Author's note: This story contains an OC. I apologise for any grammar mistake that I might have made.

It is rewritten, but the storyline is still the same. To those who had read Chapter 1 and Chapter 2, and still remember the story line, there is no need for you all to reread these two chapters. All I did is repair my grammar mistakes and make the story better.


"Houx, do you still remember Rima-chan?" Saul started the conversation.

"Of course, Rima is our childhood friend, and then she had gone to England to study abroad," said Houx as memories he shared with the said girl replayed in his brain.

"By the way, why did you suddenly mention about her?" continued Houx.

"Nee... Houx, do you like Rima-chan?"

"Saul, what are you talking about? Rima and I are just childhood friends. Wait Saul, don't tell me you like her?" Saul kept quiet and blushed.

"I see. So, you do really like Rima. Why didn't you tell her before she went to England? What if she comes back with a boyfriend or if she decides to stay there for her whole life..?"

"She promised me that she will come back one day later. Once she comes back, I will definitely tell her my true feeling. Houx, you promised me you are not in love with Rima-chan, right?"

"Yeah, I promise you."

"Houx, there is a letter for you," the blond-haired girl, Vanilla Myu handed the letter to the brunet.

'Who sent this letter to me?' the brunet wandered as he slowly opened the letter.

Houx, do you still remember me? I am Rima. I had come back from England. I heard you are living in Human World now with Saul and the other two queen candidates. I will wait for you at the old place we went before. Hope to meet you there.

By: Rima

"Saul!" called the brunet happily and continued, "Rima said she had returned from England. We can meet her at the Royale Garden tomorrow!" exclaimed Houx after he had finished reading the letter that he was still holding in his hand.

"Really?" Saul shouted excitedly, knowing that he can finally meet her lovely Rima-chan again and this time he would not miss the chance to confess his feeling for her.

Saul had totally forgotten that Chocola and Vanilla was still in the house too. Houx just smiled, he was really glad to see his brother getting so happy and excited.

"Vanilla, did Saul eat anything wrong today?" Houx could hear Chocolat asked from behind.

"I don't think so. He just ate breakfast and I am the person who cooked the breakfast. If anything went wrong, then Chocolat, Houx and I will also be as crazy as Saul now, isn't it?"

Both the girls looked at each other, confused. They then took a look at Houx, asking for an answer. The brunet just smiled and even asked them to leave his brother.

The next day, Houx and Saul did not even eat breakfast and they went out. They can't wait to see Rima again.

"Houx..!" Rima called out the brunet's name as she was so happy to see him again.

"Rima! You have grown to be much beautiful," said Houx, walking towards his childhood friend.

Rima, who didn't notice Saul from behind ran towards the brunet, and she hugged him tightly. Houx immediately returned the hug. As the two released from each other's hug, Saul walked forward, greeting the girl.

"Rima-chan! I miss you so much!" exclaimed Saul as he put the girl in front of him into an embrace.

"Yeah, me too," replied Rima simply.

"Rima, have you eaten your breakfast? If you haven't, would you mind joining us?" asked Houx.

"Of course I don't mind. Let's go!" Rima smiled sweetly at the brunet.

While eating, the three of them talked about their stories. Rima was talking about the things happened to her in England. Saul really enjoyed listening to Rima's story. For the whole breakfast, Saul's eyes never left Rima, as Rima's eyes never left Houx.

"Excuse me, I need to go to the toilet for a while," said Rima as she headed towards the female toilet. After she disappeared from the twins' sight, Houx stood up.

"Eh, Houx where are you going?" his brother asked him.

"I am going back, of course. If I continue sitting here, then I will be interrupting Rima and your dating," explained Houx, making his way to go out as he whispered 'Good Luck' to his brother.

"Thanks, Houx," whispered Saul, although he knew his brother would not be able to hear anything.

"Houx, where are you going?" asked Rima curiously, as she walked out from the toilet entrance.

"Sorry, Rima I have got something to do, so I am leaving for today," explained Houx, smiling.

"But, Houx-" Rima tried to chase Houx but she was stopped by Saul.

"Rima-chan, Houx is really busy. Maybe we can continue our story?" suggested Saul, smiling.

Hearing that, Rima had no choice but to calm down and continue eating her breakfast. However, she did not continue her story. She found it really boring without the brunet. Saul realised her sudden silence, but he didn't say anything. He felt like the girl in front of him was in a very angry mood right now, for what reason he didn't know. However, since it's so quiet right now, he thought it would be the best chance for him to confess.

"Rima-chan, I have something to tell you. How about we-"

"Sorry, Saul. I am feeling tired. Let's meet again someday," said the girl, cutting of the pity boy's words as she stood up, preparing to leave.

"Wait, Rima-chan, I will send you back to your home," said Saul, running towards her after paying for the food.

"No need, I can go back myself," came the toneless reply.

Then the girl left, leaving the poor Saul alone. The poor blue-haired teenager could only stare at his one-sided lover's back before she disappeared from his sight. He then spent his time around the town. He didn't want to return home and tell his brother that he had failed to confess to Rima. He didn't want to disappoint his beloved brother who had always supported him.

To be continued…

Author's Note: Rima is Houx and Saul's childhood friend in Magical World. Once when they were still kids, Houx brought Rima to the Royale Garden in Human World, the old place that Rima said is actual Royale Garden.