PSOH Dinner & A Show…

The Cheese Board & Nutmeats

The Cosmo slipped from Jill's nerveless fingers and slithered down the side of the couch. She shifted and Pon-chan shifted with her, and they both slept a little more deeply than before.

"I have always been watching you."

The young woman had a faint English accent. Jill loved it immediately and wanted to hear more.

"Really? I never saw you. Have we met?"

The woman—and she was a woman, for all she looked like a little girl in those doll clothes—turned toward her, long blonde corkscrew curls falling over her lacy breast. Jill admired the Gothic ruffles of her dress. Pink House, maybe? Or some new designer she hadn't heard of…

"But, of course – often."

Pon-chan smiled secretively and reached out a well-groomed hand.

"I don't remember that…and I don't think I would have forgotten you," Jill was puzzled at her own lack.

"No! You may not have noticed me." Manicured fingers slid through Jill's mussed-up hair. It was delightful; purely sinful in a sensuous way. Jill wasn't often petted, these days.

"I'm sorry—"

"It is no matter. You'll probably forget this time, too."

The hand grazed Jill's cheek. It reminded her a little of her mother, but there was something there that was not at all a mother's touch. She turned her face into it, and felt cool fingers sliding down.

"But I will remember, never fear. For both of us," the high, sweet voice whispered, a tiny kiss pressed on Jill's chin.

They slept on and never heard the Count's key in the lock. They didn't see the lingering kiss Leon gave him before the two reluctantly pulled apart.

"Miss Jill! Miss Jill, you must wake now," said the Count, gently shaking her. His out-of-this-world eyes were brilliant…and soft, so soft. Jill grinned up at him immediately, rousing herself with a shiver and a settle.

"Huh? Umm…did I sleep?"

"Here, Pon-chan. Up you go." The Count plucked up the sleepy raccoon gently, stroking her. Leon leaned back against the Parlor wall, watching, his gaze never leaving the Count.

"Oh, damn, I'm so sorry, Count! I didn't mean to fall asleep! It was so—so comfortable!"

"No matter," and the Count's calm reply echoed oddly in the female detective's head.

Wait! What was that…?

"Oh, God! Look at the time, Count! It's after midnight already! I'd better be getting home – let you get to sleep."

Jill fumbled her books and magazines into her backpack, gathering all her various bits-and-pieces. She caught sight of the silent Leon out the corner of her eye. He seemed relaxed and very satisfied, and Jill guessed the 'date' had turned out just like he'd wanted. Glancing at Count D's expression made her doubly sure, but she'd make sure to interrogate Leon tomorrow morning and torture him a little bit.

"Hey, Leon." Jill smiled at him, her eyes glittering with amusement. Lucky bastard. At least one of them was getting some. She wouldn't mind if the Count…but no, stupid to go there. He looked pretty 'satisfied', too.

"Yo. Be careful going home."

They walked her over to the door, Leon and D, the Count handing her at the last moment a dainty linen napkin wrapped around left-over goodies from her high tea. Pon-chan clung to his shoulder the entire time, black gaze bright and curious, and Jill blinked at her in bafflement. For a scant second there, she'd thought she'd seen…something else

"Hey, uh—thanks, Jill. I really appreciate it," Leon muttered under his breath in her ear when she was already more than half-way out the Shop door, keys jangling in one hand.

"No prob. You just owe me one, 'Mister Detective.'" Jill pitched her parting shot low, in a fairly accurate mimicry of the Count's courteous, very definitely male voice. Leon blushed like a fire plug and promptly retreated, back to the Count's iron-gated doorway.


"Are you alright, Pon-chan? You seem sad." There was the real voice just behind Leon, murmuring softly to the raccoon cradled in his arms.

"I'm alright, Count, really…At least I got to see her—" Pon-chan sniffled.

No, Leon decided to himself. That had to be somebody else, but—

"Shush, now, dear one. Don't cry. I'm sure she'll be back soon – never fear."

Wait; what?! Pon-chan was the one sniveling? Since when did animals make sounds like that?

Leon spun on his heel silently, back to face the softly lit parlor and the odd sense of 'home' it always gave him. He opened his mouth when he caught sight of the very pretty blonde girl held close in D's embrace. She was teary-eyed, her pale face burrowed comfortably in the Count's shoulder, and dressed all in lace and whatnots and the detective had to force himself swallow down all the stupid jealousy that swamped him for an instant.

Oh. It was only Pon-chan. No…it was definitely a girl. Same voice, though. Not that raccoons had voices, but it was the same. At least his ears weren't deceiving him, though his eyes were definitely fucking him over.

Leon blinked again, considering all he knew and all he thought he knew, and decided to clear his throat loudly before shutting the Shop door. He was staying anyway, so there was no need to leave it unlocked.

And no need to let D know about…this.