep thoughts. The blonde looked a bit confused.

"Tsunade-baa? Why would you be angry? I thought the two of you were on good terms." Naruto looked confused and Sasuke smirked.

"We don't hate each other, but 'good terms' is an overstatement," he sniggered. "Anyways, I was just expressing my... irritation."

"Irritation?" Naruto quirked an eyebrow. Sasuke lit another cigarette and nodded.

"Yeah. I'm supposed to turn you into a demon. I'm not gonna beat around the bush - my job is to make you choose hell eventually. I'm pretty sure you know that. I was worried that you might still be too attached to the humans. If you are, it's gonna make my job much more difficult."

Naruto put his hands in his pockets, trying to look indifferent, but Sasuke could see the nervous lines around Naruto's eyes. The older demon sighed.

"She said... Nothing." Sasuke closed his eyes and leaned against the rail with an untroubled, almost lazy look. "Nothing at all."

Naruto stared at him, and the nervous traces in his face slowly turned into irritation.

"Liar," Naruto muttered. Sasuke smirked and leaned back to meet Naruto's frown.


"That's unfair."

"So is not telling me why you got upset tonight."

"Touché." Naruto scowled and gave an irritated growl. "Ugh, fine! As I said... It's difficult for me to understand it, too..."

"Try." Sasuke didn't want to push Naruto, but he wanted Naruto to understand why he reacted the way he did by himself. The blonde rubbed his temples.

"It's like... Hm... One part of me didn't care. It was almost amusing. Humans can be so stupid. But then... I got disgusted. Why did they do that to her? Why did she let them do it to her? Why did they use drugs, why did they drink. You could easily blame the men for raping her, and boo-hoo, she caught their diseases and died... But if she hadn't been drinking in the first place, none of it would've happened. And if she hadn't gone out alone, those men probably wouldn't have targeted her. Who's to blame?"

Sasuke gave a hoarse chuckle.

"Boy, if you had said this in the presence of a human girl, she'd kick your ass before you could blink. According to most of them, the girl is never to blame."

"And I get that!" Naruto exclaimed. "Of course I understand that. But that's just it! Everyone blames one another. Who knows what the hell those guys have been through? Maybe they just don't care anymore? Who can tell whether or not that girl deserved what she got? Who knows what she has done? If she had stayed at home, or gone to another club, or decided not to drink alcohol, it would have never happened."

Sasuke's eyes widened as he watched Naruto speak. All of a sudden, Naruto's hair looked brighter, the blue eyes shined, and there was an air of freshness around him. Oh yes. Sasuke frowned bitterly. This was the angel-part of Naruto speaking.

"So who is really to blame? Are those men evil, just because they did that?" The brightness suddenly vanished and Naruto's eyes started looking dull again with a faintly glowing red light deep down. Naruto frowned deeper. "What a stupid girl. And primitive men. Idiotic. Disgusting."

A couple of seconds went by, and then Naruto turned to Sasuke with a tired and confused look, as if he had just done something extremely exhausting, without even understanding it.

"See what I mean? I really don't understand this." Naruto gave a shaky, sad smile and went back inside. Sasuke stared after him before turning back to the dark sky to finish his cigarette. He sighed.

"Damnit... This is really going to be difficult."


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