Author's Note: My first FA/SML story, ever. I hope I don't screw it up.

The days following our 'coming out' were the hardest. When I first faced Jessica that night, she wouldn't speak to me. She didn't even want to sleep in the same room as me. The next day was even worse, for that matter, because of the relentless teasing and abuse from people who I once called my "friends".

The one thing that kept me going was Agnes. That loving look in her eyes when she saw me healed all the wounds. Over the weeks, the hurtful words subsided, and we became, "tolerated" though not completely accepted by our classmates. Still, she grabbed my hand when people chattered amongst themselves while throwing glances at us.

Chocolate milk became our afternoon routine, either at her house or mine. I never thought I would meet someone who would tolerate my habit of making "strong" chocolate milk, but she surpassed my expectations, even making it specially for me! Who could've been more perfect?

Someday soon, I want us to make love. Not the forced, rushed kind that Johan and I tried, but "making love" in the truest sense of the phrase. I want it to be very special, and I don't doubt that she does too. I look forward to the day. But until then, we'll be sitting on the bed, drinking our chocolate milk.