'Saga.' Sugar whined into her ear. Saga's eyes opened instantly at her call.

'What Sugar?' she asked. Sugar started hiccupping, and Saga's eyes snapped open instantly. She scooped the small fairy into her palms and tried to sooth her.

'What's wrong Sugar? There's no need to cry.' She said. The fairy kept wailing.

'I CAN'T SAGA I CAN'T!' she wailed the tears streaming like a two-flooded rivers down her cheeks.

;'Can't do what?'

'I can't find twinkles, like the songs say! The say their there, or there, but I never find them!' she wailed miserably.

Saga, kept holding and soothing the fairy until the tears dried up, the hiccups stopped, and she was nearly silent.

'It's not your fault.' Saga said.

'It's not?' Sugar asked in disbelief, as she wiped her eyes. Saga shook her head.

'of course not silly, humans and fairies are two different creatures. The way humans say something is twinkling is completely different from what a fairy thinks is a twinkle.' She said informing Sugar. Sugar nodded slowly in agreement. It did make sense…

'I don't know why in the first place you started thinking that songs were going to help you find twinkles, Sugar.' Saga smiled. Sugar blushed.

'I guess, I thought they could help me…' she said embarrassed. Saga smiled.

'Then let's agree that you find your twinkles all by yourself now, okay?' Saga said. Sugar nodded.

'I promise I will Saga.' Sugar said.

'Alright, let's catch some sleep.' Saga said adjusting herself once more in her bed. Sugar flew back to her small bed and curled up in it.

'Good night Saga.'

'Good night Sugar.'

Author's Note: Sorry the end was so simplistic. The series itself was just so cute and ended so well I knew I couldn't match it, so I just ended it the way I think it would have ended if it was in the series.