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I'm chewing my hair again, shame on me.


You sigh in your sleep, a furrow marring your perfect brow. What is it you are dreaming about?
I brush back those strawberry locks, tracing your ear. You mumble something, leaning into the caress. I love our slumber parties. You always pass out before me, but that's okay; it means I can watch you sleep.

I smile and open another can of beer, drinking deep. I'm glad you talked me into staying in the band, even if my mother is angry with me, you're just as important to me. I'm hurt that you fell for another dude, but if Yuki ever does something so foolish as to leave you again, then I promise to be there for you. Even if it is only to bring him back no matter how much it hurts me to see you so happy with another man.

This is my role in life, for better or worse, I will make the most of it. Put on a brave face and smile for the camera. I can fool the world with you by my side.