Hey guys!!! this isn't really a story... more of an important anouncement!!! me and my good friend MORGAN will be starting a SISTERS GRIMM PODCAST in January, and will be kicking off with an interview from the one and only MICHAEL BUCKLEY!!! so, just a heads up to send me your questions (PM only please).

When it is launched on itunes, it will be FREE, so DOWNLOAD!!! here is how each episode will go:

we will first talk about the books. About two episodes per book.

Then, we will talk about characters- main,minor, and in between

we will talk about Michael Buckley and read posts from his blog

And finally (drum-roll plz) once a month or so, one episode will be devoted purely to reading YOUR FANFICTIONS!!!

Here's how that will work:

I will read stories all month long and pick one or two I like that are COMPLETE

You can PM or docx me stories and suggestions

you can nominate stories, and on the second friday of the month, I will post the nominees so you can vote.

I am also going to read a story that will have a new chapter every week. If you would like to try-out to do this, send me the first chapter of the proposed story and a plot outline. This is a big commitment, so don't sign up unless you can stick with it.

Well, I don't know about yall, but i'm exited! So send me your stories!

Happily Everafter,