A/N Okay, here it is, Alice is going to take you through the bellybutton ring reveal. Hope you like it! The boys sure did!

Sacrificial Lamb Chapter 22 Outtake


I waited a full fifteen minutes after Edward and Bella left to call the family together. I had to wait until Edward was out of hearing range, even though waiting was hardly my best activity. I kept dancing around the room, buzzing with excitement. Jasper tried to get me to tell him what in the world I was so jazzed about but I refused to do it. I can keep secrets! It's hard for me but I do it when I have to. Bella had asked and I had done so. I really deserved some kind of award for best sister in the world.

"Esme, Carlisle, Emmett & Rose, get your booties in here!" I skipped over to the bags I had stashed in my dresser drawer as everyone hurried into the room.

"Alice, what's the matter? Did you see something? Is there going to be a problem with tomorrow?" Esme looked petrified as she gripped my arm tightly. "Bella will be alright, won't she?"

Bella? What was she talking about? Oh! "Oh, Esme, everything is still fine! I'm sorry; I didn't mean to worry you. I'm just so excited!"

Rose rolled her eyes. "Excited that we're taking a life tomorrow. Lovely."

I scowled at her. "That is not what I'm excited about, although I am excited about Bella becoming one of us tomorrow. I love her and want her to be my sister forever. There's nothing wrong with that." Rose crossed her arms and huffed but said nothing more. Good. I didn't need her ruining my news.

Carlisle cleared his throat, recapturing my attention. "Well if everything is going to be fine with Bella, what is it you called us all in here for?"

"To show you what we got today!"

It was Emmett's turn for the eye roll. "Really Alice? You called us in here to see what you bought today? Since when have we ever cared about that?"

"Since now, although if you're going to be a jerk about it I should just not tell you."

He shrugged. "Okay." He started to leave the room. Dammit, he was ruining my surprise.

"Wait, Emmett! I swear it's something you want to see, to know, to see and know!" He halted and raised an eyebrow at me.

"I'm waiting. This better be good." Rather than say anything, I dumped the contents of the bags on my light pink comforter. Jewelry spilled everywhere. "Is that all? I already know Bella got her ears pierced, Edward noticed downstairs and I saw then. Big deal."

"She what?" Rose's voice came out in an indignant screech. She marched over to my bed, her blond hair flying, as she sorted through the pretty little earrings I'd picked out for Bella. "That just figures. It's not enough to become one of us; she has to be special, doesn't she? Always having to stand out, that's our Bella!" I yanked the butterfly earrings out of her hand, afraid that she was going to destroy them. From the flashes I was getting, she was thinking about it.

"Rose, the last thing Bella has ever wanted to do was stand out. She hates attention. She's wanted pierced ears since she was a little kid but was too afraid to get them. She's not afraid anymore, knowing what she has ahead of her tomorrow. It was now or never and she chose now. It's not some scheme she has going to make her different from the rest of us. She longs to be just like us." She let her jealousy color everything that Bella did, it was insane.

My Jazz, correctly reading the fact that Rosalie and I were about to get into it in a major way, decided to step in. I felt calm wash over me and sent him a smile of thanks. Fighting with Rosalie was not something I really felt like doing right now. His talent worked; whatever words Rose had been about to spew died on her lips.

Carlisle looked relieved that calm now prevailed. "Well, Alice, it's nice that Bella got her ears pierced and that you got her such pretty earrings to wear. I'm sure she's pleased." I sighed. Clearly he didn't get it. I'd have to spell it out for them.

"Notice this pile of jewelry? What do you see here?" Everyone's eyes shifted to where I'd emptied the second bag. At first glance, it looked like more earrings but even clueless vampires should be able to pick up on the fact that…

"There's only one of each earring there. Why would you get her one earring? Bella's not like Madonna for crying out loud." Emmett shook his head at me, thinking that I was going to try to get Bella to try out some strange style.

I sighed again. They were so blind. No wonder they always needed me to guide them. "They're not earrings."

Emmett's booming laugh shook the room. "What, is it a nose ring? I don't see Bella dangling junk from her nose. How would you do that anyway? These ones that hang down would get in the way, aren't they supposed to be hoops?" He held up the handcuff bellybutton ring to his nose. "Yeah it hangs down too far. What is this for, Alice?"

I hopped up on my bed to snatch the handcuffs from him. "Get the bellybutton ring away from your nose, Toro!" I screeched. I couldn't help it; I didn't want him sullying Bella's jewelry.

