I've failed you

Chapter 27 (Ending)

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Bella POV:

I could hear my heart faintly, struggling to pump against the venom and gave up, giving another fragile thump against my chest. I wriggled my fingers a little before cracking my eyes open a little, then opening them completely. I cringed a little from the binding sunshine and sat up on the bed at amazing speed.

I looked at my hands, trembling a little, unsure of what had happened. I stood up, sensing no one there but still proceeded to the nearby mirror cautiously. I gasped at my reflection, and as if that isn't me, I reached out, my fingers touching the mirror as if trying to see that it is really me. Isabella Swan.

Red eyes glared back at me in the mirror, my hair had turned lighter as they flowed down my shoulders, and my complexion had became just like…them. The vampires. My hand suddenly flew to my mouth as I thought of Alec. I swung open the door, determined to get to Alec when I realized I wasn't in the palace. I didn't recognize this place at all.

"Bella! You're awake!" I heard a familiar voice calling out, that made my heart ache. His firm, lean arms wrapped around my torso and I as I turned over to make sure that it was really him, but he stopped me. "It's okay, Bella. Let me enjoy this." I smiled, closing my eyes as I leaned back against him, enjoying the fragrance I missed. I didn't care if this is just an illusion.

I felt myself being turned around and I opened my eyes, to Alec's entrancing eyes. "Alec…" I breathed, unable to believe he's here, right in front of me. "I thought you were dead…" I sobbed, as my lower lip trembled and wrecked my body with sobs as I wrapped my arms tighter around him.

"I'm sorry, Bella. I would never bring you such pain again. I'm sorry," he whispered against my hair as he pressed his lips against my forehead gently, sweetly. I buried my face into his shoulder, sobbing in happiness and disbelief that he really is here.

"What happened?" I asked softly, my fingers dancing over the frame of his face as he lay on my lap.

"It's a long story, Bella," a soft smile playing on his lips. "We have time, don't we, Alec?" I asked.

"We have, for now," he sat up then and cupped my face into his hands and kissed me, the passion and love burning me as I circled my arms around his neck and pulled him closer to me.

He pulled apart from the kiss and smiled, and I lied on his shoulder, snuggling up to him as he told me what had happened.

"What?" I exclaimed, shooting up from my seat. "Love, calm down. It's over, okay?" he said. "Alec, you seem sad… Aren't you? You seem to know that something is going to happen. You're not the usual Alec."

"Ah, the ever so observant Bella. I wouldn't want to burden you with my troubles, but I'm suspecting Aro would be coming after us soon. And besides, he would try to get the antidote that I used to heal my wound so that he could conduct a research on it. Also, the vamp with the talent to manipulate minds is already gone, so he doesn't really have much chance of winning. I think." He told me. My eyes widened in shock at his confession and looked at him; he had closed his eyes and seemed to be void of worry.

"What should we do? And the vamp? He was killed? And what if Aro finds out that Jane and the rest helped us to hide here? What would he do to them? Oh my god, what should we do now?" I shrieked, panic and worry overcoming me.

"Yes, he was killed. By Aro himself after he manipulated Marcus's mind because Aro didn't want to leave any witnesses or evidence behind to prove anything. And Bella! Calm down! You can't help by being hysteric here, okay?" his voice then took a calming edge. "Come here."

I went over to him as I fell into his open arms. "I will protect you, Bella. I promise. Do not be scared, you're not alone, Bella. You are not alone."

"Alec, I love you," my voice trembled as I held him tighter. "As I love you, Bella. You have no idea how much I do."

I smiled a little at that, deciding not to argue with that, and closed my eyes to enjoy this peace, this serenity and the precious moment with Alec.

Alec POV:

Today is the day. Today would be the day I would fight, against Aro and his army with my friends and the people I treasure. I looked at Bella as she sat in the corner, looking out at the Sun, seeming the happiest as she ever could be and didn't know how to break this news to her. My love. Because of her, my life took a new meaning, and a new start.

"Bella, I have to go," I said solemnly. Her eyes held alarm as she stood up and is beside me in a second. "Where?" she asked. "To Aro's. To fight."

