Chapter 1

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Bella POV:

I walked along the trail and saw Edward looking very solemn. "Bella, we're going," he said. "So I'm going too? Where will you be going?" I asked. "No…" he shook his head. "The 'we' you mean…" I trailed off, getting what he meant.

"It means my family and me," he said, looking at me. I felt tears well up in my eyes- how can he do this to me? "What about me, Edward?" I asked. "You're not good enough for me," he said. I turned and looked at his eyes that looked somehow pained.

"Not good enough… I…You don't want me?" I stammered, tears trickling down my face. He shook his head then he said, "Bella, please promise me something." I looked up and muttered harshly, trying to hide my pain and asked, "What?"

I saw him wince but I think it was just my imagination. "Keep yourself safe, Bella," he said. I nodded and turned away, waiting for him to go…to leave me here. "Bye," I whispered, knowing he will hear me. I heard the silent footsteps running away as he leaves.

Tears ran down my cheeks. How can he leave me just like this? Because of Jasper? That was really…nothing compared to the pain when he left me. My heart felt like it was being ripped into parts.

You're not good enough for me… You're not good enough for me… You're not good enough for me…

I'm not good enough for him, I should know that. He just treats me like a toy, didn't he? I started crying again and I blacked out. I heard some voices and I opened my eyes slowly, my vision blurry. "Bella, are you alright?" I heard someone asked. I turned to the source of voice and saw Charlie looking anxiously.

"Thank you, Sam," he said to the person who was carrying me. I looked up and saw his face, he was looking at me with compassion. I don't need any pity! I mumbled a quick thanks and staggered into the house.

I turned and forced a smiled to Charlie but he looked like he did not buy it. I went into my room and was about to open the window when I remembered he isn't going to be here anymore. I smirked bitterly. I looked at the space beside me that was always occupied by him.

I couldn't help it but cry myself to sleep. I felt cold arms wrapping around my waist and assuring me everything was alright. I woke up with a jolt. Weird… Was that a dream? I shook my head, I'm going to go crazy if I keep on thinking of him.

I sighed and wrapped my blankets around me and tried to sleep. I turned and look at the window and saw a pair of brilliant red eyes. I jumped with fright. Who was that? I hurried to my window and saw nothing. Okay, I'm going officially crazy.

I sighed with sadness and went back to bed. I closed my eyes tight and fell asleep soon after. I dreamt of Edward and he left me. "DON'T LEAVE ME!" I screamed with tears trickling down my face. I opened my eyes and saw the same red eyes again.

I grabbed the person's arm as fast as I could. I was going to question when I heard Charlie approaching my room. I let go of the ice cold arm as Charlie opened the door. "Bella, are you alright?" he asked, concerned. "I'm sorry, Dad," I mumbled. "It's alright, are you okay?" he asked. I nodded my head and he patted my back soothingly.

"Don't be thinking about him, alright, now go to sleep," he said, patting my hair. I was taken aback by his show of affection. I nodded and slipped under the covers before sleeping soundly.

Ring! Ring! I rubbed my eyes and sat up before checking the clock. 7am, one more hour to go to school. I bathe quickly before wearing a pink hood with jeans. Well, my fashion sense is better thanks to Alice. She left me too…

I shook my head quickly, clearing of my thoughts. I went downstairs to cook Charlie breakfast before eating. "Bella," he called. I turned and he continued, "Heard there will be some new students today." I nodded, trying to take my mind of them.

"They seem to be pretty gorgeous. Girls and boys were practically drooling…" he trailed off when he saw my face. "Seriously, Charlie, when did you start gossiping?" I mused. I suddenly remembered, them. He rolled his eyes, "It's better to know the news, right?"

I nodded and went to wear my white ballet flats before heading out. "Bella, your clothes today are.." he scratched his head, "Nice," I smiled and went out to my truck. It's engine roared before I drove it to school. I suddenly thought of gorgeous… Could it be vampires?

I don't need anymore after the one hurting me. I stifled back a sob and walked forward to join Angela. She smiled kindly and said, "I heard they left." I nodded my head bitterly. She patted me apologetically and said, "Don't mull over it, okay?" I nodded gratefully.

"It's so nice of you, Angela," I smiled weakly at her. "Want to sit with us during lunch?" I nodded. I suddenly saw red eyes with golden specks around it, and it was looking at me and I cleared my head of the weird thoughts.

"Bella? Are you alright?" she asked, while Jessica looked at me worriedly. I rolled my eyes, trying to hold back my tears and pain. "I'm alright," I said, forcing a smile. Two sleek cars suddenly zoomed past us before parking accurately in the parking lot.

All of the students gaped at the cars. One black and silver Lamborghini. The doors opened and the people stepped out at the same time. I heard lots of girls swoon. I turned and my mouth couldn't help but be open when I saw them.

Vampires, I sighed again, vampires can't be out of my life can they? One of the gorgeous vampire looked at me and I found his red eyes familiar before he winked at me.

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