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Chapter 2

"Rima-chan, I have something to tell you. How about we-"

"Sorry, Saul. I am feeling tired. Let's meet again someday," said the girl, cutting of the pity boy's words as she stood up, preparing to leave.

"Wait, Rima-chan, I will send you back to your home," said Saul, running towards her after paying for the food.

"No need, I can go back myself," came the toneless reply.

Saul recalled his previous conversation with Rima as he was resting himself on the bed. It was night time already. He came back when Houx was already asleep. Lucky for him, he didn't want to answer any questions anyway. He kept thinking what caused the sudden, strange behaviour of his lover, but he just didn't get it. Rima was still chatting with him happily until Houx excused himself-

Wait, now that he thought back, it had all happened after Woo left them alone. It meant Rima suddenly being moody because Houx was not there anymore. Does that mean Rima actually had feeling for Houx?

'T- That's imposibble,' thought Saul in surprise.

"Rima is not in love with Houx…. Yes, she is not in love with Houx," murmured Saul softly, trying to convince himself.

The next day, Saul and Houx went to meet Rima. The three of them went to lots of places together since Rima said she wanted to visit many different places. When afternoon had arrived, Houx once again excused himself. This time, he wasn't doing it on purpose. He really had something important to deal with in school, thus giving another good chance to his brother.

"Rima…" started Saul as he cleared his throat, grabbing Rima's shoulders and forced the girl to face him.

"I… I have been in love with you since the first time we met! I really, really love you! I want to spend my every second with you!" exclaimed Saul anxiously.

Rima was very shocked to hear that. She had treated Saul as her best friend all these time, so how should she react at a time like this? If she said the truth, she will hurt Saul, but if she lied, then it would be very cruel to him as well.

"I- I'm sorry, Saul." Rima turned away, didn't dare to look at Saul after hurting him that deep.

"It's alright. I don't blame you," said Saul, forcing a smile on his lips. Once again Rima apologised to Saul, but the rejected guy said nothing. With that, Rima left him again, knowing that her appearance itself hurt him the most.

(Knock the door)

"Who is that?" Chocolat asked before she went and opened the door.

"Hi, is Houx here?" asked the girl at the door.

"Houx, your friend is here for you!" shouted Chocolat, in order to let the brunet who was in his room to hear her voice.

Hearing that, Houx immediately came out of his room. He was shocked to see Rima here. After all, wasn't she supposed to be with Saul right now? Before he could ask any questions, Rima had requested that she had something to talk to him.

"Before I came here, Saul had confessed to me," said Rima. Houx smiled as he heard that. Saul had finally braved himself to confess his love for her.

"But I had rejected him," continued the girl, earning a surprise look from the brunet.

"Houx, actually I…" Rima paused and cleared her throat before she continued, "Houx, I think I'm in love with you. Can you give me a chance?" confessed Rima, but the brunet said nothing. He was too surprised. He didn't know how to react in this type of conversation.

Hearing no answer, Rima continued, "At first, I didn't dare to confess to you, but when Saul confessed to me just now, I suddenly had the courage to do so. That's why I ended up running here."

"Rima, I… I am sorry…"

"It's alright. Actually I already know the answer, I just wanted to try my luck. We are still friends, right?" asked Rima as the brunet nodded.

"Since we are not going to be together, can you let me kiss you just this once?" asked Rima. Houx nodded again as he thought if that would satisfy her, then why not? After all, he wouldn't lose anything by having a girl kissing him, right? With that, Rima closed her eyes as she pushed her feet upwards to land a kiss on Houx's right cheek.

"Houx… Rima…" Both of them could suddenly hear a lifeless tone behind them. It was Saul. Their eyes widened together when they saw the blue-haired teenager stood there, with his unusual hurt, blue eyes. Rima was in too much shock to even say or do anything. Saul moved backwards when Houx moved forward a step.