"Just you? Can I come?" she pleaded. "No, Bella. No. I vowed and promised to protect you from these things. I wouldn't let any harm fall on you again." I did, and I would not let anything happen that would make her upset ever again.

"But…" she protested.

"Jane, Demetri, Felix and the rest, the normal group, including Marcus and Caius are helping. I believe we hold a high chance of winning Aro." I told her, leaving out the part where we suspect he has already gathered many vampires with formidable gifts and trained soldiers- I believe it wouldn't do her any good, given the state of worry she is in now.

"I'm coming with you," she said firmly, and I smirked at her stubbornness.

"You're as stubborn as a mule," I chuckled, ruffling her hair affectionately.

"Hey!" she pouted. I laughed at the sight- she is just so cute when she does that.

"You are definitely NOT going, Bella. And that's final."

"No-" she was about to start protesting again when the door burst open and on instinct, I crouched into a protective position in front Bella as she gasped.

"Hey, hey! What's with the animosity?" Jane joked. I relaxed visibly and gave a sigh of relief. Jane, my ever so loving sister. I rolled my eyes and I felt her smack my head hard.

"Ow!" I cried as I rubbed my head while the two most important girls in my life giggled at the sight.

"It's not funny!" I growled playfully.

"Oh yes, it sure is, dude!" Felix and Demetri boomed as their laughter echoed through the halls. Heidi and Chelsea appeared next to them and giggled.

"Can I go? Please?" Bella asked again, tugging on the hem of my shirt.

"No, Bella. I'm not going to let you get hurt. I promised you."

"Alec… Please. I can't lose you another time. If I lose you again this time, I want to be with you. I can't live without you…" her voice trailed off into a heart-wrenching sob. My dead heart got touched by her words and seemed to give another thump. My hands brought her head closer to my chest and I stroked her hair lovingly, treasuring this moment.

"I'm sorry, Bella. But you can't go; I just need you to know that I love you. I love you a lot," I whispered, my voice broken at the end.

"Umm, sorry to disturb this really sweet moment, but we really have got to go now," Jane interrupted as two soldiers following us as a number nodded their heads in agreement. I sighed, stroking Bella's face once more before grabbing my cloak and pulling the cloak over my head, preparing to leave.

"Wait, Alec!" I heard Bella call. I turned over immediately just in time for her to leap into my arms and kissed me deeply and passionately. I marveled at how great she tasted, smelled, felt.. and I pulled away.

"Goodbye, Bella. I'm sorry," I whispered, kissing her one last time before turning, not looking back. Because I knew if I do, I would stay with her, holding her and won't let go.

"Why don't you just let Bella come with you? You know she can't live without you if something were to happen to you- Well, you know, the worst assumption that were to come out of this battle," Felix commented as we walked side by side.

"I-" I started than froze at the crashing sound I heard at the door. My ears immediately became alert as they searched for any source of threat as I crouched, my eyes darting everywhere.

"Do you think they got Bella?" Demetri asked. I growled at this possibility and shot back to the room where I left Bella and took her into my arms as I shushed her at her surprised expression.

"Alec, they've found out," Felix reported, his expression was one of fright, and I have never seen an expression like that before- Just once, when Marcus's mate was killed.

"Damn it," I hissed under my breath as I pushed Bella protectively behind me.

"Alec? What's happening?" she asked, her voice filled with fear. Don't worry, love. I will protect you. I promised.

"They've came earlier than we had expected, I guess," I mumbled.

I heard her gasp before she tried to calm herself down. "I'm going to help, even if you don't let me," she muttered determinedly. Jane, Heidi and the other two soldiers dashed into the room and stood by our side, crouching into predatory position.

The moment the rush of vampires appeared at the door, Chelsea broke all their bonds with each other and tried to pull them over to us. Her brows furrowed as she concentrated hard and succeeded as quite a handful came standing by our side and we grinned triumphantly, getting ready for the real battle as she have a limit in her talent and couldn't bring too many over to our side.

Another rush of vampires came running over and Jane made them scream in pain and fury as they got distracted by the huge amount of pain. I snapped my fingers for the rest to dash towards them and snap their body parts off, taking advantage of their distraction.

