The wind whistled through the trees, blowing my silky, dark brown hair, playing its evening song. The sun was right above me, creating shadow art on the moist forest floor. I danced to the rhythm of the wind on the shadow patterns with a smile stretching to my ears. Soon I grew tired on leaned against the big, old oak tree. My great, great grandfather had planted this very same tree when he was little. I glanced to my right to see a little maple tree only 3 feet tall. I planted this one. I wanted other people to see that I planted it. When I grow old and die, I want people ton see it and keep planting trees till the whole forest is full with trees. I sighed. My hand reached toward my neck and found a soft string tied in a loop around my neck. I ran my fingers down the string until they met the bottom. There hung a shark tooth. Its point was dull, worn away from many uses. The tooth was smooth and comforting. I had used it many times before a test or when I was stressed. After all, it was my good luck charm.

I just about fell asleep until, crack! A twig snapped, and it wasn't my feet who snapped it. I reached for my good luck charm, hoping it would kick into action, for I was not alone.