"Don't touch me! I hate you, Houx. You betrayed me!" Saul shouted in anger as he ran to his room. Rima wanted to chase him to explain everything but she was stopped by Houx.

"Houx, will it be alright? I don't want Saul to hate you because of me. I-" Rima's panic face caught the brunet.

"I will try to do something about it. For now, you should go home first. Don't worry, it's not your fault. If anything, it will be because of me," said Houx, patting the girl's head. With that, he ran towards his room, to Saul and his room.

"Houx, Saul… I'm sorry." Rima whispered to herself in worries after leaving the twins' house.

"Saul, open the door. Listen to my explanation, Saul!" Houx knocked the door hardly for a few times, but his brother continued to ignore him.

"Saul! Saul!" The brunet kept calling non-stop until he heard the sound of his brother crying. The sound of his brother crying told him that he had hurt his brother too deep, things cannot turn back anymore. He was the reason that his brother was in tears right now.

"I'm sorry for hurting you. I didn't mean to do that. I… I know that you wouldn't want to see me anymore. I am just sorry, Saul."

Houx then left the house to go out for a night walk, or perhaps spent his night outside. After all, he wouldn't have a bed tonight.

Saul could hear footsteps of a certain someone getting further from his room. He knew Houx was going outside, but he didn't care. He hated him. He hated him because he had betrayed him. He had promised that he had no interest in Rima, yet he saw Rima kissing him. He hated the fact that Rima loved Houx, but not him. The scene where Houx hugged Rima flowed through Saul's brain. He can't stop it, his heart was in pain. The tears just kept falling down from his eyes, he can't stop it. He wouldn't forgive Houx anymore.

(Water dripping)

The brunet was fully drenched by the heavy rain. He stood under a tree and he squeezed his own shoulders with his hands there, he had to admit that he was cold, but it didn't matter to him.

The only thing that mattered to him now was only his brother, but he knew Saul wouldn't forgive him.

Don't touch me! I hate you, Houx. You betrayed me!

Memories of sadness were replayed in his brain, he couldn't control his tears from escaping his brown eyes. It hurt so much to be hated by someone you loved so much.

"Eh, aren't you Kato's cousin?" Akira who stood not far from the brunet, holding a small umbrella asked in curious. Houx looked at him for quite a long time until he finally remembered who the person was. He was Chocolat and Vanilla's classmate.

"Come on, it's raining here and you will catch a cold later. Come into my house." Akira grabbed Houx wrist with the umbrella above both of them. The brunet doesn't really want to go in, but he knew he had no place to go so he followed him. Besides, going in to have a visit wouldn't waste any time at all.

"You can have a sit there," said Akira politely while stirring the sugar in the tea as he put the two cups of tea on the table. One is for Houx and another one is for himself. Akira then asked about what happened. The brunet then told him that he had a fight with his brother.

"So, you actually had a fight with your brother? If it's your fault, why don't you just apologise to him?" Houx's eyes widened when the little boy spoke about his precious brother.

"No use, he doesn't even want to hear my voice. Besides that, I did something that was really unforgivable. It's my entire fault." Akira, who heard the brunet, felt really surprised. This was the first time he heard the brunet's true feeling, since they're not close at all.

"Sorry for disturbing you. I would like to excuse myself now." Houx forced a smile on his face and he stood up. His hair was still not drying yet, as the same goes to his shirt.

Before the brunet could move even another step, he lost his balance and he fell onto Akira, who held him just in time.

"Senpai, are you alright?" asked Akira, concern.

However, he got no reply from the brunet. Then, he felt some sort of high temperature running through his hands. The heat seemed to come from the brunet's body. Curious, the younger boy moved his right palm towards his senior's forehead. It was burning. Without wasting another second, he quickly brought the brunet onto his bed, and placed a cold towel on top of the patient's forehead. Then he headed out to the nearest pharmacy to buy fever medicine for him.

Before he left the room, he glanced at Houx again and whispered, "Rest well, senpai."

To be continued...