We succeeded and beckoning for everyone to come along, I held Bella's hand tightly as she squeezed mine, making me smile. The comfort of her hand in mine made me relax a little and I squeezed hers back before going straight to the lion's den. Ironic use of words though.

As we stopped at the towering doors, we took an unnecessary deep breath as we opened the door. As expected, Aro was sitting in the middle of the throne and smirking. Till now, have I realized how evil and dark he is.

"How was your fight, my dears?" he asked, the smirk still there. "Oh, and how lovely you seem as a vampire, my dear Bella."

I growled, pulling Bella closer to me on instinct. "Now, now, no one intends to snatch her away from you," Aro chuckled.

"So now, we have started to battle. So let's end it here shall we?" he asked and as if that was a sign, hundreds and thousands of vampires seem to came out from their hiding place and advanced towards us. I just realized how dire this situation was- I knew I can never escape out of this place, alive. But I promised my love that I would protect her, as I leaned forward to my crouch, I looked around at the ones I have grown to love and cherish throughout these years.

Jane, my annoying yet lovable twin sister. She seemed so bitchy to the others who didn't know her, but sweet and caring to those who do. She is very protective person, one who treasures those who are around her.

Felix, the big brother. He's like a big teddy bear with lots of jokes to light us up and make us laugh even in the worst conditions. He's a very protective person like Jane, and would murder anyone who hurts anyone he loves.

Demetri, the most efficient tracker I have ever witnessed; and that's saying something. He is really gifted in this way and very intelligent. He acts fast and cares for those who are around him.

The rest, Heidi and Chelsea, are also one of a kind. At times, they are like good friends to me, but they are always my sisters. Caring for me, giving me advice although we're not really related by blood.

Turning to face my beautiful angel…My Bella. I kissed her softly on the lips and whispered, "I love you, Bella. Forever."

And I turned to face the oncoming crowd and pounced, cutting off their sight so they would be blind for now, making it easier for the others. As he pulled off the head of the newborn, he heard a sweet, angelic voice call, "I will love you forever, Alec."

I turned as he saw her snapping off a head of the vampire and ripping him into shreds when another vampire suddenly pounced on her from behind. I growled, slamming the vampire to the ground and tore it into pieces, not realizing a crowd of vampires had formed around me.

"ALEC!" Bella screamed, horrified, as she pounced on one when suddenly a figure appeared in front of me, fire balls surrounding him.

"Will?" I whispered in shock. "Yup, right here dude. I owe you one," he chuckled, pulling me up.

"For..?" I asked, as my back faced his. "I will explain everything later, now let's play!"

I grinned and jumped on one, cutting of its sense as I tossed it soon to the fire.

Bella POV:

Fire was everywhere. Alec and Will were fighting in pairs, for their life, friendship, love. Everything they had was pinned in this battle. Alec finished dismembering one soldier when he felt a sharp pain at his arm. His arm is gone. Two vampires pounced on him and he closed his eyes, awaiting the pain when he heard another growl that isn't his.

Will. Will's body had been dismembered and thrown into the fire. Alec's eyes became angry and furious as he ripped the two apart viciously, growling in anger when another suddenly tore his head off.

"ALEC!" a heart-wrenching scream was heard echoing throughout the big hall… Then I realized it was me. I ran towards him, pushing the vampire straight into the fire as he burned and yelled torturously and died a painful death. I didn't bother, all I could care was the vampire in my arms. I quickly placed the head back onto his body, willing it to heal, but to no avail.

"Bella, I'm sorry. I didn't tell you this because I'm afraid you'd worry. I can't heal now because of the antidote… It haven't taken off its side effects..." it would be shocking to see a head talk itself if it wasn't Alec's. I sobbed as I smoothed his hair before he whispered, "Sorry, Bella. I've failed you. I promised to take care of you yet…"

"No! It's not your fault, Alec. I love you! Please! Don't! Don't leave me again! Alone! I need you in my life! You're my air, my Sun, my Everything!" I sobbed. Jane, hearing this commotion, came running over to see what had happened, was shocked at her brother's predicament and fall onto her knees in shock.

