"Greg, come out! Please?"

A card pushed in my direction: No.



"Dude, please?"


"Come on, Greg . . . I got sugar!"


"For Crissakes," I groaned and got up off the floor. I sighed, and I got back down on the floor.

"Greg, you can't hide under the bed all day. Can you please come out?"

Greg pushed another card to me: No. Not yet.

"Gree-eeeg!" I groaned. "Fine. You wanna hide under the bed all day? Fine." I sat up, climbed onto his bed, and folded my arms. "I'm not leavin' until you leave."

He pushed another card out, and I got on my stomach to peer over the edge of the bed.

Prepare to get comfortable, then.

"Are all men stubborn?" I growled.

Just don't eat pizza in my bed.

I sighed. Another beautiful day.

Okay, this is was an extra thing Zipper told me about, and I didn't include it in the story, so HERE IT IS. Sorry if it bites - it was a quick thing in Newspaper.

~Izzy (who is trying to think of a sequel)