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The team trudged in after a hard case, eager to get the Christmas spirit ignited, ready to warm themselves and finish the last report up and head home to get their bags and go to their respective hometowns and enjoy their families the best they could.

'Drink tonight are in order I think.' Hotch announced as they all went to their places. 'Someone let Garcia know, she's the one that did the best on this case, she deserves a couple of celebratory drinks.'

'I'll go.' Derek said standing up, any excuse to see Penelope before he headed out to Chicago, he swaggered down the corridor to her office, he tapped a couple of knocks before entering. He smiled, there was Penelope slumped in her office, her head in her arms, her glasses off, her eyes closed, her breathing deep and rhythmic. He walked in, knelt down next to her, and slowly began to caress her cheek gently, arousing her from her slumber.

'Get off me Morgan or you'll have to deal with the wrath of sleepy Garcia.' She mumbled as she scratched the side of her face that was now ticklish from his gently action.

He laughed at her, she was cute when she was sleepy he thought to himself. 'Well sleeping beauty, get up, and go to bed.'


'Why not?'

'Got work to do.' She mumbled as she sat up, stretched, yawned and gathered her bearings, she looked up at him. 'Shouldn't you be going for a flight soon?'

'I should do yeah but we're having drinks first, Hotch wants you there, and wants to do a thank you round aimed at you.'

'At me?' She asked a little shocked.

'Well yeah, without you we wouldn't have gotten home when we did, we'd still be there with a massive missing piece... you broke the case baby girl... makes you the super hero of this case.'

She laughed at him. 'As much as I would love to, I honestly can't, my night shifts start right about now. Well soon.'

'Pen... you've been working flat out for the last 48 hours.'

'It's just how my shifts have fallen over Christmas.'

'You're not working over Christmas.' He said a little bit hacked off at the idea. 'I won't have it.'

'Handsome, go home, have fun, enjoy Christmas and its entireties, and stop worrying about me.'

'I do not like you working over Christmas.'

'it's better than sitting at home alone.' She mumbled sadly at him. 'Do I have to warn you again?'

'I'm not happy right now Pen...' He told her sternly, and his head caught up with him, the case was over, he had freedom to think again. 'I should've seen this months ago, I should've seen this instantaneously.'

'You dare tell me you feel guilty for the fact I have no family outside of you guys and I'll slap your gorgeous bald head silly.' She told him teasingly, trying to lighten his downward mood. 'It's Christmas, time to go home and share presents with your nearest and dearest's and eat to your heart's content and not worry about anything other than them and to leave work at the airport.'

'That's really hypocritical right now baby girl.'

'Where do you expect me to go sugar pants? Back to California? I think not somehow.' She told him nonchalantly, her eyes building slowly with the tears she'd kept at bay, the tears that she had told herself she refuse to let flee at the thought of another lonely Christmas.

'I would've taken you to Chicago with me.'

'Like hell I would've gone...' She saw him go to argue. 'Christmas is a family thing, I'm not family.'

'You're part of our family goddess.'

'Well yes that's granted, but outside of our job, you have a family, a proper family that needs some Derek Morgan devotion.' She told him and saw him go to argue again. 'You dare argue back and I'll never show you a good morning.' She tilted her head at him, a slight smile on her lips. 'Now go, stop procrastinating, be free, drink until you're merry, and then get up and see that family that is always a frontrunner on you line of thoughts.'

'I don't want to leave now.' He near enough grumbled at her.

'Course not.' She told him with a smirk. 'That's why you've been counting down the days, excitement exuded you from every viable area that can show off excitement, when the words 'home for Christmas' are spoken you lighten up, you know you need a break.'

'Why are you not a profiler?'

'Guess I'm too God damn lazy to be back and forth over states, I like my computer chair.' She replied sarcastically and he laughed. 'Now go before I need to use force, which is commonly known as Hotch, Rossi or security.'

'Fine, but you need me at all; I'll be back in a shot.'

'Like hell I'm calling you back from Chicago over Christmas. Now go hot stuff.' He kissed her, on the forehead before going for her lips; he watched her lick them as he pulled away and then saw her bit down on her lip. 'Go.' She retold him, trying to forget that he had just kissed her on the lips.

'I'm going... but I'm mad at you Penelope Garcia... don't think this is over.'

'This never started.' She said crossing her arms over her chest. 'Leave now...'

'I'm going, but you're not getting over lightly.' She raised an eyebrow at him. 'I'm going.' And like that he was gone; she slumped down on the couch in the room, laid down and let the sleep gather again, she still had a good hour before the new shift took over.

Morgan walked back down to the bull pen, he was not impressed with Penelope's blasé feelings over her loneliness at Christmas, but he was and he was sorting it out. He pushed the glass door open and marched straight through to where everyone was in the conference room; there on the table were 6 presents, all from Garcia.

'We have a problem.' He started as they turned to look at him, all utterly oblivious to how Christmas might need some tweaking this year.

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