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The incessant tapping on the front door, told her that her ride was there awaiting to whisk her off for New Year's eve celebrations. She opened the door and saw Derek Morgan's breathing hitch and then release.

'You okay there handsome?'

'I just think you look amazing that's all.' He said as his eyes roamed down her figure, searching the curves and the perfection of the blue dress as it hugged her gloriously, he licked his lips at the sight but then reality hit him. 'You ready?'

'Just let me grab my purse and I'm all yours hot stuff.' She said and he walked as she turned and bent down showing the curves of her ample bottom off before straightening up and heading back to him.

'No jacket or cardigan?'

'I'm sure I can nick yours.' He laughed and agreed, but worried.

'It's well below 0 out there baby girl, and I want a kiss at the stroke of midnight, not have you coming down with the flu or something.' She obeyed and grabbed a cardigan quickly.

'I still get your jacket right?'

'Right.' He told her and put his arm around her once her door was shut leading her to his awaiting SUV. She climbed into the front seat and turned around to see the smiling faces of Derek's mom and sister.

'Hey guys!'

'Hello Penelope, had a good day?'

'Well I slept most of it when your son finally brought me home from partying hard so I've barely seen any of it.' Penelope said happily and looked to watched Derek climbing into the driver's side. 'What time you going to bring me home tonight then?'

'Anytime after midnight baby girl.' He said almost instantaneously and started their journey to Hotch's, Derek and Penelope ending up being the main source of entertainment with their endless banter.

Hours later when the clock was winding closer to the start of the new Year Penelope found herself staring out of the window her glass of wine just acting as a prop as her thoughts culminated in her head and took her away from reality.

'You okay here Penelope dear?' Fran asked as she approached the curvy blonde. 'You looked a little lonely.'

'I'm fine thanks Fran, just letting my thoughts have a little time to work themselves out.'

'What to talk about it?'

'It's just this time of year is hard for me and Derek's probably made it my best in a good 14 years. I'm just grateful to have him.' Penelope said almost sadly and turned to cover up the fact that she'd gone teary eyed once more just talking about Christmas.

'The pain of losing someone never really leaves but with time it gets better, we build new loves and better families.' Fran told her understandingly, knowing all about Penelope's family after having a lengthy chat with her, getting to know her more.

'New loves?' Penelope laughed disbelievingly.

'What's funny with that?'

'I'm just what you say unlucky in love, and I'm not the type of woman that picks up men easily, so I kind of gave up on that option.'

'Do you think that's wise?'

'It hurts too much to start relationships for it to end sourly but I have a good family here and a best friend that I would never change for the world.'

'You love him don't you?' Fran asked all knowingly.

'It's hard not to.'

'He loves you too.'

'I know, much like he loves you and Sarah and Des, he's my family.' Penelope told her smiled as she regained some composure.

'Just do the right thing at midnight Penelope, accept whatever happens.' Fran then left the buxom blonde confused only to have Derek to approach her.

'Hey baby girl... you've got like 3 minutes until I get to start 2010 with your lips on mine.'

'You're insufferable when you pull the handsome crap sugar.'

'Did it work?'

'It did.' She said and took his hand and he led her back to the mass crowd that had gathered together.

Will and JJ stood close to one another, as did Reid and Austin who had materialised surprisingly to them all, Hotch kept Emily close, his plan was on the lines of all out, he needed to let Haley go and to do so he had to let Emily in, and Derek kept Penelope right next to him, his hand never breaking contact with her body at all.

'10...9...8...7...6...5...4...3...2...1... HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!' They all chimed together as the clocks struck the hour and all partners turned to one another.

'Come here baby girl.' Derek said and kissed Penelope passionately, nothing about the kiss left the imagination to know it was a brotherly kiss, Derek was aiming for something much more than that.

Fran stood watching her son and Penelope and smiled as she saw Penelope had listened to her minimal advice and did the right thing, she accepted Derek's love.

When Derek finally pulled away, the celebrations still ringing around him he smiled brightly at Penelope.

'Thank you.' She whispered and embraced a hug, a tight squeeze like if she let go everything that had happened in the past few days would just up and disappear on her.

'For what?'

'Making Christmas a happier time for me again, for bringing me the urge to carry on.'

'Forever baby girl.' He told her and stole a quick kiss off of her. 'I love you Penelope Garcia, more than you'll ever know and more than I can ever show you.'

She bit her lip at his declaration. 'I love you too Derek.' She said happily and allowed him to kiss her again. Christmas time was restored to the way it should have been and it was all down to one man that had deserted his normal Christmas traditions to make a new one and include her in alongside that he had given her the best Christmas presents ever, a family and his love.

For that she'd be eternally grateful.

The End!!

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