The whole room was silent at my declaration, nobody speaking or even moving a muscle. I waited, knowing what was coming. Jasper reached out and ran a finger down my arm, causing me to shiver in excitement. "Did you say bellybutton ring?" His voice sounded a little shaky. I grinned and nodded. Finally!

Emmett's mouth opened and closed a few times. He swallowed and tried again. "Bella…um…she got one? I mean, she's pierced? Down there? I mean, her belly?" I giggled and nodded again. He looked like a little kid on Christmas morning that had given a gift that he no idea what to do with. His expression showed excitement and nerves all at the same time. "But she's…Bella…she's my sister?"

"Yes, she's still your sister, Emmett. Nothing's changed, except that she has a pierced bellybutton." He choked out a half laugh/sob combination that cracked me up.

"Um, how does it look?"

Rosalie smacked him upside the head. "What do you care how it looks? Are you into her now, you want her just because she can wear a bellybutton ring?"

"Ow, Rosie! Of course I don't want her now, she's my sister. It's just…hot. Okay?"

She glared at him and stormed out of the room. Despite my vision, I fully expected Emmett to follow her but he didn't, instead keeping his eyes on the pile of bellybutton rings lying on my bed. "So…"

"So what, Em?"

"So, how does it look?" Esme and Carlisle gaped at Emmett, as shocked as I was that he hadn't run to soothe Rosalie this time.

I felt a little tingly and glanced over at Jasper, who wasn't saying anything but was running his finger along the dangly hearts bellybutton ring. He looked up at me and I gasped at the look on his face, my body tightening in awareness as I took in the desire in his golden eyes. "Um, what?"

"I said, how does it look? Is it sexy?" I glanced at Jazz again as I felt lust curling in my stomach. He was doing that. He was turned on. I knew he would be, of course, but seeing it in my mind was way different than feeling it.

I kept my eyes on my husband as I answered Emmett. "It's very sexy. Her concave stomach really sets it off beautifully, it lies perfectly."

Emmett choked again. "Yes, I'm sure it does." He walked over to the bed and looked more closely at the rings collected there. His laugh boomed out again, momentarily breaking the haze of desire in the room. "Is that a key?"

I looked away from Jasper and giggled again. "Yes, I had to get it for her when I saw it."

"Edward will die! I can't wait until she wears that one, let the key commentary begin!" Everyone joined us in our laughter then, Carlisle and Esme looking far more comfortable now that the sexual tension had diminished. "So, what's she wearing now?"

I smiled, knowing she was going to bring my brother to his knees when he saw it. "A music note."

"Oh man, that's going to slay him. He doesn't know, right?"

I giggled. "No, he'll find out when they get home."

Emmett's gaze burned into me and I felt that lust starting to come from my husband again. "How will he find out?"

"What?" How could I concentrate when my Jazz was getting me all excited? I knew Bella's news would go over well but I didn't really know it would be this good.

"I said how will he find out?"

I watched Jasper as I answered. "He'll find out when he takes off her dress. Not right away though, he kisses her neck and back for awhile so he doesn't notice right away." Emmett gripped my bedpost and I heard a grinding sound as he broke the wood. I should be mad, I really should but Jasper's lust spiked at my answer and all I could think about was attacking him.

"And his reaction?" Emmett's voice was lower, more guttural than usual. Dammit, what with Emmett and all the questions? I just wanted to be alone with my husband. Leave already!

"He loves it, of course." I'd had it with his presence so I continued on. "He's going to play with it all night, running his fingers over it, kissing it; licking it…you get the general idea." That did it. Jasper's lust was out of control now; I felt it wash over me and spread throughout the room.

I heard Esme and Carlisle both gasp, his hands winding around her waist tightly. Emmett growled and raced from the room, still holding a piece of my bedpost. Carlisle and Esme both followed seconds later and I was left alone with Jasper, finally. His eyes raked over me. "So I guess you like the bellybutton ring too?"

"I won't deny that it's extremely alluring. So is my wife."

My Jazz was a man of few words but he always said the right ones. I threw myself across the room and tackled him to the floor, shredding clothes and giggling as I heard crashing sounds throughout the house. It seemed that Jasper's lust had infected everyone; even Rosalie was affected despite being angry. "Thank God for bellybutton rings." Jasper laughed and kissed me. I had a quick passing thought that maybe I should drag Bella out for a tattoo but Jasper entered me and I forgot everything but him.