"Alec..?" she whispered brokenly. "My…dear brother? Alec?" she asked again. Alec smiled weakly before someone suddenly kicked his head and his body into the fire. My eyes widened in shock and pain...Then revenge. I snarled at the intruder, growling like a wild animal as I pounced on him, struggling to tear his head off.

"How dare you! How dare you burn him! How. Dare. You." I growled, kicking and punching at him in anguish before tearing his head off his body. Somehow, I got some sick satisfaction as I tore it bit by bit, and throw it into the burning fire that was getting bigger by the minute.

"Bella! Calm down!" I heard Chelsea tell me. I turned my head to her direction and finally collapsed. "Chelsea… He's dead. He's dead!" I yelled. "Calm down, Bella. You're on the edge of sanity. Please, please, calm down. I don't want to lose another sister. So please…" she sobbed. My eyes widened as she revealed her vulnerable side. I pulled her to me as I hugged her, apologizing to her, again and again. But I couldn't shake off the feeling that someone was watching me.

Turning, I saw Aro advancing towards me with a determined expression on his face. I gulped, but forced myself to be strong as this battle revolves of only me and him. I pushed Chelsea aside, not wanting her to get hurt.

"Bella, no! I would fight with you!" she told me stubbornly, standing beside me. That's when I realized how close we have bonded, with Jane, Demetri, Felix… And most especially, Alec. I held back venom tears as I shook my head.

"Go with Jane and the rest! I'm an inexperienced fighter, Chelsea. I would drag you down with me," I protested, before pushing her away from the danger in front of me.

Heidi POV:
Bella was afraid, scared of Aro, mainly, I could tell from her posture. He only smirked at her, showing nothing but confidence. That alone, made Bella got fired up and charged at him, but Aro just ducked away, avoiding every move Bella made at him.

I watched worriedly, wanting to go over and help, but I couldn't, I was surrounded by a whole lot of vampires here. After I finally threw them all into the fire with Demetri, I realized everything was quiet. As if the war was over. I smiled as realization struck me and I hugged Demetri tightly before turning to look for the rest. Alec, wasn't there anymore, I knew. My lips trembled as the loss of someone I treated like a brother…

Wait. Where's Bella? "BELLA!" I screamed. "Bella!" the rest started to search, their voice took an edge, with fear and anxiety, scared of what they would find, no, they're afraid of what they would lose, including me.

"Bella…?" I mumbled, sliding down onto the ground when I noticed a familiar necklace. Alec's. She would never take it off, unless… "Oh, god," I muttered, unable to believe that she isn't here anymore. The death of both my loved ones struck me hard on the chest and I suddenly couldn't breathe- not that it was necessary but.

It was a few days later after the war, everything was quiet, everyone was mourning the loss of Alec, Bella and also Will. We knew Will had jumped in to save Alec.

It's ironic to put tombstones since they're technically dead, but, it's for the meaning of it.

Alec Volturi

1840~ 1859

Died protecting his loved ones. He

will be missed as a brother and a

loving friend. He was also happily married to

his lovely wife, Isabella Volturi.

Bella Marie Volturi

1841~ 1859

Died protecting her loved ones. She will be missed as

a lovely and understanding friend, and as a sister. She

was happily married to her lovely husband, Alec Volturi.

Will Volturi


Died a honorable death. He will be missed as a friend and a good protective brother.

I looked at Will's tombstone. We don't actually know when he's born, but we're just guessing. Still, it's better than nothing. As we paid our respects, we believed that Alec and Bella will be up there happily together and perhaps with Will too. A smile surfaced on my face as I thought of their smiling faces before sighing sadly.

I laid the flowers onto each of their graves and bowed respectfully before turning to leave with the others. I knew, that I would never forget how these people taught me to love, care and protect the people I love. I would never forget them.

And as I thought of these, I turned as it started to rain. The rain splattered onto us as we got into the car in a comfortable silence. The rain got heavier as if crying the loss of them. Venom tears threatened to spill over as my heart ache for them but I tried to believe they'll be happier up there.

As I sighed quietly, I thought perhaps this was for the best.

~The End~